GMO or no GMO.

We know by now what is GMO – Genetically Modified Organism. If you want to know more, google for yourself: GMO facts. You can learn all what you need to know about it.Even about GMO benefits, scientific facts and more… If you follow my Blog, you know, that I’m cancer survivor. Almost 5 years I’m… Read More GMO or no GMO.

Good news!

I found something interesting – great news – and I have to share with you. Do you know, that our body parts are constantly renewing themselves? Yeah!!! There is about 37,2 Trillion cells in average human body – and most of them regenerate itself all the time! We got new liver every 5 months. New… Read More Good news!

To be alive.

First I want to thank INTERGALARTIC for posting. Great Blog! See for yourself: This where I found my inspiration for this post. This where I found this: “Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be… Read More To be alive.

One more try.

If you follow my Blog, you know that I quit driving limo three years ago and now I work as a caregiver, “live-in companion for elderly”. In those three years I have four jobs – I was treaded very badly and I work for minimum $$. The last job was a nightmare. I was doing… Read More One more try.