Powerful mushrooms.

Looking for new remedy I found this: MUSHROOM OPTIMIZER – A blend of 7 mushrooms. They say, that this MUSHROOM OPTIMIZER enhances the immune functions, promotes proper cell replication, supports kidney, liver and lung function, strengthens heart, invigorates the brain and normalizes a compromised or hyperactive immune system. You know, after 2 Months of Chemo… Read More Powerful mushrooms.

More on writing.

Yesterday I posted my page “On Writing”, telling you all how good I’m on making long story short and short story even shorter. Today I have one more for you: – A Friend asked me today: “Anna, are you working on your next book?” – I said: “I have it”. – A Friend: “You have… Read More More on writing.

On writing.

I think that some books are great, but to long. 100 years ago people have more time to read. There was no TV, Computer or Smart Phone… Today we don’t have to much time for reading. There is to much going on… Well, I’m not any authority on writing but only a “Rookie Writer” –… Read More On writing.