My 72 Birthday.

Today is my Birthday. I’m 72. I didn’t say “I’m 72 years old”, because someone may think, that I’m old. 🙂 ! I think the old age starts in late 90’s. And when you are 100 years old you become celebrity for the rest of your life. Imagine, if we will count our lives in… Read More My 72 Birthday.


Hi! I’m back. And I have a lot explaining to do. As you can see there are some problems with cancerkillingrecipe blog. Well, I’m gonna try to explain shortly what happen. You see, I decided that I want to have one more blog: Why? Because I like the HAPPY COFFEE. I drink this coffee… Read More PROBLEMS.

Out of the Darkness

Originally posted on By Hook Or By Book:
Genesee County, Michigan Sheriff Chris Swanson joining protesters. I know so many of us have been transfixed by the horrifying images over the last few days of violence and destruction, as some peaceful protests have turned into rioting. And then of course there were the lovely images…


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There is a new brightness in me a new path in the way to be somehow found how to cope facing life with much more hope accepting frailties as they appear through the days without fear! ? On an even keel was how I felt with vigour and joy I knew…

Where Is Your Hope Now?

Originally posted on Life With CD:
It seems like the appropriate time to ask the question. Things going wrong all around. Inside and out, there doesn’t seem to be anything going right at all. So when all of that is kicking off the question is reasonable: Where is your hope now? Underneath that question is…

Labels…and Lupus

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Labels. We all have them. Most people know me as a yoga teacher. A Pilates teacher. An essential oil guru. A mom and grandmom. A friend (although I strive this year to be a better friend from now on). A fierce entrepreneur with a strong spirit. An advocate. A rock…

A different time

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In one of my journals I found this note. I think it was a quote but I don’t know from who (or is it whom?).  “When we see a star we are seeing time.” That star’s light is coming from long ago. What we are seeing is actually gone. It is…