My 72 Birthday.

Today is my Birthday. I’m 72. I didn’t say “I’m 72 years old”, because someone may think, that I’m old. 🙂 ! I think the old age starts in late 90’s. And when you are 100 years old you become celebrity for the rest of your life. Imagine, if we will count our lives in… Read More My 72 Birthday.


Hi! I’m back. And I have a lot explaining to do. As you can see there are some problems with cancerkillingrecipe blog. Well, I’m gonna try to explain shortly what happen. You see, I decided that I want to have one more blog: Why? Because I like the HAPPY COFFEE. I drink this coffee… Read More PROBLEMS.

Hope has a good memory

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“Gratitude changes everything.”- Anonymous “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”- Aesop “Happiness is itself a kind of gratitude.”- Anonymous “Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.”- Mark Twain “May the gratitude in my heart kiss all the universe.”- Hafiz “May you wake with gratitude.”- Anonymous “Hope has a good memory, gratitude a…

At a standstill?

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I haven’t felt so lost and confused about my goals and the route through which I want to achieve them. It’s becoming an abstract vision by the day. Sometimes, the enthusiasm to keep going are as cold as ghost. Everything seem more complicated. The eyes can see all the things that…

You’ll be okay

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It’s been hard hasn’t it?This year has brought an unprecedented range of disasters, loss and injustice that a lot of us have never had to live through and it’s been hard.This entire year has been nothing short of overwhelming so take a step back if you need to.Remember that…

Staying Alive and Happy

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More than a month ago, I read from the newspaper that the number of callers asking for counselling from the National Mental Crisis Center hotline tripled or quadrupled. It is understandable that more people would be anxious or depressed as they were on quarantine, and could not go to work, and…