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When I was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago, at first I was sure, I’m going to die soon.

And I ask myself: “How this all happen?”  And the answer was very simple: “To much stress and bad diet”.

So, I knew right there, that with the doctors help, healthy diet and less stress I should be able to beat this awful disease. And from that day on I started reading about cancer, searching for healthy foods, cooking my healthy soups and drinking “Ensure”.

During my treatment: 8 weeks (5 times a week radiation and once a week chemo) I was able to keep my steady weight (+, – 3 LBS). I spend most of my days trying to figure out which food is healthier, what I can swallow, and most important, what I can keep in my stomach.

And about year ago my Oncologist told me, that I’m O.K., “CURED”, but I have to come back in three months for more tests, to see if the cancer is not coming back……….


So I’m cancer free.

But from this what I learned so far about cancer, I know that my battle is not over yet, and basically never going to be over. During my therapy I met many people, who were told at one time: “You are cancer free”.

But somehow the disease come back.

So I know, if I want to be healthy, cancer free, I have to eat healthy food for as long, as I want to stay healthy.

– They say: “Think positive, you are O.K.” But I can only think positive when I’m eating the right food.

– I’m religious person, I believe in miracles. But it is easier for me to believe that GOD will keep me in good health, when I’m eating healthy.

– And some say: “It is all about how you think, so you are going to be”. But it is easier for me to see myself healthy, when I’m eating the right stuff.

– And my friends ask me: “Aren’t you tired of cooking and eating those healthy soups?” And I’m telling them: “Every morning I ask myself the same question: “DO I WANT TO LIVE?” And if my answer is: “YES”, than all this healthy food taste better.”

– And every day I imagine that my body = GREEN GIANT, fights the Mr. Ugly= CANCER, in a boxing match. One long  round every day. TOE-TO-TOE with Mr. Ugly “C”. And with every sip, with every bite, and with every spoonful of healthy food I imagine that GREEN GIANT is getting stronger, and Mr. Ugly  CANCER weaker and uglier.


Do you know, that we all have microscopic tumors in our bodies? And they can only grow and cause us harm by growing new blood vessels (they call this process ANGIOGENESIS). But if you can stop the formation of new blood vessels, the tumor will starve.

I’m not a Doctor or Scientist, but this makes sense to me.

They have already some drugs: ENDOSTATIN, ANGIOSTATIN – which can shrink tumors by stopping the growth of new blood vessels.

But there is even better news. Eating some foods may have the same effect.


Don’t panic, you don’t have to eat all of them every day.

– Some say: “Yeah, right, a BLUEBERRY is going to save your live!” And I tell them: “Maybe not one BLUEBERRY, but more of them, day after day, together with other healthy stuff – for sure, they will make a big difference”.


Here I want to share with you my very healthy, secret, easy  CHICKEN SOUP RECIPE.

Use organic if you can.

You will need:

– One (all natural) chicken,

– Two chopped onions,

– Four chopped celery stalks,

– Three sliced carrots,

– Two cups chopped cabbage,

– One teaspoon black peppercorns,

– ½ a teaspoon salt,

– Two bay leafs,

Place all the stuff in a large pot, cover with water, bring to a boil skimming of the scum. Reduce heat, cook uncovered for about 1 ½ hr.

Chill or freeze in serving size containers until ready to use.

So here you have your basic, boring chicken soup. We have to use some imagination here, because nobody can eat the same chicken soup every day! I can tell you what I’m doing to my soups to make them taste different each time: One day I will empty one serving container in a small pan, bring to a boil and add one TBS of finely chopped parsley, next day one cup chopped shitake mushrooms, next one cup canned beans, next one cup diced tomatoes (or little bit of ketchup or tomato paste), next one cup canned asparagus, next one teaspoon minced garlic, next ½ a cup canned corn, next ½ a cup canned peas, next ½ a cup cooked rice, and so on. Use your imagination and you will never eat the same chicken soup in your live twice.


ASPARAGUS – contains glutathione, most potent antioxidant, and histones, which control cell growth.

BEANS, PEAS – they may slow the tumor growth.

CABBAGE, BROCCOLI, CAULIFLOWER, BRUUSSEL SPROUTS – they contain indoles, which may stop tumor growth.

CARROTS – reduce risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

CELERY – may help to reduce the risk of certain cancers and stop their growth.

CORN – helps to fight heart disease and cancer.

GARLIC – detoxifies the body and protects against infections, good against any disease.

ONIONS – sulfur in onions fights cancer and harmful bacteria.

PARSLEY – has a cancer fighting polyacetylenes and flavanoids, which prevent some cancers.

SHITAKE MUSHROOMS – lentian in the mushrooms is approved as a treatment for cancer in Japan.

TOMATOES COOKED WITH OLIVE OIL – contain cancer fighting lycopenes.

And there is much more.

Do your own research.


Do you know, that you have about 100 trillion cells in your body? And they all work 24 hrs/ 7 days a week to keep you healthy? And do you know, that non of them has a brain, but they are all listening to what you are thinking and feeling.

So all you have to do is to think that you are going to be healthy and give the right ammunition in the form of the right nutrition for your cells, so they can kill intruders.

Eating cancer fighting foods will strongly influence your chance to stay healthy.

Eat organic foods as much as possible, drink good water. Read and learn about cancer, nutrition and healthy diet. Because the more you know about your enemy, the better chance you have to win the war.

P.S.  Some day, when I get very old I’m going to eat hot dogs, ham sandwiches on white, lots of bacon (my favorite), French fries, doughnuts and cakes, and washed this all down with sodas.

       NOOO………I’m kidding!

       I’m going to eat healthy and die healthy – – – – – some day.

       So think, eat, and stay healthy!

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  1. Very interesting i learned a lot from your story.
    i do eat healthy and will add some of your
    food list to my diet.

  2. What an upbeat, energetic, affirming, positive post — I am happy for your on your journey, and I know that you are reaching out to people every day — on line and in person.

    Thank you for visiting, and following, Middle Aged Plague.

  3. This is great and I’m forwarding it to my Dad who is dealing with Cancer. At this point anything that will help is worth trying. Thank you for this article!

  4. Great information, going to incorporate more of these foods in my family’s meals :). Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and or the follow. Continue to stay healthy.

  5. You have taken an interest in my poems and nominated me for a Sunshine Award so i wanted to take this time to read about you and become a friend if you don’t mind. I am so impressed with you and your courage not to lay down and die. I lost my Mama to cancer when I was 15. She was only 37 with 9 kids. All the doctors had then was cobalt and radiation. I consider her a heroine because she helped doctors and patients know what to do now to help save people from this enemy. The information you have and are sending out to others could and probably will save many people. God Bless you and may hope and faith always be the steps you use to show love to others. Your friend Karen

  6. Thank you for sharing…this is very helpful and good to know, as I have lost family and friends to cancer…I wish you all the best! Thank you also for following; I look forward to reading more of your blog~

  7. Such a bold approach. I am going to share this blog with one of my acquaintances who is fighting cancer.

    As someone who have cherished the benefits of yoga for many years now, I would like to suggest taking some lessons on yoga. Yoga can really keep both mind and body healthy paving for a disease free longer life.

    May god bless

  8. Such a bold approach. I am going to share this with one of my acquaintances who is fighting cancer.

    As someone who cherished the benefits of Yoga for a long time, I would like to recommend taking lessons on Yoga. Yoga is surely the best way to keep a healthy mind and body paving path for a prolonged life.

    May god bless.

  9. Great article! Thanks for your interest in my site and for “liking” my latest post. I’ll be looking around yours a bit more. Blessings!

  10. Thank you for the information. I was diagnosed 5 years ago, faced the challenge and won. I have a friend going through it all right now so have forwarded your information. Take care

  11. This is awesome! It’s amazing how God works. I didn’t mention anything about cancer on my blog post, but you liking my post brought me to this entry. Ironically, my Mommy has breast cancer and has already been integrating these cancer fighting foods with her diet. But I sent her this post just because it’s always important to know that someone else somewhere else is going through or has successfully gone through the same thing.

    Thank you 🙂

  12. Wow that’s a really inspiring story, oneanna. I do believe as you do that food is medicine. It makes a huge difference, as does getting rid of the stress. I also believe that it’s easier for God to perform miracles on us when we take care of the vessel. It’s like an antenna, and the healthier we are the more we can download.

  13. Thanks so much for this post. I’m copying the list of cancer fighting foods and posting it on my fridge. I am inspired by your story and firmly believe in the connection between the foods we eat and our overall health – something that seems to get forgotten in our society too often!

  14. Anna, best wishes for your future. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and beat it. She has been cancer free for nearly 20 years. Here’s hoping your “sunshine” lights up the world for many, many years to come. Thanks for the visit.

  15. I just found this. Thank you so much for this post! It’s such a wonderful walkthrough on how to fight for survival through treating yourself with lovingkindness and patience. Congratulations on your victories!

  16. Hi there, thank you for the follow and all the likes on my blog 🙂 I enjoyed reading this post of yours… my friend is currently fighting leukemia (ALL) and she is very intent on eating healthy foods, particularly to boost her liver function tests at the moment. She’s going through chemo right now and it’s very tough on her body. She’s always talking about the foods she shakes with beets, spinach, and other greens. I think she has pretty much cut refined sugars out of her diet. I also try to live by a similar philosophy..I’ve recently taken to adding a lot of vegetables to the food I eat. I love kale! And I’m going to try eating asparagus too now.

    Keep eating your healthy soups and veggies! You will win this fight 🙂

  17. Thank you for visiting my new blog! I know exactly how you feel about the whole diet thing….it took me about two years till I stopped thinkin about the way I feed my son as being on a strict dietand simply choosing food the way God madeit. I am really used to cookin everything from scratch, i dont think folks a hundred years ago complained about soakin the beans over night to cook…
    also iwanted to share these green smoothies i been makin my son are high vitamins and minerals the few times I drink them i feel like its a power shot. usually i stick to my red bull and coffee. shhh.

  18. thank you for visiting my new blog! i want to comment on the whole diet thing it took me two years to stop feelin like i was feedin my son a restricted diet. Now i feel like im feeding him the way God intended us to eat! also wanted to share with you the green smoothies i make him a powerhouse of vitamins minerals and amino acids…..

  19. For several years now a colliege and I have been postulating a treatment of individual cancer cells. I have a degree in physics and, my colliege, she has a degree in biology. I have never felt so encouraged to move forward with our research than after reading your blog. Although our research is not focused upon diet, it does avoid the tunnel-visioned direction of incessant drugs. Keep up the good work!

  20. Thanks for visiting my post today. It actually has to do with a friend’s dad who was just diagnosed with lymphoma. The family is waiting and waiting for the key tests that will determine how to treat this. He is in quite a bit of pain physically. But his family’s pain is emotional. I am eating 85% dark chocolate as I read your blog! (noticed it was one of the good antioxidant-rich foods to eat…). On another note, my dad beat esophageal cancer almost 4 yrs ago. He will graduate in one year after having been followed for 5 yrs. I am so thankful that he was given that miracle of life from a cancer that traditionally has a very poor prognosis. Hoping that your cancer never returns and that you live a long and healthy life!

  21. These are all some of my favorite foods (and beverages!), and it’s a bonus to know that they are “cancer killers,” as well. Thank you for this informative, inspirational post, and God bless you on your healthy journey.

  22. I am so glad you began following my blog. Cancer has always been a constant in my life, since I was a kid. When I was old enough to understand I began reading about the BRCA1 gene, our genetic breast cancer gene that seem to be passed to EVERYONE in the family. I, luckily, just found out I do not have this gene. My sister does.

    When reading your post about eating healthy I was connected to you. I have just begun a lifestyle change into healthy eating, primal/paleo, and although it has nothing to do with cancer I am do happy to read your post, to connect with you. I truly believe you have the ability to beat this as you are embracing the fact that you may need to help your body fight. I get so frustrated when people believe their eatint habits have no effect. I am excited to follow your journey and support you in any way I can.

    My thoughts are with you.

  23. Wishing you the best of luck in your fight against cancer – and this post shows that ‘normal’ food can be healthy as well as delicious for everyone. Keep spreading the word!

  24. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, and is now “cancer free”. You’re post reminded me a lot of the first year after the diagnosis.It’s great to see you so upbeat, even my mom is like this. Fighting this is all about making your body repel the cancerous cells. And we can do that when we are happy and healthy. Here’s to wishing you a long and healthy life ahead… 🙂

  25. My mum and dad both died of cancer, so I know a bit about it. Neither had a healthy lifestyle and, while it is a cunning disease and doesn’t always follow the rules, all you can do is try and improve the odds – the healthiest diet and lifestyle won’t guarantee anything, but they certainly help a great deal. I also believe in miracles, but St Paul told Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach in a period of great healing, so I’m right with you on taking care of yourself.

    God bless you, and I hope you have not only a long but, more importantly, a joyful and fulfilled life.

  26. Anna: I just read you weblog. I have to write to say that you were the very first persons to find my website and leave a request to be notified of my blogs. You did this even though I did not have any blogs up yet. I could not believe that you cared enough to do that. I hope you will come back to http://www, and read my blog. I am so excited about beginning this new adventure. I want to touch lives and perhaps help someone in some small way. My name is Barbara and I am going to be 74 next month. I will be telling my story on my blog because it is such a powerful witness for what God can do when we depend on Him. You are saving lives, dear Anna. Your blog is a tremendous blessing. Much love, health and longevity. Barbara

  27. Good luck! I am fortunate so far, but maybe it is also partly thanks to my diet: I just like fruit and veg and eats lots of the things you list. I totally agree with you that what you eat matters. A lot.

  28. thanks for the blog post Anna. I’m happy that you are writing about your journey and sharing information on the importance of eating quality food.

    The water we drink is equally important because our bodies are 75%+ water. Cancer cannot thrive in an Alkaline body. (Dr. Otto Warburg- Nobel prize for discovering Calcium (alkaline mineral) cures cancer circa 1935.

    Drinking ionized, structured water is what nature intended. I’d like to share a bit of information that I recently heard:

    May you live happy, healthy, and as long as you want.

  29. Loved your cancer recipe and re-posted it many times. My mom and mother-in-law and many loved ones have gone to heaven early because of it. I also know of a man (40 yrs survival and passed from falling down the stairs from loosing his balance) when they told him he had only 2 months to live. Another man loaded with tumors 10 yrs ago (has a 6 yr old girl) and went through chemo and is still alive. I wish you well, I thank you for all the information and may god bless you and help you keep this sickness at bay.


  30. God is definitely an advocate for healthy eating. When we treat our bodies correctly by exercising & eating right, we can function however He intended for us to. Keep it up. I’ll be praying for you! 🙂

    Loved the post

  31. thank you for the compliment on my writing – i too have had my time dancing with cancer – it took my voice and almost my life as my first doctor diagnosed my hoarse voice as allergies – i came out of the hospital weighing 112 pounds down from 155 – the real reason i survived was my getting a Friesian horse that gave me the will to survive- the doctors told me i was not going to leave the hospital – such is the wonderous way of life – i am 10 years now a survivor – i hope you live many more years

  32. I am not sure if you have heard of the Gerson Diet. It is also supposed to be very therapeutic. Just a little expensive, now that fresh vegetables are “whole foods”! My own mother recently underwent a course of treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma, but the chemotherapy for that does not involve radiation. Hope you continue to do well!

  33. Thanks for liking my website – I am also a cancer survivor and having come through that tunnel into the light I am trying every day to say “Yes!” to as many opportunities as possible. A healthy diet is not a guarantee against recurrence but at the least it will help us enjoy each day to its max!

  34. Just wanted to let you know I have read through all your posts to date(5-13-12). You have a charming way and I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks for encouraging us all to be hopeful and healthy.

  35. Thank you for visiting and following my blog today. Your research on foods is quite complete and very useful! Good to know that most of my favorites are on the list. 🙂
    ~ Lynda

  36. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I’m very glad to know that you are making such a good recovery from your illness and that the medical treatment you have received has been so successful. I’m sure your healthy diet can also go a long way towards backing up the good work of the medical staff that have been caring for you. Good luck for the future.

  37. Thanks for following my blog and your blog postings are very inspirational! Best wishes to you! 🙂 I work for Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and there is a video series called “The Truth of It” developed as a collaboration between the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and the Health Design Lab, part of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, The Truth of It features interviews with Canadians diagnosed with cancer who were asked to share their story so others could learn from their experience. Check them out!

  38. Thanks for the follow. You are amazing and inspirational and I enjoy your blog. I found myself having to do some cancer preventive research and found that ph balance is very important. I started drinking one 12oz glass of water a day with a half teaspoon of baking soda. If balances my ph for the entire day and is said to keep cancer or any other virus or bacteria from being able to thrive in our body. And Gb is right~yoga is a wonderful way to get in touch with our bodies.

  39. Thanks for sharing your research and the useful information. I am also glad to know I eat most of the anti-cancer food you mentioned. Your blog also reminds me of a great book I read: Anticancer: A New Way of Life. Best wishes!

  40. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve taught a lot all over New England energywork and using natural foods as medicine. You must check out the Qigong Food Healing information at They have reversed cancer, all kinds, by using food protocols. They use mostly raw in a 3 horsepower blender. The key is to get as much of the phytochemicals as you can. These are mostly found in the seeds and skins and must be micronized by the heavy duty blender (it will kill a regular household blender), to be absorbed by the cells for healing. They have many cases of hopeless cases of cancer and other ailments being reversed, even when doctors had given up all hope. This is a must read site, and an amazing course to take. Hope you enjoy it.

  41. I have learned so much from this one blog. It reinforces that I eat a lot of these foods right now. the body’s way of telling you what you need. Thanks for your research and sharing.

  42. Thanks for stopping by my site!
    All the foods you listed are exciting foods to me! Why would anyone ask if you are bored? I think of pumpking and nutmeg and it sounds delicious. I also have made a pumpkin soup with chicken broth — odd, but good! Or, how about a big bowl of mixed berries with a bit of honey or licorice on top? Mmm! How could anyone think such food boring? My favorite, though, is a soup made with chicken and ALL the vegetable you mention, stirred in, a sort of chicken-vegetable soup. I love that so much, I could eat it for breakfast! 🙂
    I, too, believe we should not rely on God’s healing if we are deliberately abusing our bodies by eating poisons. Most of the pre-made “foods” we can buy are just that: poison. No wonder we get sick, eh?

  43. ONIONS! I had never heard this!!!


    In 1919 when the flu killed 40 million people there was this Doctor that
    visited the many farmers to see if he could help them combat the flu…
    Many of the farmers and their families had contracted it and many died.

    The doctor came upon this one farmer and to his surprise, everyone was very healthy. When the doctor asked what the farmer was doing that was different the wife replied that she had placed an unpeeled onion in a dish in the rooms of the home, (probably only two rooms back then). The doctor couldn’t believe it and asked if he could have one of the onions and place it under the microscope. She gave him one and when he did this, he did find the flu virus in the onion. It obviously absorbed the bacteria, therefore, keeping the family healthy.

    Now, I heard this story from my hairdresser. She said that several
    years ago, many of her employees were coming down with the flu, and so were many of her customers. The next year she placed several bowls with onions around in her shop. To her surprise, none of her staff got sick. It must work. Try it and see what happens. We did it last year and we never got the flu.

    Now there is a P. S. to this for I sent it to a friend in Oregon who
    regularly contributes material to me on health issues. She replied with this
    most interesting experience about onions:

    Thanks for the reminder. I don’t know about the farmer’s story…but, I do
    know that I contacted pneumonia, and, needless to say, I was very ill… I came across an article that said to cut both ends off an onion put it into an
    empty jar, and place the jar next to the sick patient at night. It said the
    onion would be black in the morning from the germs…sure enough it happened just like that…the onion was a mess and I began to feel better.

    Another thing I read in the article was that onions and garlic placed around
    the room saved many from the black plague years ago. They have powerful
    antibacterial, antiseptic properties.

    This is the other note. Lots of times when we have stomach problems we don’t know what to blame. Maybe it’s the onions that are to blame. Onions absorb bacteria is the reason they are so good at preventing us from getting colds and flu and is the very reason we shouldn’t eat an onion that has been sitting for a time after it has been cut open.


    I had the wonderful privilege of touring Mullins Food Products, Makers of
    mayonnaise. Questions about food poisoning came up, and I wanted to share what I learned from a chemist.

    Ed, who was our tour guide, is a food chemistry whiz. During the tour, someone asked if we really needed to worry about mayonnaise. People are always worried that mayonnaise will spoil. Ed’s answer will surprise you. Ed said that all commercially-made Mayo is completely safe.

    “It doesn’t even have to be refrigerated. No harm in refrigerating it, but
    it’s not really necessary.” He explained that the pH in mayonnaise is set at
    a point that bacteria could not survive in that environment. He then talked
    about the summer picnic, with the bowl of potato salad sitting on the table, and how everyone blames the mayonnaise when someone gets sick.

    Ed says that, when food poisoning is reported, the first thing the officials
    look for is when the ‘victim’ last ate ONIONS and where those onions came
    from (in the potato salad?). Ed says it’s not the mayonnaise (as long as
    it’s not homemade Mayo) that spoils in the outdoors. It’s probably the
    ONIONS, and if not the onions, it’s the POTATOES.

    He explained onions are a huge magnet for bacteria, especially uncooked
    onions. You should never plan to keep a portion of a sliced onion.. He says
    it’s not even safe if you put it in a zip-lock bag and put it in your

    It’s already contaminated enough just by being cut open and out for a bit,
    that it can be a danger to you (and doubly watch out for those onions you
    put in your hotdogs at the baseball park!). Ed says if you take the leftover onion and cook it like crazy you’ll probably be okay, but if you slice that leftover onion and put on your sandwich, you’re asking for trouble. Both
    the onions and the moist potato in a potato salad, will attract and grow bacteria faster than any commercial mayonnaise will even begin to break down.

    Also, dogs should never eat onions. Their stomachs cannot metabolize onions.

    Please remember it is dangerous to cut an onion and try to use it to cook
    the next day, it becomes highly poisonous for even a single night and
    creates toxic bacteria which may cause adverse stomach infections because of excess bile secretions and even food poisoning.

    Please pass this on to all you love and care about.

  44. I had Lymphoma at 15, I’m 21 now (healthy). Great post, I love this.. all so true! It’s amazing what great benefits healthy foods can do to your health and body without you knowing.

  45. Dear Anna,
    Please correct me if that is not your name 🙂
    I have written quite a lot bout the real causes of illness and the real way to heal. There is one article entitled “Self-healing by meditational focus” which is self-explanatory and you can find it via the site bar at the website at no cost. In my book is also an article entitled “The Body It’s Making” which may interest you and anyone else seeing this. I am unable to give you all the information you might find of interest/value so I leave it to you.
    With very kind regards,

  46. Have you explored raw food/alkaline diet, bicarbonate soda and the link between meat and cancer? I haven’t read all the comments or your articles so I may have missed stuff. Check out Dr Neal Barnard, and also internet search on Bicarb/Fungus and cancer. There is another woman, DR Day. She is a medical doc who had a massive tumor. Amazing story and journey. NO matter how much of her approach you take on, she is so woth reading. A bit radical/hardcore in her approach but only I think because of her passion. I take what is useful and lay the rest down. See also 🙂 All the best with your journey.

  47. Your blog on healthy living is definitely going to benefit many people around the world. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

  48. Thank you for checking out my blog! And thank you for sharing your fight against cancer with the rest of us. What a great idea about the chicken soup and how to keep it interesting and healthy every day. I look forward to putting your receipe to use!

  49. Firstly, may I wish you a happy belated 65th! I’m not very far behind 🙂 Congratulations on how well you’ve done and thank you for sharing so much with us as it is all very helpful. I may be putting a few of my healthy recipes on in future so please do stop by again, but for now, keep up the great work. I’m cheering for you!

  50. Thank you for liking my blog, I will have to come back to visit again.

    You may want to consider using your spell check before publishing your posts, as there are some words that would be easily fixed.

    I have a book on detoxing the body. A cousin of mine did the detox and since then he no longer needs meds for colitis, and is in better health than he’s ever been in.

    I will be back to check out more of your recipes, and will follow your blog.

  51. Hi thanks for liking my post “Get this baby out of me now”. Here’s to eating healthy and beating cancer, it’s a big lifestyle change but yes, by answering the question “do i want to live” it’s definitely the first step. Best of luck

  52. Reblogged this on THE ISLAND JOURNAL and commented:

    When I was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago, at first I was sure, I’m going to die soon.

    And I ask myself: “How this all happen?” And the answer was very simple: “To much stress and bad diet”.

    So, I knew right there, that with the doctors help, healthy diet and less stress I should be able to beat this awful disease. And from that day on I started reading about cancer, searching for healthy foods, cooking my healthy soups and drinking “Ensure”.

    During my treatment: 8 weeks (5 times a week radiation and once a week chemo) I was able to keep my steady weight (+, – 3 LBS). I spend most of my days trying to figure out which food is healthier, what I can swallow, and most important, what I can keep in my stomach.

    And about year ago my Oncologist told me, that I’m O.K., “CURED”, but I have to come back in three months for more tests, to see if the cancer is not coming back……….

  53. Are you aware of the John Kanzius Cancer Fighting Machine? It’s from my local community and we’ve been aware of it here since the 90’s. It’s starting human trials now and has zero side effects. It’s been featured on 60 Minutes and Glenn Beck. You might want to check that out and cover it too.

  54. It looks as if you have a very good plan, including the diet, to stay healthy. Now you just have to work your plan and let God take care of the rest. Find someone to bless every day, and something to laugh about throughout the day. Then find the time to thank God.

  55. Took a little doing, but I found your blog. Good testimony to the power of healthy eating. I hope you are still in remission and that life is going well for you. Also, thanks for stopping by my place. Hope to see you again.

  56. Thank you for visiting my blog. God bless you always. You are an inspiration to everyone, sick or healthy. Since you like to read, I thought maybe you might try reading The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell. I can’t say if everything he says is true or not, but a lot of it makes sense and maybe you can something out of reading it. All I can say is it changed my life and I feel so much better. Be well.

  57. Hi there, so now I came to know a bit more about you, will keep on reading….
    really felt happy to read you are cancer free now.
    Hope my nephews (who are only 3 / 7 / 1 year old now) will read your latest posts on healthy diet when they will spending 50th year of their life… Wish you best of luck

  58. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And what a great read I have had here, Age, merely a statistic we all have to have…live life like there is no tomorrow!

  59. Hello, Survivor!
    I just caught your blog, and plan to pass it to a relative, who is in trouble with cancer. Her attitude is good! With a little bolstering from your pages, she can go even further in her quest to beat her cancer.
    You beat cancer!!!! Every day, when you wake up to the gift of a new day, you give yourself a healthy pat on the back for what you’ve accomplished. YOU! BEAT! CANCER!!!
    Amazing, incredible work. Keep it up!
    P.S. I’ll be following your blog now…and I’m in love with your Gravatar! With luck, I’ll be able to post some cool Dahlia pics that you will, hopefully, enjoy peeking at.

  60. Thank you for liking my blog! She’s only three days, so you were one of the first visitors! I love this blog…so authentic…sharing your heart and your knowledge with your world. In addition to food choices, may I recommend a 100% natural detergent for cancer patients? It’s called soap nuts. It’s a berry that, when you put it in water, releases a natural chemical that cleans clothing and other things. I’m so convinced that cancer patients should be using it that I give it away to the cancer support group at my church. I started Loads of Love to sell these soap nuts to raise money to feed the hungry. God bless.

  61. You are an inspiration to be healthy and to eat healthier! I really need that wake up call. Cancer can happen to anyone if they are not healthy. Thank you for this and keep on inspiring!

  62. Thank you for liking so many of my posts! I finally got around to checking out your blog (I am horrible at making the time to do that, as most of my very spare free time goes into writing mine), and as always, I am amazed by the coincidences life throws at us. My biggest fear is cancer. Genetically speaking, I’m very, very likely to get it at some point, as many of my family members have died from various forms of it. I know that eating healthy is HUGE (as is a positive attitude), but I struggle with it. I love my junk food! But I’m going to follow your blog and let it serve as a reminder to make better food choices (and try harder with the positive attitude thing)!

  63. So glad to find a site as popular as yours about cancer-beating nutrition! Good nutrition, which many around middle age become more interested in than before, not only can heal whatever niggle or disease one has, but also keeps your body in a better shape for decades to come. Just in case we live. 😉

    It is also about NOT eating certain things. Because they hinder one’s digestion. All artificial colours and flavours, all artificial preservatives, all hydrogenated fats, antibiotics-stricken chicken and other meat that was tempered with because the animals were given hormones. Organic is best.

    Why can good nutrition heal us and why should we avoid stuff like artificial rubbish? Because our bodies’ natural healing mechanism functions best with a well-functioning digestive system (quoting a homeopath here). Of course there are other factors also, environment, thoughts, etc. but what we put in our mouths is a good start!

    1. Yes. What we put in our bodies is so important. Trying to get a friend to understand this but she really wants a drug she can take and maker her well. It won’t happen.

      1. My wife who is an RN is a Colon Hydrotherapist as well. I have set up gravity fed systems in our last 3 apartments. Having a truly clean colon is a big key to being cancer free!

  64. Thank you for sharing your experiences…it’s one thing to know about something, but another to hear first hand from someone who has put into into practice with such great effect. To your continued health (and blogging! 🙂 )

  65. That is fantastic! I have been an avid believer in you are what you eat. You wouldn’t put sugar in the petrol tank of a luxury car or bad oils (canola/margarine, etc) in the engine so WHY DO WE PUT THESE IN OUR BODY!!!

  66. oooops pressed the wrong button. I wasn’t finished – although I had finished my rant. Sugar is one of the most addictive substances in the world and it feeds cancer. If there is one thing you must stop consuming – it is sugar, whether you have cancer or not. That includes nearly every processed food you will buy and it is in different forms. One of the worst is High Fructose corn syrup. If you must have sweeteners at least use natural ones like stevia or xylitol.
    I wish you the absolute best of health!

  67. I love this post. I like that you mentioned that you believe in God and that there are miracles, but you feel like he is more likely to help you when you are eating healthy. I completely agree. Thanks for your thoughts and keep being healthy!!

  68. Your advice about healthy eating is on target. As a result of my eldest daughter’s approach to nutrition, my husband and I have both changed our eating habits. We now eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. I know the addictive power of sugar and wrote about it for Easter. She also got us to start taking Juice Plus – a fruit and vegetable supplement. Both seem to have had a positive affect on us.
    Best wishes to you. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  69. The ironic ’cause-effect’:
    You bear the wounds>>I reap the inspiration
    Your courage>>>My respite
    Your openness>>>My affections
    Thank you so much for being a ‘Fighter’! I am inspired by your candor and eloquent renderings. It’s a spectacular thing about humans and their impact on others—no one knows when/how/or if a certain someone will be affected. Thanks again!

  70. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and liking my post titled “The St. Hubert Logo: A Psycho-Engineered Image?”. I’m sure the background of my analysis is in tune with your healthy eating habits. Good luck with your blog.

  71. Good luck with your stuggle, Oneanna56. I see that you have done your homework. You may also want to look up herb robert (Geranium robertianum) for it’s cancer killing properties. And cut all sugar from your diet.

  72. Thanks for stopping by RealCleanFood! It’s exactly what you are writing about about the prevention of cancer and disease and the battle everyday in our bodies is what I’m trying to get across to my kids to leave them that legacy. Great food is their best defense. It’s amazing how our bodies start to crave good food, not processed junk. In such a short period of time, my kids now love green drinks full of spinach, kale, all different beans just because I now refuse to have processed foods and sugar in the house. We have so many yummy recipes that we are trying and the whole family loves it! Good on you for for fighting the good fight! All the best…

  73. Hi !

    First of all Thank you for following my blog and like my posting.

    Its the first time today,I come here to read about your struggle with cancer.

    I have been here but not read any of your post before,as when I hear the word cancer I stay away,simply because my beloved Mother died of cancer.

    She suffered for many years without knowing that she actually had cancer,as the Doctor’s didn’t listen when she complained about signs.

    For many year’s it went on,she was ill with many illness in her body,and it took a lot of her,it was really hard on my Father and my Brother and little Sister and Me.

    After many year’s and pain she finally got peace and died in 1997.

    We could have suede the doctor but then why, It wouldn’t bring her back and the system was to hard to fight against.

    I hope you keep healthy and free of cancer and thank you so much for sharing your thought’s.

    Aminah naila Johansen

  74. Some time back I nominated your blog for the “Seven things about me Award”. I have been busy moving to India, therefore some time delay before I could let you know, but the Rules are:

    1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
    2. Share Seven Things about yourself.
    3. Nominate other bloggers you think deserve the award, and post on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated.
    See also:

  75. This is a great blog, I have a lot of future blog ideas in cue on the topic of cancer. Congratulations on your success! I really focus on educating others (meaning anyone who will listen!) on how important diet and exercise are in maintaining health. My whole cause (esp for Miss California, hopefully I win so I can get my message out) is about explaining how preventative care is critical to us all! My grandmother was both diagnosed and passed from cancer this year (less than 3 months span, diagnosis to death) it was a huge shock since she had been going to the hospital for many months prior and they didn’t find anything until she was rushed into the ER.

    Typical of our medical industry and it’s unfortunate not enough people know how the pharmaceutical, media and medical industries are all tied together. She was prescribed pill after pill without being given proper care and the doctors didn’t take the time to actually figure out what was wrong.

    You are very fortunate to know the truth and I am incredibly happy that you are doing right and teaching others what you know!! Thank you!!

    ~Join Me~
    ~Like Me~
    ~Follow Me~ @missbayareacali

  76. Great articles, keep up the excellent work and we admire the research that you have done! We follow a healthy eating plan. Don Tolman has been coming to Australia many years now advocating fresh vegetables and fruit and eating raw –
    We are lucky to have some acreage to grow fresh vegetables and soon fresh fruits, and we try to spread the word around in the community etc.

  77. First thought on my diagnosis was: BUT, I eat so healthy and live such an active clean lifestyle. The first time I heard that better food habits could keep me in remission I thought: HOW could I eat better than I already do and it didn’t protect me anyway. The first time I dug into the research I exclaimed: WOW, so much more I can do to use food to bolster my immune system. So, thanks for writing and for reaching out.

  78. Saw your blog name on my blog site and decided to visit. For quite a while. Have you investigated the following complementary treatments: LDN, reishi extract and bio-available black cumin oil?
    I like your spirit.
    Be well.

  79. Just wanted to thank you for the “Like” of my latest post. . .Good luck with your battle with the Big “C”
    You & I share one commonality. . .we’re both “over 50”. . .You probably don’t need this advice, but I’ll give it anyway. . .Try not to think too much about your health. . .causes stress and that’s something you (and I) can do without. Good luck. . .I expect to be reading this blog well into 2017.
    And thanks, again for the “Like”

  80. First I want to thank you for Liking my article, “Spanish Breakfast for Christmas Eve Dinner”. I’m a very new blogger, and I am also figuring it our as I go.

    I really like your upbeat and encouraging attitude. I am a huge believer in food and lifestyle affecting out physical health. Unfortunately, there are still some areas I need to improve on.

    Since you make your soup every day, maybe you’d like my article, “A Sample of My Freestyle Cooking Class – with Recipes!” It has recipes for four different chicken soups made from the same homemade basic chicken soup as a base. You could use your own base, but maybe get some inspiration from the additions.

    Keep going! You’re an encouragement to us all!

    Here’s the link:

  81. Thanks for all this good information on foods and what they can do to hep you. I’m a firm believer that food is what makes the biggest difference in how we feel. I still have a lot of work to do but try my best to eat healthy. It’s obvious that it works for you. Thank you for visiting my site as well and for thinking of me. I think of you a lot too. All the best to you always!

  82. I love this post. I have IBS, and my food choices are very limited because of it. I believe that the body is God’s temple, and that it’s just as important to keep it healthy and sin-free just like we need to keep working on our minds and spirits.

    Just an FYI. I don’t know how much you’ve read up on GMO’s, but soy is one of the biggest GMO crops out there, and so far, studies not backed by Monsanto have indicated that it causes cancer. It’s not something I would get into eating, but I very much appreciate the lists and menus you provided here. This is very a very informative post, and I wish you all the best with your health.

  83. Even if you have do not have cancer, that is a great diet, everybody should eat healthy food, a heart attack or a stroke are as deadly as cancer, keep up the good work, and don`t worry, you will always be cancer free.

  84. thank you for sharing, i just lost my mother to cancer after a hellish 4 months, it is a dreadful disease and she could hardly eat the last month, but had I read this blog then I would have drawn on your wisdom.

  85. I spoke to my dad yesterday and it seems he might have to go through chemo again after 4 years. Your blog and your approach to life is inspirational, so I will tell him about you and your blog. Thanks a lot!

  86. Glad you are better! I do believe that food can be immensely helpful with all types of health concerns. And the best way to eat well is to buy fresh and cook at home. That’s partly why I started my blog, to hopefully inspire more people to cook for themselves. Keep up the good work!

  87. Thank you you made the healthy foods sound much easier to do.. Very simple and tar aight forward … Go the green giant

  88. Thank you for liking my blog and leading me to yours! I love you attitude and ability to deal with this awful and frightening disease. My husband was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer almost three years ago. It has been an interesting journey but he is now cancer free. Thanks for all of your insights.

  89. I am a two-time survivor. Your diet discussion is right on. The idea is make the body a very unfriendly environment to the cancer cell. Another very powerful immune system booster is the daily workout.

  90. THANKS!!! you are so nice to like my website. I hope you really get through your cancer and i don’t know if you all ready got through your cancer i just don’t know. Well… Hope you get lots of likes

    take care 🙂

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  92. Thanks for liking my post! I’m a”health addict” also. No serious disease that I know of, though. Love the chicken soup. I use that recipe and just drain off the broth. Put some acid in to extract minerals from the bones (vinegar, tomatoes).

  93. Thanks for visiting my site and sharing your inspiring story with others. I am a nurse who is presently working on building a health coaching practice. Like you have found, there are many healing qualities in the food we eat and don’t eat! Bless you! Keep strong. Please check my site when you get a chance to see my post on Cabbage for Cancer and Superfoods. I think you will find them informative.

  94. I stumbled upon your blog and I had to go back to the beginning to know how it all started. I’m so happy I did! You are an inspiration for all of us!

    I wish you all the best, and please keep doing what you’re doing!

  95. So glad to see you again. Honored to have you check in from time to time. I just subscribed to your blog. My heart is with you, my dear friend and compatriot, for, “winds of thought blow magniloquent meanings betwixt me and thee.” (Conrad Aiken)

  96. Happy Thanksgiving? So glad you are with us. So do you do the Gersen Diet? Or your own variation of It? I am going to tell my friend about your blog. She is a breast cancer survivor. She now takes strong meds that have harmful side effects for her liver. She had a hysterectomy yesterday so she can switch to a different less liver harming anti cancer drug. I am not really sure how this all works. I am praying for her to find answers. Maybe you can help her. 🙂

  97. Did you read Anti-Cancer A NEW WAY OF LIFE by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD.
    From thi8s book I did learn all about angiogenesis. I support my immune system everyday, cut out processed sugar and sleep well every night! I’m fighting all the micro tumors that Haven’t popoed out yet to be measured and F%)@&ed with yet.

    I love your common-sense to the reality of so many of us dealing with a toxic environment and bad nutritional habits and living with high stress levels.

    I used to think I loved you…..Now I really know sweetheart 🙂

    Let me know when your within 100 miles or more. I’ll take you to see some music and we can relax !

  98. Thank you for stopping by my blog recently, which has led me back to yours which is truly inspirational. I’ve only had chance to read through a few posts so far so not sure where you are at the moment, but I will be catching up! All the best for 2014

  99. “Do you know, that you have about 100 trillion cells in your body? And they all work 24 hrs/ 7 days a week to keep you healthy? And do you know, that non of them has a brain, but they are all listening to what you are thinking and feeling.” What a genius sentence! And a fabulous post altogether!!!! Thank you. I am having a possible melanoma removed tomorrow am, and since I found out about it have been binge-eating spinach, watercress and rocket salad – like crisps. It feels better. I shall trawl your site for gems of nutritional wisdom : – ) Thanks!

    1. Best wishes with your removal !!! I do the same thing, have been getting hot flashes and been eating flax seed cereal and drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar now for a week.

  100. Hi One Anna 65, just wanted to check in and say hope you are doing well and keeping the faith. Keep up the positive thoughts, the feelings of being blessed and eating right. You are more loved than you know. Peace, Soul Passages

  101. Good afternoon I am very new to this blogging thing in fact I started it with my English 101 class in college. I found it rather interesting that I come to you blog through my class within 6 weeks of my father being diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer stage 4. He has been through 2 chemo treatments and seems to be doing well so far. Although he has 10 treatments yet to go.

    I am so angry at cancer for threatening my daddy and for turning my world upside down. My husband to be had just asked me to marry him and I had just asked my daddy to walk me down the isle, when the cancer diagnosis came.

    We are fighting it though and my daddy says he will not let it get him down. He is in this for the long haul and cancer will not win. So he is in the fighting mood and we are praying for him.

    I am going to send a link of this to my mom so she can read some of what you have to say.

    Good luck to you…

  102. I loved this post, and your writing style–it is unique. It makes one feel as if you are sitting in a chair across the kitchen table or on the front porch, chatting just nearby.

    I have serious autoimmune diseases (lupus and Behcet’s) yet am healthier than many with my same illnesses, and give much credit to my similar healthy diet. Even so, I learned from you. Had not known that about the lentian in shitake mushrooms. Thank you for the education!

  103. Congrats on becoming Cancer free 🙂 My mom was diagnosed two months back so we’re going through the process now. She’ll be fine soon, and I’m going to follow all the tips you’ve mentioned. THANK YOU!!!

  104. Beautiful post, I love your positive and brave attitude. Thank you for finding me and bringing me here, I will definitely be coming back here for more of your blogs! My mother has worked incredibly hard all her life where she started developing various ailments but like you she has decided to take care of herself and her health is getting better and better. I wish you all the best in life 🙂

  105. Hi Anna – thanks for stopping by. So nice to meet such a cool lady. love the authenticity. keep it up, I will be back for more! xo

  106. I don’t have cancer (thank G-d), but I do have other medical issues. I really like your ideas for playing up you soups. I think I’ll hang on to this!
    Best of luck to you on your journey. Thank you for sharing it.
    (Maybe you should write a cookbook.)

  107. Good for you!
    7 of my friends have had cancer. 3 Took the usual western treatments (radiation, operations etc.) Of those one died, one has only a little time left and one recently had it resurface after a long break. The remaining 4 used various mixtures of prayer and diet/ exercise. All made a full recovery sans any additional treatment and 3 have been cancer free for many years now (the 4th is only in her 2nd year free). I think that speaks for itself! It’s well worth the effort! (Besides when you eat healthy the junk stuff tastes foul by comparison.)

  108. Hi, thank you for stopping by my blog today. I was very intrigued with your blog, and wanted to start at the beginning, so I came across this post. I know this is rather old, but I gasped a little bit when you mentioned drinking Ensure. Are you still doing that? There are much better alternatives, Ensure is really full of a lot of bad stuff. Orgain is the first brand that comes to mind. I know there’s a better one, but can’t remember the name of it right off. But Orgain is certainly a hundred times better than Ensure. It looks like you are on the right path though, keep up the good work!

  109. My sister just told me two days a go that she has breast cancer, This is a very useful website and I believe that diet is very important but I not convinced that materia medica will ever cure any disease.

  110. Reblogged this on Tales of . . . and commented:
    And the point…. See how many of the cancer killing foods you eat. How many are natural. Fruits. Vegetables. Spices. In other words… NOT prepackaged crap. Check this out. Simple soup, made different daily with one ingredient.

  111. I just found out your blog. I remembered a few weeks ago I was in a retreat of Healing the Self. One of the speaker shared something a very interesting thing ‘One might not be cured but get healed’. Cure is for physical pain but heal is much for emotional and mental pain. Sometimes we are dealing more with our emotions and it drains our energy.

  112. I think its great what your doing but I would also like to add that my best friend had cancer and before her diagnosis she was living a healthy life and excising. I do believe that some cancers you have no choice when it picks you.

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