My 72 Birthday.

Today is my Birthday. I’m 72. I didn’t say “I’m 72 years old”, because someone may think, that I’m old. 🙂 ! I think the old age starts in late 90’s. And when you are 100 years old you become celebrity for the rest of your life. Imagine, if we will count our lives in… Read More My 72 Birthday.


Hi! I’m back. And I have a lot explaining to do. As you can see there are some problems with cancerkillingrecipe blog. Well, I’m gonna try to explain shortly what happen. You see, I decided that I want to have one more blog: Why? Because I like the HAPPY COFFEE. I drink this coffee… Read More PROBLEMS.

Cope like a dandelion

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I imagine a lot of people are feeling kind of like this dandelion right now – stuck between a rock and hard place (or in this case between two slabs of concrete). Life as we knew it has changed into a life of utter uncertainty. Uncertainty breeds fear, and fear…

A dance written not only in the stars – congratulations NASA!

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每日天文一图(北京天文馆镜像) Astronomy Picture of the Day 探索宇宙!每天发布一张迷人宇宙的影像,以及由专业天文学家撰写的简要说明。 2020-03-04 星系NGC 5394和NGC 5395的双人慢舞 影像来源及版权:Gemini,NSF,OIR Lab,AURA;文字:Ryan Tanner (NASA/USRA) 说明:如果你喜欢慢舞,那么你可能会喜欢上这幅图。图中的这支舞,一个转身就需要几亿年。两个星系NGC 5394和NGC 5395在引力的相互作用下围着对方缓慢绕转,一些新的恒星得以形成,像是点缀在其间的火花一般。这张由位于美国夏威夷莫纳克亚山上的双子座北8米望远镜拍摄的图片,是四个波段的照片叠加处理而成。来自氢气的辐射用红色表示,那里是恒星诞生的温床。这些新恒星的诞生将推动着星系的演化。同样可见的还有暗尘带,这里将最终演化成恒星诞生地。如果观察仔细,你将在背景中发现更多的星系,它们中的一些正在上演属于自己的宇宙舞蹈。 (翻译:北京天文馆杨斌) 明日一图预告:open space ‘Let us, then, make a mental picture of our universe: each member shall remain what it is, distinctly apart; yet all is to form, as far as possible, a…