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Giving thanks.

November 27, 2013

First of all I’m thankful that I’m alive and that I’m feeling better than I was one year ago – thanks to the special diet and Herbal Remedies – and without any Doctors help. And I’m Living Proof that I’m doing okay with all that stuff… :) !
And I’m thankful for what I have and thankful that I don’t have what I don’t – because I have all what I need NOW… :) !
And – of course – I’m very thankful for my 3 Angels. I was nobody. But with their help I become Oneanna65.
And I’m very thankful for your support – all the “likes” and comments. You are all my inspiration – you give me strength and confidence to go on. And in exchange I put little love and best wishes in every “like”… That’s all I can do right now…
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless you all.

  1. We are very thankful that you are doing so well and hope you continue to just do better and better. Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend! Hugs and blessings

  2. Oh, Good to hear you are feeling better!! Me too and I have so much to be thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. happy thanksgiving to you
    many blessings

  4. Happy Thanksgiving – here’s to another year of improving health!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Praise God you are doing so well :)

  6. solarbeez permalink

    Hang on…did you say you did that WITHOUT doctors? Nice going! You are an inspiration to the rest of us.

  7. Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and I’m so glad you’re feeling good and hope the holiday blesses you and yours.

  8. So glad to hear you are doing so well. Bless you.

  9. We’re thankful for you and how you share your journey. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  10. I’m glad you are feeling better than you did and that you have your three angels. Lots of love and hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving

  11. Amazing blog, and keep strong… Wish you a great Thanksgiving.

  12. I´m thankful I´m alive, and for you too.

  13. I’m glad & thankful you feel better , Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  14. God bless you too! My mother is currently treating her cancer with herbal remedies and prayer too…she is doing very well, thank God

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    The Earth truly provides what the body, mind and soul needs. Give thanks!

  16. I am pleased that you are doing better, and you have many people praying for you.

  17. So glad that you are doing well. We all have much to be thankful for. Namaste.

  18. Good to hear that you are doing well! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  19. hello oneanna65 its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy belayted thanksgiving and keep feeling better!!! ok bye

  20. So good to see you are feeling better! God bless you & yours.

  21. Thank you for inspiring all of us! What a wonderful thing to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. Also, Honesty Time wants to thank you for following us so I am sharing a loyalty award with you. Check it out on Honesty Time.

  22. I wish for your good health.

  23. And Thank YOU for inspiring others. You are right, we do only get one life and we have to do the best with it we can, live it to the full, that’s how we ended up in Italy!

  24. Happy Thanksgiving every day!!!

  25. You are ample inspiration, Anna. Take care. God bless you.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  26. Everyday is a reason to give thanks. Like you I’ve cheated death several times – and ain’t it fun?! Now at well into my 80’s I can constantly say, “I am blessed. Outrageously blessed.” And one of those blessings is people like you who liked my post, “River Congo – Excerpt 21″ on Thank you so much – Aloha – pjs.

  27. Hi Anna – Firstly, thank you very much for “liking” my poem “Find Your Song”. Secondly, your theme
    of cancer is very near to my heart – It’s been in my family, and my father died of it just 2 years ago. I know what it’s like, and I feel for you. Take care.

  28. Wishing you all the very best in maintaining your wellness!

  29. I think it’s always important to be thankful for what you have. You never know what’s round the corner and I think you need to take opportunities when you can. Life’s too short and you never know what’s round the corner. Keep smiling.

  30. Thank for liking one of my posts and leading me here. Best of wishes for 2014 and many years to come. :)

  31. Love your blog and your honesty and willingness to spill your heart out! Love you! As soon as we can figure this out, we’re going to follow you! Be well! ♥

  32. I loved reading what you said at the end….I do the same thing! In my heart and mind, I send gratitude and good wishes to each and every person who leaves a ‘like’ on my blog for, after all, they took the time to read what I had to say and to share their appreciation of it. Time is valuable and people seem to have so little of it these days so I truly appreciate people’s precious time and their willingness to connect. I’m also very glad to know I ‘m not the only one who does that!! :) Keep spreading the beautiful energy… it will all come right back to you.

  33. I am inspired by people like you. That’s probably what inspired me to write fictional conversations about being diagnosed with cancer on my blog a few months ago. I just wish I could do it justice as I don’t truly know how it feels to be in your position. After all you’ve gone through, you are still so strong and so thankful. I wish you all the best in life.

    P.S. thank you for liking my blog post.

    Love & Peace, Paku

  34. You’re an inspiration to all of us. So happy you are doing well.

  35. Hi. I want to thank you for stopping by my blog, fellow survivor. I’ve read several of your posts and it’s nice to meet you. Keep blogging. Lucy Conrad

  36. Glad you are doing better and better. It’s great that there are so many simple, all-natural, and often inexpensive or free things we can do to improve our health and well-being.

    p.s. I always appreciate when you stop by my Evolution Made Easier blog and leave one of your “likes” and the “little love and best wishes” that come with them. What more could anyone ask for?!

  37. Glad to hear that you are doing OK, and moving forward. I have not had cancer but a lot of my family have, some didn’t make it.

  38. Love your blog, great story!

  39. Thank you for liking my post/drawing of “Darwin,” who is my aunt’s beloved poodle. I, like you, am very grateful. I wish you the best.

  40. Hi, Thanks for liking one of my posts :-) I stopped by and after reading some of your blog posts I thought you might be interested in a natural healing doctor and web site that I use. I didn’t want to put a link to it in the comment because I am not sure that it would be alright. If you Google “Dr Schulze” and “SuperFood Plus”, you will see the link to his web site. I use his Super Food Plus which is a vitamin and herbal concentrate and some other things. I hesitate to include this because I don’t want you to think I am just leaving a comment to promote a product. He has videos and blog posts on his site as well on topics that I think would interest you. Take Care. Sarah

  41. Hello! Thanks for ‘liking’ my blog post. It’s good to read some of your journey and to hear of your approach to gratitude. I do gratitude lists every day and find it so important. Wishing you the best.

    • Are you familiar with It’s a great place to share what you’re grateful for and I now have friends in Germany, Australia, England, India and other places, just from the interactions we’ve have had on GL. :-)

  42. Glad you are doing well!

  43. That’s wonderful news! :) I have a post coming soon (maybe within the week, Lord willing), about a friend’s fight with cancer. You might enjoy reading her story as well. :) Thanks for reading about my friend, Andy, and his struggle with drug addiction. He’s doing much, much better now. In fact, I just posted part 2 on the blog last night… He’s moved on and doing an amazing work in Kenya. Thanks again for stopping by as always. You’re a wonderful individual! ;) – JC

  44. jammingcow permalink

    Hey, I’m glad that you have managed to feel better and are concurring this beast that wishes to overwhelm you.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post “Cold”. May God Bless you.

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    Best To Your Future Health

  46. Health is really something big to be thankful for (! Thanks for your “like” and I’m off to discover about your book and your 3 angels:)

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