Hi! I’m back. And I have a lot explaining to do. As you can see there are some problems with cancerkillingrecipe blog. Well, I’m gonna try to explain shortly what happen. You see, I decided that I want to have one more blog: Why? Because I like the HAPPY COFFEE. I drink this coffee… Read More PROBLEMS.

About health.

What takes to be healthy? 1. No toxins 2. Low sugar 3. Enough oxygen 4. Stay alkaline 5. Eliminate stress Today I want to write about toxins. I found this interesting statement from “Total Health Institute”: “If you put garbage in your driveway, it will attract flies. How many cans of fly killing spray it… Read More About health.


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HISTORY Plant historians know that dandelions have been an important component of traditional Chinese medicine for at least a thousand years. The plants, believed to be native to the Mediterranean, were well known by ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Medicinally, dandelion roots and leaves were used as a…

A study of nearly half a million people revealed that eating certain types of food is linked to cancer — but there’s a simple fix

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A new study of nearly half a million people in Europe points to the best diet for avoiding cancer: a plan thats rich in fiber, vegetables, fruit, fish, and lean meat. A science-backed nutrition ranking system from France, called Nutri-Score, could help people stay on track. A new study of 471,495…