The Right Words

I love books. Almost every two weeks I go to the library and search for something new and interesting to read. My favorites are nonfiction books with interesting titles. Last week I found very good book:” The right words at the right time” by Marlo Thomas. The book is a collection of the true life… Read More The Right Words


Lets take a closer look today on the meaning of the word: “H O P E”. We all know what it means. According to Webster’s Dictionary: hope – a desire for some good accompanied with at least a slight expectation of obtaining it, or belief that it is obtainable – confidence in a future event… Read More Hope


Hi! Let me introduce myself. Shortly. I’m 65y.o. female, limo driver, with poor English and computer skills trying to send my message of hope to anyone who wants to read about my battle with cancer and hopping that my blog will help someone, and others will share their stories to.