One healthy snack.

We all have our favorite snacks and desserts. I used to love chocolate ice cream and cheesecake. But not anymore. Lately i prefer to eat the foods which are harmful to cancer, and I’m heaving great time doing so. There is something healtier than ice cream, and to tell you the truth, I like the taste of it. I found this website: After reading all the information in the site, I come to conclusion, that if I eat one cup of cottage cheese blended with flax seed (or even better- flax seed oil) every day, for three months, my cancer (if any is left) don’t have a chance to grow or spread to other organs. This is a great news! And very easy and cheap way to make cancer very unhappy, miserable. Here is a very easy recipe: put in the blender – one cup of organic low fat cottage cheese, two tablespoons ground flax seed (or flax seed oil), blend well. Add some honey or Stevia (optional). I know, some ice creams taste lot better. But i like this cottage cheese, flax seed and honey idea very much, because cancer hates it. You don’t have to believe me. Read more about cottage cheese and flax seed benefits, and compare with your favorite ice cream. THANK YOU DR. BUDWIG!

37 thoughts on “One healthy snack.

  1. Amazing how eating the cottage cheese blended with flax seed prevents the cancer from coming back.

    Very informative, thank you. I don’t have cancer, but I am all about learning information like this.

  2. I’m really enjoying your blog. My oldest daughter is a huge health food nut. She swears by flax seed and the whole family has jumped on the bandwagon. Flax seed is so good for so many things especially things like pain in joints. All the best to you. I am a fan.

  3. I read that book about Oils that heal. Great book. Anna go get it! Thanks for the “like” on my post as well, Rome Literary Inspiration.

  4. No offense, but I can’t blame the cancer! Since I was a little kid, I’ve always hated cottage cheese. If it ever comes down to that for me, believe me, I’ll be using PLENTY of honey, honey!

  5. Flax seed is very healthy with or without the cottage cheese. I don’t even grind my flaxseed up, I just stir a few spoonfuls into cottage cheese, or salads, or just about anything! πŸ™‚

  6. You could even add a bit of almond extract to it, just to add a bit of sweetness. Shakes are an amazing way to attack cravings, and they don’t have to be as boring & bland as others think.

  7. These are great news! I really hope people will eventually eat better and healthier not just because it will reduce cancer symptoms but because it will be every days rutine.

  8. Sounds delicious and that’s awesome that it has many great benefits :). Cottage cheese (along with tvarog; another form of cottage cheese I think), is also very delicious when baked into pastries, if you find that you would like to mix things up!

  9. One of my friends sent me an email about cancer before she passed. It was full of various cancer tips and information. The one I remembered was the tip about sugar feeding the cancer cells. I thought of this due to most of my sweet toothed relatives all died of various forms of cancer. I have always been a chocoholic myself and wonder if there is indeed a connection and if so, can the very fact of eating too much sugar in your life, break down the cells? I actually had surgery on pre-cancer and cancer later when still in my 20’s. Then there is smoking and drinking and ingesting all the additives that are not natural. Sometimes I wonder what the results would be if they put some folks in a bubble with only clean air, water and good wholesome food, made them get exercise and not ingest any unnatural substance just to see if there is any changes in their cells after so many years. Maybe we are too hard on our bodies but I guess that’s what we are here for.

  10. I hope everything is going well for you? I am going to re-blog your post to a new page I added re-blog tastings; so others can find you and your inspiration!


  11. This is so fantastic, well done you. In the UK Stevia is not yet licensed to use in food products, but honey is a great choice too. I make lots of vegan and RAW! recipes, have you had a look at the last two RAW! recipes I blogged, have a look, they may be helpful to you. I am here convincing people to eat better one recipe at a time πŸ™‚

  12. A healthy ice cream alternative! Thanks for liking my post on my best ever chicken salad. I love that you recognise the power of nutrition in the fight against cancer.

  13. I should like to try this soon! Got flaxseeds and chia here. Thank you for sharing.

    Appreciate you reading and liking the whole of my first blog post. Currently working on my next πŸ™‚

  14. I know that pineapple is high in natural sugars, but I do like it on my cottage cheese. Can you have pineapple? Taste wise, it would certainly be an improvement on something like stevia.

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