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Lucky NR 4.

July 6, 2014

Few years ago I have very interesting conversation with my old friend. She study Numerology, Chinese Astrology and all this stuff… She asked me what is my lucky number.
Well, my birthday is 04.04.47. so I told her 4.
Oh my God! She said. Number 4 is very unlucky in Chinese Numerology. It means sudden death!
Well, I said. I think that’s very lucky. Who wants to die slow? :) !
But anyway, I’m glad, that nobody told me about that when I was young…

And than, couple years later, when I was diagnosed with cancer I was thinking about this conversation.
I thought: If Chinese Numerology is right, I’m not going to die of cancer. This is slow death. I’m going to survive cancer and die later, suddenly… That’s great!!! :) !!!

And as I mention in previous post – If you believe that you are going to survive, you will. Because all your cells in your body don’t have a brain. They are doing what you are thinking.
And I think, that Chinese Numerology is right about number 4. :) .

Anyway, I think, that any number can be lucky. All depends on how you look at it.
They say that number 1 is the best number. And I say: Number 2 is twice as good as 1. :) .

Thank you all!
God Bless.

  1. Phoenix Tears Healed permalink

    honestly, superstition what! they used to say the earth was flat, no-one fell off it though :D

  2. What a great way of looking at it. The no. 13 is supposed to be unlucky but my mother was born on Friday 13th and will be 98 yrs old in Nov 2014 and has all her faculties . I have lived at no 13 , had an accident on the 13th ( I survived) and won the Lottery with no 13 and on the 13th. . What’s in a number? My mother says when she wakes up each morning she is happy no matter what the date is. All best wishes.

  3. I LOVE your outlook xxx

  4. You will be as you believe.

  5. I love the way you think! I am currently awaiting a confirmed diagnosis of lung cancer, and your right they don’t have a brain I do and if it is my fate to have it I WILL defer it! God bless you my friend! Thank you!!

  6. you really are a funny and gifted writer!  

    this is an uplifting and refreshing post! it left me with a lighter heart and it reminds me to ALWAYS be optimistic!

    i hope that many others enjoyed this as much as i did!   if so, i hope they take a minute to let you know!



  7. i replied earlier and then ‘chrome’ crashed… i don’t think the reply reached you!

    you have such a refreshing style of writing, as well as a refreshing attitude!

    if everyone else enjoyed this as much as i, hopefully they’ll let you know!

    happy sunday, amiga!


  8. well you came out on top, your story is inspiring and I wish you all the best in the future.

  9. Reblogged this on Puttin On The Style and commented:
    What an uplifting thought for a Monday morning – thank you Anna. Sending you love, light and healing.

  10. Thank you for sharing. One of my regrets is that I did not fully appreciate the true act of living until my breast cancer diagnosis in 2008. Now, I express gratitude, give thanks, and appreciate the Gift of Life each and every day. Thank u for sharing this inspirational post.

  11. Reblogged this on Tlm0000's Blog.

  12. I love your optimistic attitude that 2 is better than 1 as much as twice!

  13. What a great attitude!

  14. You are lucky to have survived and grown as a person, so I say, number 4 is okay. My own mother was born on the fourth day of May, and she was blessed with a happy marriage and a reasonable length of life. :)

  15. Thank you for liking my blog on infectious cancers (! With a great attitude like yours I’m sure that you’ll overcome the challenges that you face.

  16. Thank you for your like on my poem “Grief is a Phoenix in Waiting.” I have 4 fours in my phone number – guess it will be burn out rather than fade out for me too :)

  17. hello oneanna65 its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm i disagree i think four is a verry lucky number after all it is how menny feet i hav!!! ha ha ok bye

  18. 0 +4 + 0 +4 + 4 +7 = 19
    1 +9 = 10
    1 +0 = 1
    It’s late here so I may have that wrong (and I never was much good at arithmetic)
    perhaps someone else will check it and post the correct answer.

    Whatever – you sound as though you work hard at being lucky, to me. That’s all it takes.

  19. Cute and clever. I like reading about numerology and horoscopes, etc., but I definitely don’t wrap my life around them! And it’s good to hear you don’t either! I think it’s wonderful the way you’ve taken that negative comment and made it so positive! :)

  20. Thank you for your visit to my blog and for liking some of my posts. May you be bless more abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ.

  21. Number 4 has always been my number, and it’s done alright by me! :)
    Thanks for the Like on my Post Anna, and thanks for creating such a heart felt Blog, makes for great reading. I hope you get better and get the internet on too!
    If there are any specific Health or Fitness Posts you’d like to see, please let me know!

  22. YOU wrote: “And as I mention in previous post – If you believe that you are going to survive, you will. Because all your cells in your body don’t have a brain. They are doing what you are thinking.”
    YOU are so correct! YOU are brilliant and I love YOUR VOICE as it comes through in your writing! YOU write with honesty and passion! FORWARD! (Hint: When someone asks you what your career is, say this to them: “I am a Writer!”)

  23. axelle permalink

    Hi oneanna65, found out about your blog because you liked one of my posts. I thought this post of yours is awesome, as I totally agree that what we have in our minds, we can make it true in our lives. Keep up the great work ! Axelle

  24. I love your humor and positive outlook on life! Thanks for liking my post and for enlightening me with yours :)

  25. I m number 4 and i think m the luckiest person as well as the number 4 is very lucky for me..

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