No more sugar for me.

I used to love sugar. And I used lot’s of it. But after my cancer diagnosis, when I told a nurse how much sugar I want in my coffee and seeing her reaction to my request, I knew that I have to find out more about that. So I clicked on GOOGLE:”Sugar and Cancer”- and after I read only few headlines(CANCER LOVES SUGAR, SUGAR IS A CANCER-FEEDER,…BY CUTTING OF SUGAR IT CUTS OFF ONE IMPORTANT FOOD SUPPLY TO THE CANCER CELLS…) I got the message. By quitting sugar, I have about 50% better chance to starve the cancer, or whatever is left of it. It wasn’t easy at first, but I’m almost sugar free, and very proud of it.

23 thoughts on “No more sugar for me.

  1. I’m so glad to read you have quit consuming sugar! Sugar is definitely one of the most harmful ingredients among the ‘not-harmful-ingredients’… if you know what I mean 😉 Most people think of sugar only as empty calories and therefore it’s not healthy (for your waistline).. but’s it’s way more harmful than that! It’s a huge inflammatory and can cause serious damage in our bodies! I think the government should treat it like alcohol and cigarettes! It’s highly addictive, and a burden on our health! So I don’t see the difference…. Oh well, I’ll stop rambling about sugar now 😉 Great job! Love, Leanne

  2. You got spunk Kid! Keep it up. I have a question on the sugar. How about the chemical sugars such as the pink stuff, blue stuff, yellow stuff? I love my sweets but in moderation.However, I use 2 pinks in a cup of coffee and I have at least 4 cups of coffee a day. Sound like to much “better living through chemicals?” I have never had cancer so that is not a factor. Any ideas?

  3. sugar is like an additive drug. I have that sort of hate love thing with it. but i surely feel better when I don’t consume as much of it. Easter candy was a reminder for me of this. You hang in there and keep the faith. Your new crow friend. r

  4. I watched a program the other day where they showed that the moment sugar hit the tongue the brain responded. It is very addictive stuff. I’m trying to cut it out and I’m having a tough time. I use Truvia for my teas, but it’s the cookies that get me. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on the subject. It’s helpful food for thought. 🙂

  5. Hi oneanna65, thanks for visiting my site, Im glad to hear your move on cutting sugar’s something I try to do too! Can be a challenge when it’s cold and we look for comfort foods..sometimes I have a spoon of honey, or dark chocolate as its sposed to be a healthy option if 80% or more cocoa. Wierdly, once you get used to warm mugs of plain boiled water, it is actually a very satisfying drink…! More so I find, than trying to drink coffee or tea without sugar… Another goodie is Ginger tea, to help those who struggle to drink less coffee…

  6. Thank you for this. I have been gathering studies and evidence for a cancer survivor friend that refined sugar needs to go from her diet! I am a Pastry Chef and I dramatically cut down the amount of sugar I eat – stevia, agave syrup and just plain old fruit have become my friends! Love your spunky spirit!

  7. Hi, I found this post of yours going back through your archives a ways and I felt I had to stop and comment to say, “keep it up!” When I quit caffeine, one of the main reasons was that for every cup of tea or coffee I would be consuming two teaspoons of sugar to go with it. I still have the occasional hot drink with a teaspoon of honey these days but it hasn’t done me any harm in the slightest to be consuming less sugar. I wouldn’t go back to that level of regular consumption again by choice! Then again, you did find my blog because I’m making marron glacés so I won’t say it too vehemently. =)

  8. wow…this would be very, very hard for me to cut back on! I must have sugar with coffee! tea…cereal…At least I don’t smoke! Thanks for the information.

  9. Thanks for following my blog! Your posts are very interesting to me as my mother battled cancer about 5 years ago using nutrition and holistic medicine (along with chemo) and I learned so much about “real food” during that time! It is a passion of mine..but i still struggle implementing what I learned into my life. Sugar is definitely a weakness of mine…i am most likely an addict! I should really try and cut it out.. your post inspired me to at least cut back a bit! Thanks for that and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog!

  10. Good for you! I know how unhealthy regular sugar is but I have a hard time ignoring my sweet tooth. I’ve compromised by switching to honey and other more natural and less processed sweetners instead. They are slightly more healthy and less addictive than white sugar so I guess that counts as some progress.

  11. I guess I’ll have to assess my candy intake. I have kidney disease so the doc told me to eat gumdrops and jelly beans to keep some weight on. I eat a good salt-free, vegetarian diet. Sugar is such an addiction.

  12. I got so excited when I first read this post, and decided to research it more so I could share with others on my blog too…. So you can imagine how disappointed I was to see Johns Hopkins and Snopes state on their websites that this is a myth and not true. Bummer! While we still need to eat healthy and make healthy choices, not eating sugar does not kill cancer cells. Worth a try anyway though right? (if you wonder what I read, here it is: AND Thanks for a nicely written weblog!

  13. Good on you.

    To the person who asked about artificial sweeteners – I’m no medic, but I can’t see how those would feed cancer as they contain no calories.

    They may do other harm for all I know, but I can’t see how they would have the same problem as sugar in this respect.

    Do you know if the sugar problem applies to unrefined sugars – e.g. honey, molasses, fructose – or just to refined sucrose?

  14. Totally agree! Sugar is most definitely an evil incendiary genius. It wasn’t until a visit to the naturopath that I found out eliminating sugar from my diet meant no more headaches and nausea. If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time, cut the sugar and the wheat. I feel like a rockstar now! ~ Jennifer Kerr

  15. Wow, congratulations. I’ve often tried cutting back on sugar, and at one time I stopped eating it altogether for a while, but it was really difficult because it is in EVERYTHING. Once I started reading the ingredients list of everything, it was a bit of a shock.

  16. I think sometimes we don’t realize how much the foods that nature produced are better for us. Good job on banning sugar from your life. My husband and I drink our coffee with raw honey now, it is a lot more beneficial (anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory) and sweetens it just fine. I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners either, something in me cringes when I taste them, not to mention the lingering sweetness they leave is not pleasant. Not to forget that the studies about them are not always in their benefits (to me if there is doubt, stay away lol). All my wishes for you to get over your cancer and thanks for stopping by the Taste-Buds 🙂

  17. good morning – i just found your post after you found mine… thanks for that!!!!
    anyway, i read your post about ensure… and then was curious and started looking through your blog, which is really amazing. you are one heck of an interesting and inspiring survivor!

    one thing, though, that struck me was the contradiction between this post – kicking sugar – and the ensure post – drinking ensure to stay healthy. Ensure’s second ingredient is sugar and third ingredient is corn syrup. yeah, there are some vitamins and minerals and a bit of protein… and it’s better than not eating when eating is so very difficult. but combined with the weird oils and other additives, i guess i would think you’d run screaming from drinking ensure every day.

    consider replacing ensure with something more healthful…

    congratulations on a super interesting blog and on surviving! keep it up!

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