Incas medicine.

Benjamin Franklin said: ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Sure, we all know that, but somehow, sometimes we are neglecting some simple ways to stay healthy.

Years ago, when I was young and healthy, living my very busy life, I could not eat healthy all the time, but I used to take some supplements like: Vitamins, Garlic, Echinacea, Red Clover, Pau D’arco and I was doing just fine. And then, few years ago, due to severe depression I stopped doing this and I got sick. So I learned my lesson the very hard way. I’m going to take some Pau D’arco again, 4 capsules a day, and after two weeks I’m going to change to Red Clover. You see, I just want to make sure that Mr Ugly Cancer has his share of punishment and abuse every single day.

So what is so special about Pau D’arco?

Pau D’arco is a huge tree growing somewhere in the Amazon Rain Forest. Native Incas observed, that this tree was stronger and healthier than any other tree in the forest. So they used shredded bark of this tree, chewing or brewing to become strong and healthy, just like this tree. Somehow I think this makes sense –  YOU ARE WHAT YOU CHEW…..

Pau D’arco nutrient content: Beta Carotene, Beta – Sito Sterol, Lapachol.

Actions and uses: fights bacterial and viral infection, cleanses the blood, helpful for Aids, allergies, cancer, cardiovascular problems, IBS, rheumatism, tumors, ulcers, kills parasites.

Cautions: In excessive amounts it may cause gastrointestinal upset or nausea. That’s not so bad, comparing to what I have been through…

Disclaimer: Only Doctor or Pharmacist can tell you what is save and effective for your unique health needs.

I’m telling you what so far worked for me ( I’m still alive ! ), but take notice that I’m: oneONLYanna65. So do your own research, use your own judgement.

Long time ago I remember reading an article about some incredible, miraculous healing of some leukemia patient in South America. It was Pau D’arco healing properties, or maybe it was a miracle, or maybe both… Who knows???

Always remember: It is a lot easier to stay healthy, than trying to recover from some awfull sickness.

P.S.         I was going to title this post: Incas treasure. This how they call Pau D’arco. But I change my mind, because I will probably attract a bunch of treasure hunters, and they will all ask: “Do you have a treasure map?”,  “How much gold you think is there?” and so on… And I will be in big trouble, because there is no gold, just some tree bark extract in the capsules.

Thank you for visiting.

68 thoughts on “Incas medicine.

      1. I can’t answer about ‘auther’, but I buy my Coral Calcium at WalMart. I have started taking it again because of new places that are bothering me. Coral Calc is made from dead coral, so it does not hurt the living coral.

  1. I still think that “Inca treasures” would have been a fine title! There is ancient wisdom of the native peoples that we are just now recognizing–and it is of great value!
    I was not aware of this suplement. Thank you for sharing! And, God bless you and your health. 🙂

  2. Hi Anna, I just discovered your blog, after you visited mine (thank you for stopping by), so I’ll have to wish you a belated happy 65th birthday.
    I’ll be on time next year! Stay healthy and keep blogging. I love your spirit!

  3. Hello! thanks for dropping by my site and liking my poem.
    I have been into Pau d’Arco for many years… the Most important thing is its Quality.
    It Must be from the PURPLE flowering tree!!
    Also it Must be the INNER bark…it’s lighter and more medicinal.
    There are many different qualities of Pao d’Arco out there, so be sure it’s the best.
    I get mine from ALTA, as they are extremely conscientious about the product, And the ecological gathering of the bark as well.
    Also important, and you likely know this but…. is boiling it for 15 to 20 minutes, to extract all the medicinal aspects.
    Thanks again for all you are sharing…. folks really need this sort of information!

  4. Anna. thank you for visiting my site. I wanted to know who you are – am sorry to hear that you’ve been through (are still going through?) an ordeal. My Mother had thyroid cancer.
    Yes, it was best not to call this Inca Treasure.

  5. This is a powerful thought: “Always remember: It is a lot easier to stay healthy, than trying to recover from some awful sickness.” It is easy to forget when life is swirling around us that our best fight is when we are in our best condition. I’m off to take my vitamins!

  6. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post “Writing Exercise Contest.” I haven’t had a chance to read through all your blogs. I hope your health is better at this time. Hope you visit me again.
    Tori McRae

  7. Hi Anna, Thanks for visiting my blog, ” It’s that time of year again – Holidays!”
    You have some very interesting information here, and I share your belief that prevention is better than cure. I look forward to reading through other posts as well as this one.

  8. I have to be honest with you. After I read about the Inca bark that reminded me that I was meaning to eat some Chapman’s chocolate ripple Ice cream. So I am heading for the fridge. Chris Rock said that it is our job to enjoy food becuase we can. I think he is right. Thanks for writing your blog.

  9. I love the simplicity of the Incas’ observation, “that this tree was stronger and healthier than any other tree in the forest.” It seems that we fail to make such observations in our modern culture. Nice article!

  10. I think you are the Incas Medicine to many. Keep sharing your life experiences. Even Old Farts like me are always looking to learn something new. I am still a fixer upper even at my age. Thanks

  11. Ahaa – tried to comment on your 65th birthday post, but I seemed to be scrolling into infinity!

    Glad you like my post – I’ve just realised I should call it “Charity versus Calamity!” We always give charity in times of illness, it is one of the main actions that really prolongs our lives, by giving charity with sincerity we are buying time.

    Best regards and God bless you here and hereafter!

  12. Sounds good! For myself I take the Sage’s advice and as best I can stay away from anything that has an ingredients list. Our forebears were hunter-gatherers, I think I can live with that, and ‘graze as close to the ground’ as I can.
    Hah! It seems to work …

  13. Thanks for coming to visit my blog! I’ve started reading through your posts, and I hope to read more soon – thank you for sharing your experiences, and information.
    EJ 🙂

  14. Amazing. I’ve never heard of this. I really like that you said “its is a lot easier to stay healthy, than trying to recover from some awfull sickness.” How true! Thanks for the reminder.

    I’m going to go exercise now.

  15. My son, when he was 5 was diagnosed with ALL. He’s now 25 and awesome. One thing we did when he was first diagnosed was put him on 125,000 IUs of Beta Carotene a day. He turned orange….AND, it seemed to really help. The doctor noticed that he was responding quicker to the Chemo and the results were better than what he considered normal. Beta Carotene in whatever form cleans the blood stream of free radicals. When you are attacking a cancer….there is a lot of waste left over in your blood stream, so anything you can do to assist the healing process…is A-OKAY in my book. Keep up the positivity!

  16. Hi! Thank you for stopping by and liking my blog, I’m glad you did as it allowed me to find yours. Keep up the positive attitude and fun posts! I use herbal healing remedies for almost any illness I have, loved the pau d’arco post, I’ve used it before as it’s great for overall immune boosting. Good luck!

  17. This is a great post! Thank you for this! Pau D’Arco tea is great for candida as well. If I have had a bit too much sugar or wheat and want to kick start a cleanse, I make a full pot and sip it throughout the day. You have to buy the authentic tree bark at the health food store though, and steep it for 20 minutes in a pot over low heat. A wonderful cleansing tea!

  18. Great advice to always know your own body and consult with Docs. I read somewhere that in this one hospital the doctors also accept and encourage holistic beliefs – as long as the patient is comfortable, is helped to heal and perhaps too enjoys life more. You have interesting info here. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I find it amazing how someone to think of chewing on the bark of a tree because it was observed that the tree was healthier and stronger than all of the others. Great post!

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