My apology.

You see, my Blog originaly supposed to be a Website. Done deal Website: cancerkillingrecipe., which is now #1 Post. But the Computer Technician told me, that i will be better off with WordPress Blog, because it is free and Blogging is hot lately. Who am I to argue!

So I became a Blogger. Just like that. And as You already know, I’m not a Writer or computer Guru.

I was OK. at the beginning, but than the messages started popping-up little too fast for my liking….. My computer is slow and I’m even slower. And I’m all alone in it. I have some friends and family, but those who want to help don’t know how, and those who know how, are too busy. I don’t complain. I just want You to know, that I’m doing my best under my circumstances. I’m not lazy, ungreatful or looking for excuses. I’m sorry! I’m reading every Post, Message and Comment. And I appreciate every “click” and “like”. I just feel guilty, that all what I can do is only say: “thanks” or click “like”. ((I’m getting very good on clicking…)) And I want to tell You that You are My Inspiration. I can’t find the right words to express my gratitude (and you know, that this is the truth).

Blogging is great. I have so much more to say. I just wish I can do it a little faster. I’m going to learn. Blogging is the best thing what happened to me. But if I will never get sick, I will never became a Blogger, because I wil have nothing to blog about. This is the way I see it.

And as long as I can inspire someone, somewhere, and as long as You are going to “click” and “like”, I’m going to keep Blogging. And Blogging keeps me so busy, that to tell You the truth, I don’t have the time to die of cancer. You see, I have nothing against dying. We all have to die some day….. It is just that I don’t want to die of cancer. And I won’t!

Because no matter what happens to me in the future, this how people in Town will talk about me in the local Diner drinking their morning coffee:

Big John:  “You remember the old Lady, Limo Driver with cancer, she died yesterday”.

Old Frank:  “She died of cancer?”

Big John:  “No. She survived cancer. But She was talking about Blogging”.

Old Frank:  “What is Blogging?”

Big John:  “I don’t know. But I think this what she died of.”

Thank You for visiting.

162 thoughts on “My apology.

  1. Keep going! and keep fighting…we are all in this together! I don’t know you but through this terrible disease I can connect and relate..when i see someone like you fight and inspire as my mother did it gives me hope and courage to face my own fears ❤

  2. Hey, we are ALL new at blogging at one time or another. Take it slow and easy …. you’ll make mistakes, I know I still do. You whipped cancer, you can whip WordPress too, (If you need any help, just ask, I am NOT going to guarantee anything, but I will TRY to help.)

    Hugs ~ D

  3. What a very heartfelt lovely message. It doesn’t matter the level of computer skill or quality of the message or how often you respond ~ it’s the sheer fact you care enough about others to share you experience and wisdom. Keep the faith and don’t apologize for not communicating with your fans…seems we are all in this together and our blogs are our support groups!

  4. I’m learning about WordPress/blogging the hard way, too! It’s been a slow process and a very long learning curve, but I can relate to what you say: now I can’t stop! I didn’t think I had time to be a blogger, and now I don’t know what I did with my time before I started. (Well, yes I do…I made dinner and kept up the house and did the laundry… 😉
    Still, we all need a nice diversion, and I think that is one of the factors of a healthy mind, body, and spirit–don’t you?!

  5. You’re a great being. I hope you get over this dreadful hazard very soon. Have a great life ahead and believe in yourself- you’re strong enough to get done with cancer.
    Best of Luck!

  6. Either way, blog or website, I enjoy your writing.

    Are you really alone? Or feeling misunderstood? I guess the two could be the same. I feel that way often yet am constantly surrounded by people at home, work, and online.

    Sometimes staying connected can feel like a chore. If needed, take a break…..the world may still go on, but we will all still be here.

    You should do what is best for you! And I’m sure you already know this, already do, and always will!

  7. I love someone with sass, no apologies necessary. Hey I blog when I feel like it and honestly I blog to to please me, not to please others. It is therapy and I don’t know all there is to blogging either. I learn something about this computer almost on a daily basis! I of course want to inspire and help others with my blog who may be going through a hard time, but It’s their choice to read or not, or to visit or not. You do your thing my new found friend and please continue to do it with Sass! Hopefully others will be like me and wait with baited breath to read what this Lady, who is full of life is gonna write next!

  8. I love your positive attitude. I am new to your blog but I can feel your love for life through your words. It is always a blessing to me to read your post. God bless you and have a beautiful day!

  9. Awesome Lady! I know when I started I thought why would anyone be interested in what I had to say. But I just know in my heart that for every feeling I have there is someone having the same feelings, the same problems, the same pleasures and things that make them happy. Sharing is a gift and it makes the world more of a loving place. Just keep on putting down your thoughts… we will all share. Jan

  10. We are all in this together and together we will triumph over the unknown of blogging and anything else that comes against us! You are saving lives as well as uplifting souls so keep up the great work!

  11. I’m an IT engineer. I feel no shame in admitting that even I don’t know how to maximize this blog. But I’m having fun maintaining it and it seems so are you… Keep writing, it’s nice to read from real, authentic, happy people like you… 🙂

  12. Thank you for the like on my page, I am new at this blogging thing as well. But we have a voice and a message that uniquely comes from us and what a great format for us to express it. Thank you for what you have written already. I was just reading your symptoms piece and it gave me pause. We all should be aware.

  13. Hi oneanna65, maybe you could do 1 group thank you a week, as part of / by way of a post? I know my inbox is flooded also because of all the blogs I follow… but you can fix this by going to your settings and changing ‘daily emails’ to ‘once a week’ instead…if you haven’t already that is;) Good luck!

  14. Dear oneanna65,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog Help Me Rhonda. I am so glad you did because it led me back to yours. Your ‘apology’ post inspires one to tell you, you are doing wonderfully. Your writing is very real and quite well done. I look forward to following your posts, no matter the frequency. You need not worry that you don’t respond to each and every comment…once your new blog friends read your message, they will know your true feelings. Don’t give up!

  15. Thank you for stopping by my site and for the follow. You have a great attitude and I know this will help you no matter what happens on life’s road. I’ll be checking back frequently. Also, I just lost a friend to ovarian cancer. If her dr’s had listened when she reported her initial symptoms she might still be with us. Dr’s can be dismissive towards women. I hope you (and all of us actually) are being squeaky wheels when it comes to advocating for our health. Have a great day! Best, Donna

  16. Good for you! I think you’re blogging for all the right reasons — to express yourself, to share your thoughts and discoveries, and to encourage others. I’m blogging because, at age 69 and with 30 years of osteoarthritis, I am now training for a 6-day trek in Iceland this July (a fundraising event for the Arthritis Society). The blog is my way to keep all the wonderful people supporting me up to date on my progress (I started training last December). I’m learning a lot about myself, and how we can live our own best lives, even with our physical limitations. So keep exploring, keep discovering, keep sharing, keep living your own best and fullest life — and keep telling us about it!

  17. Just got some news yesterday that my mom may soon join the same battle. I know she will not lose to cancer if that’s what this turns out to be, but maybe to photography. 🙂 Your story has inspired me. Here are my first thoughts on life with C: A Chat by The C.

  18. LOL! You’re very funny … I appreciate your upbeat attitude. I understand the blogger guilt and went through it myself. But, I read a quote somewhere that said, “Once blogging becomes a job, it’s no longer blogging, it is now your job and that kind of takes the fun out of it.” So, I try to take it all in stride. The great thing about bloggers is, they are really awesome, wonderful, patient people and more often than not, they aren’t going anywhere so, when you get around to them, they’ll be there. No pressure. Enjoy and certainly your blog is quite awesome so you’ll never be short on comments and likes. ;D

  19. Thanks for stopping by. Blogging becomes you, keep on writing, it obviously suits you.
    Belated birthday wishes! A toast to you with carrot juice and chocolate fish!

  20. Thanks for looking at my blog today, we had a lot of fun with The Farmer at his birthday. It is a strange coincidence that I should meet a blogger who writes about cancer as my mum is going through it right now. You talk about stress and bad diet may have caused the cancer, were you diagnosed with bowel cancer? That is what my mum was diagnosed with 3 years ago. Well done for being so positive.

  21. i love this post. you’re a courageous woman. don’t worry about blogging slow. we’re in the same boat. our pictures delete our text, we can’t figure out this or that and have no idea how to set it up so we can do just what you’re doing here – so you’re ahead of us on that one! thank you for looking at our blog.

  22. Thank you for dropping by my blog! I’m happy to discover yours. My father has been diagnosed with melanoma in his skin, stage 4. I have had basal (?) cell surgery myself. Your thoughts in this post are uuplifting to me, and also your other posts. I love your soul! 🙂

  23. Thanks for coming over to check out my blog. I have enjoyed reading all your posts and will be back! In terms of replying to all likes and comments, it is a bit of a catch 22. The more popular your blog, the more you will get! I like your universal thank you, that is a good idea.

  24. Hey, I do want to die of cancer — just not for another 30 years! But, after living with it for five years, and accompanying many friends through cancer, it has a familiarity that is comfortable to me. And having beaten cancer’s ass, I kind of feel like offering it the final word (when I am ready) seals the deal.

  25. Thanks for following my blog! I don’t’ know how you found me, but that’s one of the fun things of about this blogging experience – the variety of people you encounter. And thank you for sharing your journey with us all – your attitude is one to model. 🙂

  26. Funny stuff! My mom, who is 68 does go to coffee once in awhile. I read this to her and she got a good laugh too. Don’t worry, you write just fine. 🙂 You are making people laugh and that’s a big deal!

  27. Hi! I’m impressed with your willpower and determination. Not every 65 y/o with cancer can do it. I really really admire your positive tone. Keep fighting. You have our back(s)! and yes, I really love the last part of this post- the bit about dying of blogging. It’s quite unique eh? A lot better than dying of cancer or any other sickness 😉

  28. Dear “oneanna65”:

    First of all thanks for this post and for giving me this gift of laughing!!! 🙂 It’s nice to notice that you keep the good moods!
    Hopefully no one is going to die of “blogging”… Unless one gets addicted to it and… stop me! I’m too imaginative!;-)

    A great blog you have here! I’ll take a more attentive look at it soon.
    Just came by to say “hello!”, to thank you for following me (feel honoured) and… I must tell you I’m amazingly surprised with your strength and determination. I highly admire it!
    Keep on blogging “girl” ’cause you do it well enough to care about unimportant things such as Computer Gurus or even Blogging Gurus (there are already some, most probably!).
    Your cause is much too high compared to aesthetics or whatever matters one may think about. It’s about life’s value you’re dealing with. And we only live once.


    For blogging
    For being
    For sharing
    For witnessing
    For fighting
    For smiling 😉

    Love from


  29. You’re doing just fine, in my humble opinion! There’s a lot of courage in starting something new when you’re 65 (hooray, congratulations!) or even when you’re 41, like me, and putting your heart out there for other people to comment on… Thanks for liking my blog!

  30. Congratulations on your 65th birthday and on surviving cancer. Although I am not quite your age I am a survivor and so is my husband. I have bladder cancer. It’s not currently active so I’m thankful for that. Mine is not in any way agressive. From day one and for the rest of my life I must undergo screening to make sure it has not come back. My husband is a two-time survivor of prostate cancer. His is the agressive version. We beat in back in 2002 and again in 2011. Because his is so agressive they will never give him “the all clear”. In fact they gave him only 10 years to live back in 2002. As you guessed it, this is his 10 year anniversary. On August 9th we have a big party planned. If you are interested, you may read my cancer blog at

    Thank you so much for stopping by my quilting blog. I very much appreciate your interest.

    Best of luck to you!

  31. Hey there, thank you for checking out my blog! I really like yours as well. I lost my Grandpa to cancer. He was one of the most influential people in my life and it was devastating. It’s nice that you’ve started a blog dedicated to sharing your story, educating others, and giving them an outlet to discuss their own experiences. Keep it up 🙂

  32. Thank you for following my blog – you are an inspiration and a reminder of what it is that is important in life. The great thing about blogging is that it is on your terms. So go for it – in your own way! Wxxx

  33. This is such an inspiring blog. This particular article made me really chuckle. You have such a wit. Brimming with life, even on a computer ‘page’! Fantastic stuff. thanks for giving me a click and a follow – I appreciate your visit and encouragement!

  34. I love your humor ! I would love to say more, but everybody’s covered all of what I want to say… You are definitely an inspiration 🙂

  35. You have many, many, many admirers, and the more you blog, the more you’ll have and the better you’ll feel. You’ve become your best doctor. Sante.

  36. Thank you for checking out my News blog. I am sharing the stories of our priests working around the world in the Divine Providence Province of the Servants of Charity. Perhaps some of our work can give you a little inspiration from time to time. May God continue to bless you abundantly.

  37. I love your sense of humor and positivity. I totally understand what you’re saying about the blogging. I started blogging in 2010 but now I’m doing more and more of it. I didn’t know what I was doing and so I ask someone on here thats also a blogger to, She gave me great feed back. I took her adviced and now I’m starting to get more on my blog , Liking my post. I never knew what tags was and so the lady that I ask for adviced thats a blogger, She mention to put tags on each post and thats a way to get more people. I love checking out other people blogs,Including yours. I like hearing what you all talk about around the world, There’s all types of people on here from different places around the world. I enjoy being in yar world, Reading what you all up to at that moment, Going into yar world. I had two friends go on my blog and they said that my spelling is kind of bad but I dont focus to much on someone spelling, Everyone misspell words. I did go back and checked my blogs, I proof read it and I correct some misspelling. I think its about having fun and hopefully we all can help and make pthers happy through blogging. I like your blog postings and looking forward to checking back in once in awhille.

  38. Your blog is so encouraging and inspiring. While many of us who are perfectly healthy complain of imaginary illnesses and worry, your positive attitude and humor should be a model. I too am there along with others to support you.

  39. We are all dying, some slower than others. Still, to live and die with dignity and humor seems to be the path to travel. May we all die from blogging and expressing ourselves in some many and varied ways.

  40. i too am learning wordpress one moment at a time. i started my first blog while laid up on chemo, and have many times thought, “would i have become a blogger? if none of it happened?” maybe… but either way, i very much enjoy the challenge, the creative outlet, and the human connection. healthy, happy wishes to you!

  41. Join the club… I supposedly work in the social media arena and still struggle with dam wordpress!

    Thanks for hopping over to my blog – much appreciated!

    I will stay tuned to hear more of your antics!

  42. I am so so so happy that though some miracle of the internet, you found your way to my blog which led me to yours. I have explored your posts and now am on this one, and i only wish that i lived nearby to be close to your positive energy.
    Lisa/Z ( a transplant from Mississippi to Ecuador)

  43. Thank you for clicking ‘like’ on my blog. I will continue clicking ‘like’ on your blog. Your words are wonderful. Thank you. 🙂

  44. Thank you for stopping by Keeping Up With Carol. Hope you enjoyed the post and will check back. You are very inspirational and funny. I agree with the inbox, but that shows we’re getting love 🙂 Take your time at it! None of us are going anywhere 🙂

  45. Hi,
    I appreciate you checking out my blog “Science of My Mind,” so I wanted to do the same in return. I also suffer from something that’s kicking my tail, it’s no fun. I’m going to follow your blog, I wish you nothing but the best in all you do, and you’ll be included in my prayers. Stay strong, keep a smile on your face, and keep on blogging.


  46. Really you’re 65??? oh well it doesn’t show in your blogs!!! anyway thanks for the likes! You just don’t know how you made me feel tonight. Thanks a lot! am following you now.

  47. I am slow to figure things out, and I can’t blame my computer. So glad this is a hobby that keeps you focused and busy when you need it. Hope you enjoy the blog ride, slowly, one day at a time 🙂

  48. Well I have to say its wonderful that you are fighting the good fight! Cancer is not something anyone wants to deal with, be it a person or animal, and it has permeated my life in different ways. My grandmother passed away in 2009 from lung cancer and my dog was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. My dog Chloe needed an amputation to ‘cure’ her type of cancerous tumor and luckily she has been cancer free ever since. Being 11 yrs old now (old for a dog!), a cancer survivor and 3 legged, she is my daily inspiration that anything is possible.

    I also might die from blogging since I have 2 blogs (one about my dog’s story and her adventures on 3 legs and the second about my journey to completing my first marathon) 🙂

    Wishing you years of happiness and most importantly healthy years!

  49. I am getting a kick out of your blog- well really it’s You that I am getting a kick out of. I love your humor and determination. (and I am paying attention to your cancer fighting/ early awareness tips too).Keep fighting the good fight! Sounds like you have strapped on some good – cancer-stomping -boots and you are having a boot-scootin-boogie-dance all over cancer’s booty! Rock on!

  50. I liked reading your post because it does not only tell me about how you are living every moment of your life but inspires me to go on dreaming and work towards my dream with the belief that I am going to make it happen one day!

  51. “Old Frank: ‘What is Blogging?’

    Big John: ‘I don’t know. But I think this what she died of.'”

    lol, Don’t let anyone tell you how much or how little. That’s for you to decide.

  52. Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for popping onto my blog….I decided to pay you a quick visit and love what I’m seeing/reading…no apologies…YOU JUST KEEP GOING! Thanks! –Merida K.

  53. My mom died from ovarian cancer nearly six years ago. Her company forced her into early retirement, her only daughter (that’s me) moved 1,000 miles away, and her husband was a louse. I truly believe that if there had been something to inspire her, something compelling her to journey into the next part of her life, she would still be here. Blogging sounds like a disease, but feels like a healer. Thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to reading more.

  54. my comment is late, but better late than never, i think i have also greeted you a belated happy birthday.. and for that, i also apologize.. take care. i enjoy reading your blog! God bless you! 🙂

  55. Good for you! Just keep plugging along. I have encountered many kinks with WordPress along the way. Sometimes they straighten themselves out. Sometimes I have to ask a friend for help. Sometimes WordPress just changes things. Most of the time you can just google any question you have and find the answer to a problem. I wish you well. I pray the Lord bless you with his wisdom in every thing you need and joy all day every day.

  56. I’ve just found your blog and it’s an inspiration. Thanks for ‘liking’ my post – I’m sorry that it’s taken me this long to check out your blog. Keep up the good work!! xx

  57. So, I’m wondering why you would visit my blog, but thanks. I’m 65. Had kidney cell cancer in 2002. They cut me wide open and took my left kidney out. Haven’t missed it since, but my side reminds me every day what happened. That’s a good thing. It keeps me thinking about the future and not the past because I have a future.

  58. Like so many others here, first thank you for visiting and ‘liking’ my blog, second thanks for doing that since it led me here to learn more about you, third don’t worry about being a computer wiz…you are muddling along just fine…maybe I should not keep numbering things.. I have participated in a caregivers forum for awhile for Parkinsons on behalf of a friend originally who was upset with his diagosis and wanted/needed information. So, having gathered information from such a source for someone and having been exposed to some absolutely wonderful men and women dealing with life altering progressive illness….I understand the comraderie and kind of completeness that comes from sharing and talking about the more difficult hand life sometimes delivers. When someone who has suffered can share the journey with all its ups and downs with humor inspite of the disease, it really does lighten things for others and give invaluable perspective. So thanks for being so giving, visting and sharing yourself. Blogging is electronic and not exactly face to face, but it is still personal and expands friendships. Like a pebble in the water…who know what shore your words will find!!

    1. Could you give me the URL of he blog about Parkinson’s? I was diagnosed a few months ago. Now that I’m on the proper medication, I have more energy than I have had for at least 25 years. But I know this isn’t going to last forever, and I need all the info and assistance i can get.

      1. Thank you. I can’t not be funny–I have autism, and I don’t see the world the way other people do. I’ve ordered a book about how the denizens of earth function, and maybe I’ll learn something from it!

  59. You are doing very well, blog wise and I pray you are doing well with that d–n cancer. As a survivor (so far) I know the feeling of uncertainty that comes after the doctors and others say everything is clear, but you need to come back every six months for the rest of your time.

    Bottom line … I’m grateful for what I’ve had and what I have and I’m especially pleased to have those such as yourself for the inspiration and humor offered in the face of advesity.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  60. This was a very humorous look at life – your life. I thought you had a lot to say.
    You have no need to make any apologies. You see, blogging is about writing what you want to say or what you feel. There are no rules or time frames or expectations. It is about you expressing yourself in whatever way you wish. It could be a written word; something that inspired you that day; a prayer or thought about a religion; something informative that you have experienced;a photograph or crafts you have made. It’s about whatever you want it to be. What you would like your followers to know about you or your life. Take a breath – breathe – do what you can; when you can; however you can.
    Thanks for coming by my blog and pressing “Like”. It means that much to me. Come back and “Like” anytime you want.

  61. Keep on blogging! I know I have posted this before and will state it again. You are an inspiration!


  62. Hey, just wanted to say keep up the good work on staying healthy! I was attracted to your site because my mom died of cancer just over a year ago, but she did not have the drive to stay healthy like you seem to. Congratulations! and never, NEVER give up. Also, never apologize for who you are. You are learning something new and I commend you. I am just learning the blog thing myself as you know if you read my About page. Love and Hugs, Julie

  63. There is nothing to apologies for. You are doing great job and all of your efforts on that hard way are appreciated. Thank you for being so active and energetic member of blogging community.

  64. I don’t think for one minute you have anything to apologise about. You’re truly Inspirational!!!

    Thanks for the like by the way and I look forward to more of your Blogging 🙂

  65. I just started blogging myself… more as therapy for myself than anything else, but I’ve enjoyed yours and appreciate you stopping by mine. I’m going to try to direct my thoughts away from the chaos of the world and blog about memories. I think it’s great that there are several other cancer survivors out here who aren’t afraid to say (type) the word. Education is needed and I believe that from looking at your “likes” and comments, that you have inspired and educated many! Thanks! 😀

  66. Love the (hmmm, not sure is it irony) twist in the tale here; just long enough and intriguing with a finely-judged sense of humour balanced with observation; inspirational, thanks for posting (should that be blogging?)

  67. You have zero to apoligize for. you are absolutely inspiring. Your posts are like reading someone’s diary. Honest, Frank- you do not mince words. You tell it as you see it. if you didn’t get back to me, i would understand and I would look for your incredible posts. You say that you are NOT a writer? You are the best kind of writer. You write with your heart. Thanks for the 🙂

  68. I love this post and you are so inspiring. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad I was able to discover your blog from doing so. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  69. I am loving your blog. Your posts make me feel like we are chatting over a cup of coffee in your livingroom with the exception that i don’t drink coffee and well… the livingroom part. Thanks for visiting my blog. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  70. Happy to meet another cancer-surviving blogger of a similar age – and similar mind-set. Like you, when I was diagnosed with my first cancer (in 1986) I reacted by saying ‘I haven’t got time to die’ and ‘why not me?’ All the best.

  71. Thank you for liking my blog and giving me an opportunity to meet you. You are an amazing lady. I love your determination. Of course you can’t possibly respond to every blog and don’t think you need to! Blessings!

  72. We all have stories to tell and everyone is unique no matter the topic. Love your stories. I use two computers because mine are a cross between a snail and pond water, (slow). C u around the blog corner

  73. hahahaha… @oneanna65 you always made me smile and laughing for reading it :)) Ow.. I can open my old email & renew my old blog password! And now I got headache, have 2 blog active! 😀 Anyway happy to read your blog :))

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