Good news!

I found something interesting – great news – and I have to share with you. Do you know, that our body parts are constantly renewing themselves? Yeah!!! There is about 37,2 Trillion cells in average human body – and most of them regenerate itself all the time! We got new liver every 5 months. New… Read More Good news!

Powerful mushrooms.

Looking for new remedy I found this: MUSHROOM OPTIMIZER – A blend of 7 mushrooms. They say, that this MUSHROOM OPTIMIZER enhances the immune functions, promotes proper cell replication, supports kidney, liver and lung function, strengthens heart, invigorates the brain and normalizes a compromised or hyperactive immune system. You know, after 2 Months of Chemo… Read More Powerful mushrooms.

I’m done!!!

With my book only. :) . My friend is working now on the publishing part of it. The book is going to be published soon. I’m so happy! I did it! I need some rest now. My health needs some attention. I have some cancer like symptoms. My stomach and liver this time… You see,… Read More I’m done!!!

New Remedy.

I found new remedy for gout – MSM. I Google: MSM gout treatment – and I found a page: “Gout and MSM” posted by Randi Blair. Like me, he suffered with gout for very long time. Like me, he was trying many remedies, but nothing really worked. Only MSM helped him. He is pain free!!!… Read More New Remedy.

I’m free!

So here I Am – free at last and very sick. 4 days ago I left my job and moved to my friends house. And I’m very happy!!! But I’m very tired and overwhelmed by pain. My gout is getting worse. My all body aches. But the most pain is in my legs and arms.… Read More I’m free!