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      1. Glad you liked my blog. Yours is so important. I’d like to send you a cancer prayer that is being circulated, and share a link to your blog with a friend. How can I do that?

  1. Thanks for stopping by my page. hope you enjoyed it =) looks like you have a powerful blog here. I am sure it is a help to those who read it, and those who are suffering with cancer as well. Peace

  2. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my site…my dad is going through his 4th cancer battle right now, and by the grace of God, he has a good prognosis and an amazing attitude. From looking through your blog, it appears that you have the same optimistic and pro-active attitude. Thanks for encouraging and helping others through their own battles or struggles. God is using you. Enjoy your day! :) Lisa


  3. Thank you so so much for dropping by at Thoughtful Thoughts. It means a lot. I lost my grandmother recently to cancer, so I am very thankful to you for mentioning all this for everyone. Even otherwise, it is a noble deed you perform and may you always be blessed.

  4. Dear Anna, Thank you for reading my short stories. Do you find the “Thus Spoke Fred” series more wierd or more entertaining? Any feedback would be good. I do not get as much feedback on these as I do on my other 2 blogs and short story posts.

  5. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for taking the time to read and follow my “Delightful Local Repast” blog :) Your blog is hopeful, helpful and spirited…like it very much :) Best, Rose

  6. You keep disappearing and reappearing from here! :) Was wondering what happened to you. Glad to see you’re back again and hope you’re sticking around. :) I’m way behind on reading blogs of others on here. Hopefully I’ll back in the groove with it soon. Blessings! Anne

  7. Thank you for following my Boomer Cuisine blog…I believe it is up to each person to honor the temble of their body by putting nourishing healthy real food into it. You wouldn’t put a twinkie in your car’s gas tank and expect it to run great…why put one in your mouth?

  8. Thank you for reading and liking my blog, Anna. Wish you a belated happy birthday, my mom is born a few days apart from you and you two are some of the strongest women I can see as examples in my life. Here’s wishing you the best health and love in the years and hours to come ! Take care!

  9. Hi oneanna65,

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and the “like” also. I took a look around your blog. You truly are an inspiration to the world. I hope you will continue sharing your love with all of us.

    Do take care and keep having fun with the years God has given you.

    Best regards,

  10. Anna, thanks so much for visiting my site and deciding to follow. Your work here is so important. What we put into our bodies *makes* our bodies—and our brains—and our energy. When will people figure that out?
    Many blessings.

  11. Thank you Oneanna65 for taking the time to visit me again. I’m pleased that you enjoyed my recent postings. I appreciate it very much.

  12. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog, it’s much appreciated.

    I can only say that I too walk this path, no more words are necessary x

  13. Anna, thank you for visiting my blog today – I’m glad to meet another 65 year old. (I turned 65 last November.) However I’m so sorry to hear you are battling cancer. Wishing you all the best, for many, many good years ahead!

  14. Hi! Thanks for the follow. Your posts made me smile, I love your determination and positivity. May you see all of your planning come to fruition, and with it, may many beautiful experiences unfold. I wish you good luck, and good health and rosy lips on your journey!

  15. Hello! Thanks for checking out our blog. I’ve read through your posts and thank you for posts full of such high spirits and joy.

    Peace in Christ,

  16. Thank you for liking and following my blog. I have lost many friends to cancer, so it’s good to see someone coming out on top. Just finished a cancer walk in my area, which I do every year, as well as other events. God bless you and best wishes.

  17. HI oneanna65! Thank you for following my blog, means a lot, especially when I’m followed by someone your age. I kinda feel honored. If I may ask, since I’m kinda new at blogging, what made you want to follow my blog?

  18. thanks for visiting (and following) my blog. your fight and attitude are so inspirational, i look forward to sharing your insights and experiences with my family and friends.

  19. thank you for visiting my blog and liking so many of the different things i post–i am enjoying when i get the time to visit others as you learn so much when you step away and out of yourself–i hope i remain young as i grow older and keep learning with the wonder of a child

  20. Hi there! Thanks for visiting purelysubjective and following! Your story is very inspirational and I wish you the all the best. Also, random coincidence…we have the same birthday! What a small world; happy belated birthday. :)

  21. I hope that you celebrated your birthday in style! Happy belated to you! And, thank you for signing up to follow my blog! I hope you will find it entertaining! hugs – Barb

  22. Thanks for liking my latest post on my blog (Salt & Pepper). Glad to connect with you through your site. Will pray for your health to get better each day.

  23. thanks for deciding to follow my blog. what was it about the angels and spirit guides that interested you? would like to write more about what interests people if i can? congrats on beating cancer and sharing gr8 info

  24. Dear Anna — thanks for visiting my blog and Liking a post! I am very grateful for your time and kindness. I have read some of your blog posts and I like your humor. Blogging is very good therapy for anyone that is dealing with a health challenge. It gives you the opportunity to reach out to others and to share your experience. I am sure you have helped many cancer survivors to better cope with their situation.I invite you to visit my Sustainable Wellness blog on Blogger. I created it so I can save articles that I read about health and wellness. I hope that you are able to find some information that you can add to your knowledge of naturopathic approaches to cancer containment. Here is the link:http://sustainablewellnessbusiness.blogspot.com/. Best wishes and warm regards Audrey

  25. Thanks for coming by and reading my blog. I’m procrastinating from doing an assignment but it was great to go through your blog and read about what’s been happening in your life. All I can say is wow- I hope you keep on fighting and living life to the fullest.

    God bless,


  26. Thank you for visiting my blog, Both my mother and husband died from cancer, so I know personally the devastation of this disease for everyone. Wishing you health, happiness, and continued success.

  27. Its quite cathartic to write about major events that have impacted your life, the good and bad. All I can say is well done and keep at it!

  28. I am so glad you found my blog …. because it lead me to yours!!! Reading from an upbeat, positive person in a land of skepticism and cynicism is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing yourself in the blog world. I can’t wait to read more … and to learn more from you!

  29. Thank you for following by blog! And thank you for letting me camp out in your blog :) Blog camping is the brilliant idea of Russel Ray of the blog Russel Ray Photos. You can read about his idea at http://russelrayphotos2.com/2012/04/03/may-i-camp-out-in-your-blog/

    I find your attitude inspiring. My hubby’s mom has lived through breast cancer and she too advocated healthy eating (she always has some dark chocolate in her fridge, which is nice for everyone).

  30. Thanks for liking my post ..I’m in the same age bracket as you and enjoy each and every day better than ever before ..just like you I look coward to living as long as I can ..each day is such a gift…

  31. Oh my goodness you have a lot of fans :) Congrats! I am sitting here at work and just popped in to check my blog and saw that you ‘followed’ mine. I clicked on over to check you out and now I’m not wanting to stop reading. I believe God’s timing is awesome and He is using your blog to show how others ideas of perfection is not what He is looking for (I’ve been reading your post ‘My Apology’). I too am so very new to all of this, He instructed me to write and this is the only way I currently know to do it. I tend to put too much emphasis on how many hits I’ve gotten to help me feel successful with my writing, I keep reminding myself being obedient brings its own rewards. Of course, a successful blog like yours would be awesome ;) What I’ve learned though is that when you follow Him, He brings you to exactly the place He wants you to be. I’ve begun following your blog and will use that as my daily reminder to stand with you in your faith on healing. He is after all our great physician. I believe that sometimes He likes to show off…..not for attention or pride but to draw more people to Him….you are a perfect vehicle for that!!!

  32. Just checked out your about section. Sheer awesomeness! Funny how you left the default WordPress text there. I laughed out loud when I saw it. Did you do that on purpose or did you just get lazy? ;-) Either way, it makes you look like one hilarious lady. Thanks for the “like”. Your personal story is amazing. You could help a lot of people.

    Wishing you the best…

  33. Happy Birthday and thank you for visitiing my blog….Following the Lord will get you to the places you want to go and take you on a happy trip going there….When I lost my daughter recently, He picked me up and carried me for two weeks…. He is holding my hand and I know He is holding your’s tooo!!!!! God bless you.

  34. Thanks so much for your recent like of my post on Thai street food. You’re doing great with the blogging! It’s a learning curve for all of us. keep it up!

  35. Hi, CKR! Welcome to the DiabeticRedemption.com family of readers. I’m glad you’ve joined us! If you’d like, please find my Friends Page, and tell me and my readers a little about yourself and your blog, and please be sure to add the URL. Again, welcome! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

  36. I see you have a huge following here! :)

    I just wanted to pop by to thank you for following my blog (No Holds Barred) and for liking my most recent post. You are clearly an old hand at this but in my modest traffic I get a kick out of it every time. :)

    Thank you!

  37. Anna, you are an inspiration–attitude is everything. My dad had cancer once, but he didn’t die of it. Happy belated birthday and I wish you many, many more. :) Thanks for stopping by and following my blog.

  38. Anna, thank you for reading my crazy travel blog. We are blessed to still be healthy, so our goal is to “do the best we can in the time allotted”. An, that, my friend is all any if us can do. Keep on keeping on! The techteachrtravels

  39. Hey Anna, thank you for reading my post and following my blog. I am glad you liked my ‘Can I still be ‘A Little Princess’? blog, and I hope to write more that you will enjoy. I can’t wait to read some of your blogs.
    – Alexandra Whittle <3

  40. Your “like” is very much appreciated, thank you! Cancer, huh? Boy, does that disease suck, or what? Don’t know your story (obviously), but I hope everything’s going well, and you’ve got it licked!

  41. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a family member who is battling cancer right now and he is very particular about not being defined by his illness. I want to send a shout out his way for good health!

  42. Hello Anne, thank you for stopping by and liking my blog. I’m finding your blog incredibly moving – your positivity is amazing and I really hope that your fight against cancer is successful.
    All the best, Liz

  43. Thanks for “liking” my post! Did you see our sanctuary for prayer and healing? My husband is a cancer survivor who became obedient and created the House of Angels, an outdoor sanctuary for prayer and healing. We’ve seen many miracles! Go to http://www.annrichduncan.com and then click onto the button that says “about Don”. It’ll bring you to it. By the way, how long have you been blogging? I’m impressed. Wish I could get that many responses. My agent says I need 50-thousand clicks before she can get a publisher to look at my books.

  44. Thank you for checking out my fashion and lifestyle blog fashionflood.com. I am happy to see you liked my post. After browsing your blog I am impressed with your story and list of healthy foods. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

    Make A Splash,


  45. Thank you for visiting LightWriters and for the like of my article ‘Saving Seeds’…I’m so glad you did, because it led me to reading your many great articles on living healthy! Awesome! :)

  46. Your blog is inspiring and instructive. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog today and click on the “Like” button to my most recent post. I hope to see you back again soon. Cheers!

  47. Hi Anna. thank you for stopping by my both blogs and liking my “anyelir” and “kering tempe” posts. Your blog is so inspiring. thank you for sharing your life story with us all. Please keep your good and positive spirit up high to stay healthy. You’re such an inspiring soul. Sending you all positive energy from here. God bless you!

  48. Thanks for liking my post ;Nuclear Radiation Dangers ….”
    Good luck to you with your health and blogging.
    You have many friends following your blog.
    You may have already had a general look at my blog but there is much about health either in posts or linked on sidebar or in posts.
    ‘Natural Health’ is a good general source.
    Maybe not a lot on cancer so much, but I hope it is some help to you.

  49. It shows that God can use us in all types of different ways, Sometimes we dont even know. Through blogging and facebook, twitter,Myspace, We can really use those to spread the positivity, Our words. You are a wonderful blogger and I think you are helping so many and giving great adviced and postive words. God bless

  50. Thank you for visiting my blog, and clicking the like on my post. I’m glad you found something worthwhile on it. You are truly inspiring. Blessings to you and yours, and continued success.

  51. got your blog’s add via mine (thanks for visiting) and what do I discover? A great woman, full of courage and also a sense of humour! Am inspired by your attitude. Bravo!

  52. Hey!! Thanks for visiting and liking my blog… Still trying to get a handle on this whole blogging thing but loving it!! Hope to see you again soon!

  53. Ive looked over some of your posts and find them to be concise and informative. Thank you for visiting my blog because it helped me discover you :) keep up the great work and thank you for the support on mine!

  54. Thanks for “like”ing my post “Depression. Mine is……well, Depressed – pt.1”, I appreciate your reading it.
    I can see a very powerful spirit in your posts. Keep it up!

  55. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my reviews. It means a lot I write them for my own edification and for fun, but I am happy to share them with readers around the world. I too am a cancer survivor, breast cancer. Free now for 12 years. Luckily mine was gotten with a lumpectomy and with careful monitoring I avoided the chemo. Now I have MS – at least it won’t kill me! Keep it up, and I’ll be back to check on you. Kristin

  56. Thank you for stopping by … i enjoy the info that UCS provides … a better way to steward the earth. You have a very powerful energy …

  57. Thanks for stopping by our post on Black Bean & Garlic Chicken! Hope you enjoyed the recipe… next time you’re in Hong Kong, be sure to look us up. Until then, come on back for more stories about our adventures. :)

  58. Hi Anna…..thanks for stopping by “Unwalled” and liking my post re: tips to help protect your marriage against adultery. Thanks for being a light in spite of the challenges in your path. May peace, strength and health be yours……….Shalom, Kim

  59. I get confused about if oneanna and cancerkilling recipes is the same person, my dashboard satys im following, you-hope you will follow me. Yhanks for the comment on my reent blog, i read and enjoy yours as well

  60. I’ve loved reading your blog thankyou!! just a quick line to let you know i have nominated you for a very inspiring blogger award (details are on my blog) :D

  61. Thanks so much for stopping by & liking our post at ‘Memories on the Journey’ today! We hope you’ll come back soon & find more encouragement in our stories about this adventure we’re having in Hong Kong!

    I recently watched a video about how wonderful Coconut Oil can be for Alzheimer & Parkinson patients, I’m wondering if you have found it to help with Cancer treatment as well?? Another thing you may know, is it true that high levels of protein intake can have a negative result for Cancer patients? Since moving to Asia, I have heard more than once about this & had never heard it in the States… They tell me the protein helps the cancer cells to grow… Your thoughts??

    Blessings, JK.

  62. Thank you for liking my blog posts and I am glad that you enjoyed reading them. You have some great content here that is very informative.

  63. Hi Anna, thanks for liking my Father’s Day post…..my dad was terrific person to many. It’s been 19 years since his passing and I am still meeting people she speak of acts of kindness that he deposited in their lives. Blessings to you!…..Kim

  64. Hi again Anna, thanks for liking my post re: tips on how to protect your marriage from adultery – tip#5. I am a strong believer in marriage and I believe a spouse should do all he/she can to make a marriage work because it is a covenant and also because if for some unfortunate or unforeseen reason the marriage does not work out, at least that spouse can rest in the fact that he/she was the best spouse they could be and not have to deal with regret on top of everything else. Blessings to you and yours!….Kim

  65. Hi! thanks for visiting my blog as well. I enjoyed reading about your healthy foods and your inspirational thoughts and story. I am fighting a less scary(than the “C” word) medical condition that is not well-researched and I figure a healthy diet can’t hurt! Keep fighting and eating lots of plants! :) Julie

  66. Thank you for the like and follow … i love NMAAHC and google does some good things … putting the Amazon tribes plight in the news , helping and investing in sustainable living where possible is what i like pushing … very informative great blog, i will be back

  67. Thanks so much for “Liking” my post on Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary!!! I’m really grateful when people “like” my posts, as it hardly ever happens! It’s all that mush more special coming from someone like yourself – a survivor. I, too, am a survivor of ravaging diseases. It is by the sheer grace of God that I’m even here right now!!! Praised be Jesus and Mary!!! Please be assured of my prayers for you, your intentions and your health. Pax Christi!

  68. You seem like you have a lot of strength, that’s amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Wishing you all the very best.


  69. Thanks for liking a post on my blog I look forward to reading some more of your.
    Wishing you health and happiness

  70. Thanks for checking in with my blog and I hope I gave you a smile. You’ve given me inspiration to keep the posts going (as a bit of a newbie blogger). Keep fighting and sharing your journey; you have lessons to pass along to all of us!

  71. Thanks for stopping by on Sweet Honey Tree. You are an example of a strong woman. Never give up. All the best x

  72. This is one heck of a blog you’ve got! And beyond that your spirit is what is more admirable! Keep enjoying the fabulous journey of life and inspiring many around you.

  73. Thank you for visiting our blog and liking Hemingway’s post. Our Mom is the same age as you so she thought that was pretty cool. We’re not that old yet but we figure age is just a number and we like humans and fur people of all ages. Keep inspiring others with your blog.

  74. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking some of what I wrote about my summer reading list. I like what you’re doing here and will be stopping by now and then. All the best! :)

  75. Thank you for liking my blog. And yours is very, very interesting. Keep up the blogging. There are many people online who need the information. Prayers and good, healing energy to you….

  76. Anna, thank you for stopping by and “liking” my blog “The Weapon of Binding And Loosing”! May the Lord continue to bless you and enable you to help others through your blogs!

  77. I – like everyone else – wanted to recognize and thank you for visiting Geek Democracy/Just Jim. From the energetic and upbeat way in which you write I can tell two things: that you must be thanking God for being a cancer survivor and thus being able to see life after age 65, and that you’re attempting to share your wisdom with others. Keep up the good work and it’s nice to see that there are those who use the tools available to them to be a helpful and positive influence to others.

    Have a great day.


  78. thank you for reading my blog and “like” it..I think you are an inspiring person..
    will keep coming and reading your blog. Cheers! :)

  79. Thank you for the like on my post!
    This is an incredible blog and you are such an inspiration! God bless you :)

  80. I don’t know if I ever properly thanked you for following my blog and I would be very remiss if I did not express my appreciation. Thank you also for the “like” communicated today. It is of great encouragement.

  81. I look forward to following your blog…a treasure of information! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!! I am so glad you stopped by my blog so now I was able to discover yours. Happy Blogging! S-

  82. Thank you for taking the time to visit me again. I was growing up with a sister who got brain cancer when she was four. No one thought she would survive. She did. Never forget the power of your thoughts, never give up. Wish you all the best

  83. Anna, thank you for liking my post “Dealing With The Seductress – Addiction”, I appreciate your time and hope to see you back again. Blessings to you on your journey…

  84. Thank you so much for blessing me with a visit to A.Hutchinson Photography and liking my post “Divine Inspiration”.
    I look forward to reading your blog … on a journey for wellness myself.
    Blessings to you.

  85. thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out the recipes. I think the one I posted today would definitely fit in your healthy department. Best wishes to you!

  86. Thank you so much for leaving a ‘Like’ on my blog. Your blog is very inspirational. Please visit again, as I will have lots of healthy tips and recipes.

  87. Thank you for “Liking” my posts lately. I have been visiting your blog almost every day for awhile, and enjoying your posts. I have not been taking time to do anything more than read posts because of my circumstances. When these circumstances change, I will be able to take time to “socialize” more. In the meantime, I want you to know that I enjoy visiting your blog. I like your positive attitude.

  88. Thank you for stopping by and liking my post.
    At first I was going to like your post ‘My Apology’ and thereafter follow you quietly, but upon second thought, I wanted to let you know that my mum is 65. Growing up, she was my best friend. I am often worried about her because of my selfish reasons.
    Her name is Anna.

    Thank you is not enough to express what I am feeling. My warmest wishes. God speed.

  89. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love yours as well. You’re interesting and amazing, and I’m glad we “met”. Now that I follow you, I’ll be able to read your blog regularly. Thanks again, be well.

  90. Thank you for your visit on my blog. I truly appreciated the gesture and I hope you found the messages inspiring. You have obviously been doing some great work with blogging. I pray God that He continues to use your talent to reach the many people who are probably crying for help. Thanks again!

  91. Anna, thanks for stopping by and “liking” my blogs on the Helmet and Sword and Praying Always. I appreciate the time you take out of your busy schedule to read them. God bless you! May you be blessed with good health and long life!

  92. Thank you, Anna, for visiting and liking my blog. I wish you a happy and Blessed life filled with wonderful memories and lots of breathing! ~Kristina

  93. Hi!

    I have noticed that you have liked some of my “business opportunity posts” (Forever Living Aloe Vera) Would you be interested to join my team? Please contact me through my website and we can discuss further! You will find my email address there as well. Believe me its a great opportunity.

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    Healthy regards,

  94. Thank you for visiting my blog! My grandmother is also a survivor of cancer, it’s always interesting and inspiring to hear of others stories. Thank you so much for sharing yours.

    With all my care,


  95. I’d like to thank you for visiting my blog. I don’t get a lot of visitors, so it’s nice to know that my voice (no matter how quiet and unrelated to some it may be) is being heard and, at the very least, is entertaining for someone at some point. I wish you the best.

  96. Hi Anna,

    Many thanks for taking a peek at my blog and liking my post. You have an amazing story and I wish you lots of love, health and happiness. What ever comes extra is a bonus :)

    Carpe diem!

  97. HI Anna, thanks for liking my post “I Thank God Tonight”. I hope the my writings will be a source of strength and hope to you during this season of your life. May God bless you and continue to strengthen you by the power of His Holy Spirit in your inner man. Never sot believing that God is a Healer……..Shalom!……Kim

  98. Hi Anna,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the vote which has boosted my confidence. I look forward to reading more from your blog but so far what I’m seeing so far, it is quite an inspiration for us all.

    With kind regards,


  99. Hello, Anna! Thanks so much for liking my post. I read through some of your blogs; you have a wonderful way of saying things in order to help people understand what you have and are going through. You are very inspirational!

  100. Thank you so much for your inspiring words! You are doing so much to help the many who are going through what you are, right now.

    Thank you also for visiting my blog and clicking on “like” frequently.

    Much love, a new friend,


  101. If you wan to “feel like a million…” please visit my blog. My new health book was published today, “New Life, naturally…the home guide to harmonious health.”

  102. thankyou for liking my post “the power of my love”.
    i really liked ur post abt cancer…
    wel done and really amazed.
    great job done…
    pls do come on my page again..
    i warmly welcome you..

  103. Thanks for visiting my blog (www.lovelyspirit.wordpress.com). I absolutely love your blog! I love the positive outlook you have on life even in the midst of your trials. Only God can give someone a perspective like that. God bless you, and may your light continue to shine.


  104. Hej from Sweden !
    Thank you for viewing and liking my recent post “Goodbye Frida” Today, the day after, I am numb and my herd is traumatized. It was my birthday yesterday and everyone wanted to see and hear a happy birthday girl; it was not an easy task!
    One of my readers said time will heal it all. I know this but , how much time will be needed for all of us?

  105. Hello – I’m here because you visited my blog recently so I thought I’d drop by. You definitely have a positive attitude (and good reason for it), so I have little doubt you’ll be making plans at 70. Actually, you’re a couple of years apart from my mother’s age, so your recent posts struck a chord with me for that reason. All the best!

  106. Thanks for visiting my blog again!
    Hope you’re continuing to eat good, unprocessed foods. Ensure is okay for once in awhile but not for always.
    Keep on doing good things for your body :)

  107. Hello! :) – I am nominating you for an inspirational blogger award.
    I was nominated and feel you deserve it!!

    There are a few guidelines for accepting this award. They are as follows:
    1. Acknowledge the giver of the award, and link back to their site.
    2. Copy and paste the award to your blog.
    3. List seven things about yourself.
    4. Pass the award to 7 bloggers.

    Congrats! Well deserved! :)

  108. Thank you for visiting my blog. My wifes mom passed away from cancer the year before I met her in 1980. She has the fear that it will happen to her. Your blog is very informative. Thanks for having it.

  109. Hey. Thanks for the like!
    I like your blog. If you didn’t say that you were 65 in your blog, I would have never guess because your posts are full of life and hope and joy. It’s wonderful. Keep on blogging :)

  110. Happy 5th month of blogging. I hope you have been enjoying your blogging, especially since I’m that your decision to overcome this is an inspiration to many who are battling the same.

    Thanks for taking the time out to read other blogs and encourage others like me (Inadvertently Incorrigible) by liking their posts (Review of The Time Machine). Your decisions on your 65th was inspiring. Maybe you’d like to update your “About” section of the blog, that tells people in a nutshell who you are (though your blog posts are a pretty good window in themselves).

    May God heal you and keep you. Resmy

  111. Hi. Just wanted to thank you for the “like” of my post, The First 662.7 Miles Are Always The Easiest, on Your Dad Did. Please keep reading and I’ll be checking out your blog more, too.

  112. Thank you for the Like and for stopping by my blog. And, thank you for sharing your story! I pray God will fill all of your days, however many more He has planned for you, with His love and presence.

  113. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post Hi Me, Have We Met, I am sorry for taking so long to acknowledge. Thank you for writing your blog, too. I believe it shows real strength and courage :)

  114. Thank you for stopping by and liking my post about Michigan. It’s wonderful that you are sharing your story and informing others about cancer and other health issues. Keep it up

  115. Thank you for visiting.
    I saw a great film the other evening and thought of you. “The End is my Beginning”, based on the life of Tiziano Terzani. Inspirational, much like your courage. All the best. Take care.

  116. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I so appreciate it. My apologies for taking so long to show my gratitude. I’m a bit technically challenged but I’m learning more and more about social media as I get deeper into it as part of my coaching business Thanks so much. Your blog is very inspirational and we surely all appreciate great inspiration. Blessings to you.

  117. Thank you for liking my blog. I too am a cancer survivor and all because of God’s amazing grace. Keep visiting me! I’m more than recipes. Your prose is wonderful and inspirational. I’ll keep visiting you for sure.

  118. Thanks for stopping by and for the like. Much appreciated. And thanks for your passion on such an important subject… so helpful for many.

  119. Thanks for visiting my blog (Organic Hispanic Mama). I have several family members who have both lost and won battles to cancer. I am always pleased to find stories of survivors. God bless!

  120. I am glad that you enjoyed my Sunday post. Please spread the word about the honorable actions of the Maikin Islanders that I spoke of. We cannot know from personal experience what they went through to protect the bodies of the slain Marines but we can accept and honor their actions.

  121. Thank you for visiting our blog. We personally identify with and appreciate your blog as we are also currently dealing with the fight against cancer in our family. Healthy living can go a long way against the fight!

  122. Greetings, thank you so much for visiting my blog (Museum of Documentary and Fiction). You are an inspiration to so many people. I feel blessed to find you here. Have a beautiful day. Michele

  123. Anna, I’m glad to have met you. I was diagnosed with melanoma in 2005 and watched my mother struggle with colon cancer from 1992 to 2010. Admire your energy and positivity, and how you have gathered others to you. The recipes and advice on TheUnchemicalChef are a result of much thinking. Best, Beth.

  124. Hi Anna, thanks for visiting & liking my post! I used to think that only older people can get cancer. Then I watched the movie 50/50, and very recently, a friend of mine in the mid-twenties of age, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I’m not saying I want to have cancer, but i think it be life-changing, in a good way, for the patient herself and the people around her. It makes you appreciate life more and realize that we’re are all mere mortals. Your positive outlook on life is inspiring, and i do hope everything turns out well for you. By the way, what kind of cancer do you have?

  125. Hi Anna I see you stop by our blog. Thank You! A warrior must learn to make every act count, since, they will only be in the world for a short while, in fact to short for witnessing all the marvels of it. Acts have power. Especially when the warrior acting knows that those acts maybe their last battle. There is a strange consuming happiness in acting with the full knowledge that whatever they do maybe their last act on earth. I am very happy that you kicked cancers butt. More marvels to witness good for you! You are an inspiration to warriors around the world. We hardly ever realize that we can cut anything out of our lives, anytime, in the blink of an eye. Good job, keep on the path with heart and don’t look back! Stay strong.

  126. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Like you I deal with a dark subject and must keep it light and informative or risk sending the few visitors i do have running away.

  127. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
    The bottom line in health is everything is energy, and the binder is love. From your blog, it sounds like you have everything you need to move forward successfully in this journey you’re on- it’s inspiring and powerful! Blessings and best wishes.

  128. hello :) I just found that you have been “like” my blog for a while. It’s amazing to know someone actually follow my blog. hahaha I read some of your blog, it’s really inspired. Do you have a Facebook ? :) i will like to be friend with you hahaha add me :) (mansonwu0911590915@yahoo.com.tw)

  129. Thank-you for popping by my page; I had to click on yours and yes, I am so looking forward to the posts….. I have had a bit of a journey too; we all do, but I love the fact you are so open and ready to share. Your personality is refreshing! Thank-you!!

  130. Hi, thanks for dropping by my page. Your story is amazing! I’m 20 yrs old and I wish I could be as strong as you in the next 50 years of my life. All my best!


  131. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking a post! I wanted to let you know that I am hosting a giveaway for free Wildtree products (it’s an all-natural food line). Feel free to enter or refer anyone you know to enter (especially if you have any friends who want to eat healthier or have dietary restrictions). The link for the giveaway is: http://wp.me/p2wUj4-3l . Thanks again and good luck!

  132. This is the first time I have read your blog and I am inspired and touched. Keep up the good work. I too am a great advocate of healthy eating and eating to prevent cancer, so I can relate to much of what you are saying. Congratulations on doing a wonderful job. Love Kim

  133. Thanks for liking our post on the Satanic Destruction of Self-sustaining Communities. Your blog is a valuable resource on conquering cancer & other devastating health problems. Herbal medicine (including Pau d’Arco mentioned in your posts), infrared heat lamp therapy, wheatgrass, regular exercise to oxygenate our cells, creating our own free energy from God’s abundant resources (Sun, Wind, Fire) – these all figure into our strategy of creating a Christian socialist lifestyle. You’re on the right track…

  134. thank you for liking my post “tribute to the true power of a woman.” I appreciate your taking the time to visit my blog and I appreciate your support. Good luck with your continued blogging! Thanks again!

  135. Thank for ‘liking’ the unofficial VTC blog.
    UnVTCB’s been up since JAN 1, 2012 but I can’t seem to get any traction from the locals (about 50 or so Homeless Veterans, myself included). It would be much more interesting if I had more participation as I built it for them. However, I’ll just keep blogging-on whilst doing some more internal marketing at the center. My next little project is to make a sticky front page with simple directions for my Vet brothers and sisters to start utilizing the space.

    I re-themed it (the Un-VTC blog) a few nights back. Ask me about the raccoon! (-:

    My mom just turned 70 (July 31) and she’s a cancer/leukemia warrior – has been for 40 years. She stays positive 99% of the time. It’s all about attitude, n’est pas?. I’ll point her to your blog – see if she would like to start blogging herself.

    Once again thank you for the ‘like’. and right back at’cha

    Stay tuned for more adventures and blog-on!



    ps the misspelling of vetrerans in the URL was intentional (-;

  136. Thank you for following me. You’re my 1st. I skimmed over a few of your posts and I really admire what you’re doing. My mother died of cancer when I was 11 and I know it cannot be easy. One of the worst parts was watching what chemo does to people. Stay strong, I’ll be back your way to read more. My blog goes live on Tuesday. Thanks again and happy belated 65th! :-)


  137. In one of your posts you said something like :”I don’t have time to die of cancer”…
    I like the way you see things, and keep thinking positive thoughts. Keep at it !

  138. Thanks for stopping by my site again. I’m glad you liked my post on letting go. You seem like you have learned some lessons about that yourself. Thanks again!

  139. I’m very glad you took the time to read my post ‘Hero Worship’. You have a great blog here, and have a warriors heart!

    The woman I talked about in my post is my mom. She passed away almost 9 years ago. I’m happy that you kicked cancer’s ass for her :)

    Stay healthy, keep bloggin’


  140. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post! I will make sure to check out your blog, but so far I can only say that it is indeed very inspirational. Congratulations on your awards!

  141. Thank you for your visit to my blog :) Lovely to see you and you’re always very welcome. Looking at your blog you sound like an awesome person and a true survivor for whom i have the utmost respect.

  142. Thanks for visiting my blog at thekittycityreport.wordpress.com and reading about “Miss Ginger Remembered.” She was my beautiful girl and she will be missed. It’s nice to know someone else cared enough to read about her. You are very kind.

  143. Thank you for visiting my California Dreamin’ blog and liking my Diary of a 3rd Wheel on a Family Vacation. My mother is currently fighting cancer (and kicking its butt!), so your blog has an extra special meaning to me. I wish you all the best and hope you make it to 70 and beyond. Cheers!

  144. Thanks for liking one of my posts, it means a lot to me that someone wants to read what I’ve written! Your blog’s amazing, I’ve had a lot of experiences with cancer (too many, for someone of my age) although thankfully, none of them have been personal.

  145. Hi Oneanna65! Thanks for stopping by my blog; I’m delighted you liked my piece about the tart! I’ve read through some of your posts; you’re such an inspiration and a wonderful person to share your story. Do let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me write about or try to cook! Do you have a favourite dish? Xx P

  146. Thanks for visiting my blog! I loved your words of wisdom and optimism. There can never be too much optimism in this world! Keep on going with your fight against cancer! Never give up! Best of luck to you!

  147. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Yours is really interesting – I had a mole removed in 2009 and I found out it was malignant! My doctor told me that they got everything out but I need to visit him every six months. Small price to pay. That started me thinking and I got into photography so that I could capture memories. Wishing you all the best in your blogging :)

  148. Thank you for visiting my blog! I learned a lot from yours particularly the one called ‘Don’t forget to breathe.’ I am a smoker and it really made me re-evaluate what I am doing to my body.

  149. Thanks for visiting my site. Could I just ask you to read the section in my blog “The China Study”. It is the Introduction to the book in full, about 7 pages, so not too long. I would value your thoughts.
    All the best and looking forward to your reply.

  150. Appreciate your taking the time to visit my blog. Enjoyed your “eat less” post. We could all stand to push back from the table a little sooner!

  151. Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving the “like” behind! You are my very first, and I do appreciate it. I love “Don’t Forget to Breathe” – taking a deep breath forces me to slow down (at least for that moment). My husband makes fun of me because if I forget to breathe in my back-swing (golfing), I do not hit the ball well. As I get out of the cart he tells me “remember to breathe”, reminding me to slow down and give the club an opportunity the hit the ball “squarely”. Thanks for the reminder. I will slow down, breathe deeply, and enjoy the clean air at every opportunity! God Bless!

  152. I’m glad you are enjoying my blog and the recipes. Thanks for recently liking my Red Velvet Cake recipe. Not sure if you eat sweets any more, but let me know what you think of it when you try it. Thanks again for stopping by.

  153. Dear Anna,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and taking time to go through my posts. I read your blog and found it very inspiring. I am 21 years old and its people like you that make me feel – life is what you make it, so never give up. Thank you for sharing your story. Hats off to your strength. And belated happy birthday. :)

  154. Thank you for visiting my blog when I post new recipes! It really is a wonderful feeling to know that what I am trying to share is being read!! Hope you found some healthy inspirations or otherwise some joy in reading the recipes!

  155. Hi! Thank you for coming by and reading our blog. We are pretty new to this and appreciate your support. I’ve been reading some of your posts here, I especially enjoyed your take on birthdays!

  156. Thank you for reading Our “What For” Girl. I’m glad you liked it. She has been a new spark of life for our family. I read some of your blog posts and was very impressed. Life is a blessing, and your blog reminds me that I cannot take it for granted. May God bless you from one 50+ to another 50+.

  157. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for all the “likes” you’ve posted on my blog The Dairy Free Traveler! It is gratifying to know not only that people are reading, but also who is reading, and to get to know them and their blogs as well.

    Recently, I left WordPress.com and am now self-hosting my blog at BlueHost. Mostly, it is an improvement, but one thing I am missing now is that I no longer have the ability for people to “like” my posts. I know people are reading but I don’t know who! Please if you would, leave me a comment or two to let me know that you are still reading. I promise I will do the same on your blog.

    All the best,

  158. You visited my Bayou Woman blog today and left a Like. I’m not sure how you found me, but thanks for doing that. I’ve been reading your story here, and I want to congratulate you on the WordPress awards from very caring people. I want to pat you on the back for your courage that you exhibit in every post. I love you outlook and your humor. Thank you, OneAnna65!

  159. Thank you for visiting our blog Traveling Shipps! Have you ever seen the documentary called “Forks over Knives”. It talks about some very interesting and surprising correlations between dairy and cancer. It’s based on a gigantic study of individuals in Asian countries who eat no dairy compared with individuals in countries where dairy is considered a staple…The results of the study are STRIKING and needless to say, the study has been swept under the rug by the dairy industry.

    1. This evidence has been around for a long time, as you say, but where big money is concerned, consumer welfare is a poor second to consumerism. Long years ago, I read ‘A Gentle Way with Cancer’ by Brenda Kidman. It was very enlightening, and it featured on a BBC-Television Series, but has since got lost, although I believe there is much it contains that could be of benefit today.

  160. I’m so happy to see you come up on my likes and thanks for stopping by again and giving me several likes on my posts. If you have opinion on any thing you see I would love to hear it.

  161. Thank you for visiting my site Growth Comes. Your story is inspirational. My mother is a Breast Cancer “Overcomer” (as I like to call it instead of survivor). I will visit often…best wishes in all that you do!

  162. I hope thinking-people can influence those who persist in exploiting animals, and the environment, with their factory farming methods. I believe there are more healthy, and wholesome ways, of producing food for all; the results, like the findings about those who consume little, or no dairy-produce, could astonish the sceptics. i once read a book by Brenda Kidman called ‘A Gentle Way with Cancer ‘ which was most enlightening.

  163. Hi Anna,
    Thank you for visiting my blog & liking my post, “Are You Living Your Dream?” Wishing you all the best on your journey and continue doing the great and very important work on with your blog!

    1. Loved your passporttobliss site; I share your love of of Italy, Italian and the Italians; shared some of my happiest memories in Rovereto and Firenze, and my homes in Sussex and Carmarthen with many Italians over the years.

  164. Thank you so much for visited my blog frequently and liked it more than once.. it means so much and your one click encourages me so much. I would love to read more of your entries.. thank you for sharing inspirational stories =)

  165. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like what you are doing with this cancer awareness program. It is awesome. Ignorance they say is not an excuse. With this knowledege we should be able to avoid preventable cancers and cure it when infected before it becomes too late.

  166. Thank you for visiting my blog. Dealing with cancer can be painful but you have shown great courage and became an inspiration for those who are also struggling. Continue the good work. God bless and good health to you.

  167. Hello … and thanks for visiting my (fairly new) blog, I appreciate you taking the time to “drop by”. I am new to this blgging “lark” and finding my way around, especially the “tag” part.

  168. i’m sure you have lotsa resources (people) but in the remote event you want input from a couple both of whom ‘ve had cancer, and are “still kickin'” (our respective encounters are considered ‘cured’) — let me (us) know. thanks for your site!

  169. Hi! Thanks for liking my blog. :) You are a very inspiring woman. Thanks for sharing. wishing you lots of blessings and light on your journey.

    light and love,
    hayley (peppersproutpress.com)

  170. Thank you for visiting me again! On 11/16 this year, God willing, I’ll be cancer free for four years. 61 big bad years old. You are an inspiration. Knowing people like you are around helps me to be brave and help others. God bless.

  171. Thank you so much for your visit- I will make sure to read the inspirational stories posted on your blog too- Cancer is something that we all need to talk about -and help each other- Please come back to see some more postings :)

  172. I have read through a couple of your posts. You seem to have a good attitude! Stay strong!

    Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. I am new to blogging and out of curiosity could you tell me how you cam across it? Thanks again.

  173. It is so important to live life, and treasure every moment with those with whom we come into contact – even those who cause us grief, because we may touch, and release, that glimpse of love locked inside.

  174. i had to get a new mouse to get to the end of this page, girl! i love your spirit and your truth. i have nominated you for the “Very Inspired Blogger” award. please don’t sweat participating in it; you have a life to live. i think this may be the last time i go around the block on these awards… i just want people to know about you. thank you for continuing to visit my page. i think you’re the bee’s knees. more recipes coming up — just as soon as i get this awards post off my back! xoxo -molly

  175. Thanks for the like on my post Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places. I looked at your blog and just want to tell you I admire your courage – and the lightness that shines through your writing despite challenging situations. Keep going!

  176. Hi There! I just saw that you liked the photography page on my professional site (Allison Strauss Art & Design). I recognized your orange flower profile pic from likes you gave on my postcard blog (Snail’s Postcard Post)! Did you somehow find the art one through the postcard one, or is it total coincidence in the blogosphere? Well, thank you, and hope you’re doing wonderfully.

  177. Hi oneanna65,

    You are an amazing person. I admire people who love themselves and who know the importance of life. Keep living queen size. Lots of love to you.

    Fellow human being

  178. Hi, oneanna65. Thank you for visiting my blog. I, too, am a survivor – of breast cancer. God has blessed me with 14 years of bonus days. I thank Him and praise His name for His Grace in my life.

  179. Thank you for stopping by and liking my blog. I’m a nurse and try to take time to learn about alternative/natural medicines for myself and also to give my patients more options for pursuing treatments. I think if I lived a hundred years ago, I would have wanted to be a medicine woman. Keep up the good work.