Don’t forget to breathe !

Funny, I just realized lately, that I’m a very lousy breather. And I decided to do some research on a proper breathing.

No. I don’t have any respiratory problems yet, thanks God. I just don’t breathe deep enough. And sometimes, when I’m very busy, I forget to breathe at all.

We all know that we can lieve for weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without breathing.

90% of our energy comes from oxygen, and only 10% from food!  I didn’t know that. So we can skip a meal, but not a breath.

According to Ancient Chinese Medicine deep, proper breathing ( of clean air ) can cure  almost any disease. ( ? )

Oxygen keeps our cells alive, kills bacteria, fungi, viruses, burns toxins in our bodies.

Shortly speaking, insufficient oxygen levels in our blood make us sick.

So, we breathe in air, use the oxygen in it and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. What about carrying a small plant wherever we go? Maybe not. But I would place a plant in every room in my house.

So, we breathe in air, the red blood cells carry the oxygen to all cells in our body. Then the red blood cells carry carbon dioxide from all the cells to the lungs and exchange for new oxygen what we just breathed in, or whatever else we just breathed in

And here I have to confess: I was smoking cigarets for 40 years! I quit 5 years ago. Over 2 years before I got sick. And now, when I think about my smoking years I feel like a fool, or worse. Imagine, for 40 years my faithful, hardworking red blood cells were carrying some poison from my lungs to the rest of my body, instead life giving oxygen! Yak! It is amazing, what abuse our body can take and still function somehow. Anyway, I’m very happy that I was able to quit smoking. Better late than too late. And my Doctor told me that my lungs are fine, they healed.

So I’m reminding myself: “Keep Breathing!” And every time I think: “Breathe!” I’m sending a message to all my cells: “Hey you little ones, here is some more oxygen for you, keep going, I’m not done yet, I have to keep blogging, people are waiting…. And they are listening to my command, because they are my itsy bitsy soldiers and I’m their general.

And one more thing, I’m trying to breathe as little as possible in very polluted places , and take deeper breaths whenever I find myself surrounded by clean air. Is just a game. So don’t forget to breathe! Good health to all!.

151 thoughts on “Don’t forget to breathe !

  1. I moved from London to rural Norfolk 6 years ago, and the air is a million times better. I find myself breathing properly instead of the shallow city breaths you take to avoid taking in too much of the city pollution.

  2. Thanks for the reminder… I just quit smoking myself (am doing quite well… surprisingly) and make it a habit to meditate on my breath for 10 minutes every morning before I get up and start my day… it’s a great way to begin…

  3. Yes, staying in the present moment. I have been working on that constantly lately. It is so difficult to do. Maybe some breathing exercises will help me with that. Great idea!

  4. It’s amazing how much we take breathing for granted. We don’t need to think about it – it just happens. Can you imagine how much less exciting life would be if we had to remember to breathe. We couldn’t read a good book, watch a movie, be intimate because the entire time we would be thinking “Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.”

  5. I’m asthmatic and smoked for twenty years. I quit three years ago and my asthma – which was dormant for most of the time I smoked – came rushing back. I’m convinced it’s worse than it used to be because I never should have smoked in the first place.

    Fortunately my lungs were surprisingly unaffected, with a carbon monoxide reading of just 13 the first time I saw my smoking cessation nurse. We were expecting it to be in at least the high sixties!

  6. My oncologist told me that when I was first diagnosed and lately life has been stressful and rushed. so thanks for the reminder to take it slow and b-r-e-a-t-h-e… 🙂 Keep breathing and smiling!! Patty

  7. At a Ladie’s retreat recently, I learned a new technique Of breathing. Exhale out the bad (feelings, sin, etc.)and then, breathe in, inhaling God’s help. 🙂 I liked that. Reminds me to breathe deeper!
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Wonderful post, and by sheerest wonderful coincidence it finds me in a WiFi enabled beach cafe on the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

    I’m breathing in the summer evening heat of the Mediterranean and thanks to your post, doing it with an increased sense of gratitude and reverence.

    1. You are breathing the air of stolen land. . Millions of Palestinians have lost their country so that you can breath in “the summer evening heat of the Mediterranean”

  9. Until I started doing yoga, I was unaware that I wasn’t breathing right either 😛 Yoga works wonders…you ought to try it!

  10. Chinese chi gung therapy is, of course, a little more complicated than simply being able to cure diseases by breathing deeply. However, I loved your article, and I suggest, for fun, you check into chi theory. Awareness of chi is the hidden factor in those breathing prescriptions. And it is not a myth! Interacting with “the third circulatory system” in your body (along with blood and lymph) is why, for example, acupuncture works. Otherwise, nothing we know in Western medicine explains how it is possible to heal patients by sticking them with needles. 😉 Best of luck!

  11. Smoking! Glad you stopped. Gramps quit at around 50, lived to be 102. His bro is going on 107 or 108 in August and still breathing. As for myself, I have never smoked and am a very deep and heavy breather. In prayer it slows down, but is still deep. I think breathing is a good thing! Especially clean air from a mountain top.

  12. Love this post. It reminds me of when I’m working with people who are nervous about public speaking, a lot of that work is also about remembering to breathe. Also when I went to drama school and we first did proper breathing exercises how amazing it felt to fill your body.

  13. Hey there. I quit smoking last year. My father was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, and that was my wake up call. Unfortunately, he did not survive treatment. You are awesome. I also am a lousy breather, but after reading this I will try and do better.

  14. Great post! Like you, I’m in my 40th year of smoking. I’ve tried everything out there to help me quit but have never been successful. Maybe one day soon. Will definitely work on my breathing more after reading this. Thanks for stopping by my site.

  15. Great post. I think we all forget to breathe properly.bad posture doesn’t help either. Shoulders back, head up and deep breaths into your belly! Well done on giving up smoking. Dad gave up in his 60s and has never looked back.

  16. Great article. Here’s a tip for all the shallow breathers “I was one and know of what I speak.” Actually it was a physical fitness trainer who worked with me for a few years (he had competed in the Olympics in the discus throwing competition previous to becoming a trainer) and was in excellent health. Don’t worry quite so much about breathing in he would say. Learn to breathe out. The body will take a breath back in naturally. I thought he was joking at first. But I tried it. My focus became breathing out. Seeing for how long I could expel the air in my longs. Guess what, it worked. The longer I would breathe out the deeper my lungs would inhale air back in. Give it a try.

    1. That’s really great advice. I was taught the same thing. When we hold our breath, we hold on to all those toxins. If you’re feeling in pain, short of breath, panicked… breath out and let it all go.

  17. Thanks so much for wandering by and liking “No More Teenagers!” I love your site and look forward to exploring it.

    And, thanks for the great reminder to BREATHE. (I hear it helps with weight loss, too, so I need to remember it!)


  18. Hey, a little late but I just wanted to say thanks for checking out my blog. 🙂 I’ve been reading through yours and this is one message that caught my eye. It’s true. My mother used to be a runner, in gymnastics, and a major yoga performer so I took lessons from her entirely on how to breathe for three months. See, I have a medical issue with my nasal passages and trachea, which has always made breathing to be a little harder for me than it should (and too much exercise or motion, which happened often because I’m a pretty energetic girl, would leave me gasping for a clear breath)… But with a bit of practice on remembering to breathe properly instead of shallowly, it’s kept me able-bodied to exercise and enjoy my life. Pennycoho is right: Don’t focus so much on the inhale; it’s the exhale that gets you started. 🙂 liked!

  19. I’m taking your advice as I read. Thank You. I always feel better after taking the time to do some deep breathing…even if only 10 DBs. (It also helps with pain management I found.) If I could afford to do it I would have a hyperbaric oxygen treatment once a month. At a low point, one of my health practitioners suggested the oxygen treatment. I was skeptical, but sometimes you push doubt aside and say, “What do I have to lose?” Turns out pure oxygen will kill a host of bad stuff. 😉 or…

    Enjoy your Monday, Nikki

  20. This is so true. I do a bit of mountain biking and use to struggle with my breathing. I’ve since learnt to breathe properly and now don’t struggle so much with the hill climbs – much!

  21. Breathing has become a central part of my prayer life. Each morning I take 20 minutes to just breathe and silently focus on God’s presence in my life. Throughout the day, whenever I’m feeling anxious, frustrated, or short-tempered, I take a moment to breathe deliberately and refreshingly, and I recall God’s presence in the midst of disorder, as well as oxygenating those cells! (BTW – thanks for visiting my blog!)

  22. Good post and good reminder! I remember when I was a kid I went through some crazy phase where I was so afraid of forgetting to breath…that was a little over the top, but appreciating to breath and breath well, good stuff! Thanks for liking my post recently…breath on and breath well!

  23. I was in Hobart, Australia recently and there is a fern there which they say grows no-where else in the world, and apparently this fern can grow in absolutely pure air only.
    Just thought it was interesting and slightly relevant to your post.

  24. Reminders of the good things in life, most of which happen to be free, and our responsbility towards both protecting those things as well as ourselves, are always welcome and needed. Thank you.

  25. man, thanks for reminding me of this – I used to do breathing exercises after reading good ol’ Tony Robbins’s (what happened to him?) The Giant Within. Incredibly good for the lymphatic system I believe.

  26. Thank you for reminding us of something so important that we often overlook. Also, you have a very personal and lively sytle of writing — reading your posts feels like hearing you talk!

  27. This IS a good reminder and I’m breathing deeper as I type this. Thank you for the visits and ‘likes’ on my blog, it is appreciated. You have a great attitude, keep up the good work!

  28. Excellent post! So glad I stopped by today, and decided to scroll down. I’ve stopped by on a number of occasions, but didn’t realize that you’d written anything new. Your page is a little misleading.

  29. Thanks for that post – a good reminder. My breathing isn’t great. My boyfriend even has to tell me to breathe sometimes. Maybe it’s my deep thinking that makes my breathing shallow.

  30. only yesterday i realized i had been holding my breath while working hard at something. i was like, what am i doing?! so thank you for this information! i’m going to practice some deep breathing during my morning Rosary. God bless you.

  31. Please hang in there during your fight, we’re sorry to hear about it — just wanted to say thank you for liking our blog and god bless you

  32. I began smoking cigs when I was 15. I’m now 52 yrs. old and am trying to quit for only the second time. I’m doing pretty good however; at times I go back and have a smoke now and then. I get so disappointed with myself. But I refuse to quit quiting! I appreciate you words in your blog. So, please keep on blogging!!!

  33. I’ve made several t-shirts inspired by my friend Anne, a yoga teacher among many other things: Breathe. Relax. Repeat.
    You seem like a very neat lady. Congratulations on giving up cigarettes. I’m a two-time cancer survivor and we have lots in common. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  34. So simple, but easy to forget. Glad you reminded me, and congrats on quitting smoking! Thanks for liking my post “Post Vacation Grace.” Stay healthy.

  35. Loving the reminder: “Keep Breathing!”. Perhaps you could try out some deep breathing exercises in your free time! Thank you for reading and liking my posts thus far, bless you (:

  36. fantastic one, and i appreciate that you have recovered from your smoking habit…now, onwards it’s(‘to breathe’) always on the highest priority in the list of – to do task

  37. I on the other hand sometimes forgot to breathe when playing games especially in an intense section of gameplay, It was some sort of quirk for me..

    Good post by the way!

  38. Hi,
    I am here to say thank you for visiting my blog and liking my article written in broken English. I appreciate it.
    By the way, while I was reading this article (and also listening to the Dave Brubeck Quartet 😉 ) I found myself inadvertently taking a deeeep breath and it was so relaxing! So, thanks again!

  39. Wow, this is such an informative blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and facts about breathing, speaking of breath, I would like to share a blog (with a video) on anti-smoking (it’s more on exposing the dirty tactics of tobacco industries and save lives through a comedy film), hope you enjoy reading and watching. Here is my blog

    🙂 Let’s have a healthy life! Cheers!

  40. Great post thanks for sharing. I think I caught an episode of Dr. OZ that informed me that I was breathing improperly. It’s amazing the one thing we can’t live too long without is the one thing we give the least amount of thought or time to ensure we are doing so correctly, until there’s complications. Congrats on finding the courage to quit Smoking.

  41. I’ve found that when I do yoga regularly, I can get deeper breaths and breathe more easily in general. It’s really amazing what a difference it can make! Like other people have said, I found myself breathing more consciously even as I read your post — thank you!

    Congrats on quitting smoking!

  42. A little late in the game, but congratulations on kicking the smoking habit! Love the advice on breathing!

  43. Thanks for checking my post (and liking it 🙂 ) I especially enjoyed this post and will remind myself to breathe frequently, properly, as if my life depends on it — because it does!
    I wish you many years of health and self-awareness. I just turned 64 (will you still need me, etc?) and susrvived cancer 14 years ago — and counting!

  44. Proper deep breathing can be very invigorating or calming. Before sleep, I make it a point to practice deep breathing for at least 10 minutes. It helps me sleep and my wife is thankful for that!

  45. Thanks for sharing your story. Meditation is a great way to breathe and release stress. I started reading and studying Echkart Tolle about three years ago and learned about conscious awareness. That had led me to being aware of my breath more of the time and staying present. It made me realize how little I thought about breathing in the past. Now I sit at a traffic light and breath, when I am waiting in line at the grocery store, I consciously breath. My stress levels have gone down and it has improved the quality of my life. It also helps in getting to sleep and having more restful sleep.

  46. Dr. Andrew Weil has an excellent CD on breathing: Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing. I practice it almost daily.

  47. Jon Kabat Zinn, who pioneered mindfulness-based meditation practice, said that the graduates of his program, when questioned, have said that the “breathing” is the most important thing that they learned.

    Obviously you are onto something!

    Most fondly, and good luck,


  48. Thank you for visiting my blog (the way of the flower) it’s fun to accept an invite from a stranger and learn about them too. Glad you stopped. Nasty habit – I watched my dad slowly die from it.
    Emphysema is scary. So of course I smoked too – for 30 yrs – nervous smoking – chains and things.

    I stopped 15 yrs ago. Doing good. Like you grieving a bit for the damage done over the years but beating self up for being ignorant doesn’t help me appreciate the only breathe i have – we have – this one now……..

  49. When I am stressed out, I “breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.” I call them my “yoga breaths.” Thanks for checking out my new blog, bmoreenergy. I added you to my blogroll.

  50. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am also a recovering ex-smoker. Have been going cigarette free for over 2 years now! I just recently started yoga and realized that all this time, I have been breathing the wrong way. Sucking in my stomach when inhaling (oh, female vanity…) and puffing out my chest when exhaling. Now I am slowly learning the deep belly breathing and it _does_ make me feel different. For one, when I am tempted to go into a panic attack, I can stave it off with the yoga breathing. Very interesting posts!

  51. As a Natural Health Practitioner I thoroughly agree!
    Thanks for popping in to my “Eye Cee U” Blog … I just started it, it didn’t even have a proper header yet! (It has NOW!)

  52. Thank you for “liking” my “Living Full-Tilt” blog. I find yours very uplifing and informational. I, too, find myself holding my breath or breathing in shallow breaths at times. I did not know that oxygen helps to rid our bodies of viruses, bacteria and such. Thanks for this new (to me) information.

  53. Great, informative and inspiring post. Thank you for visiting my blog, much appreciated:-).
    Keep Breathing…

  54. Take up Yoga – it’s never too late – your yoga teacher will teach you the correct techniques to breath properly!

  55. Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for this post. I actually had post-it notes in various places throughout my home. On my desk, next to my bed, on the fridge, by the phone, and they all simply said……..Breath or Breath….& repeat.

  56. I sat up straighter the minute I started reading this, and realized how ineffectively I had been breathing! And you wanna hear a strange thing? I don’t breathe properly when I do the dishes! It’s the weirdest thing, but I have to actually remind myself to breathe when doing them. Thanks for this blog (I’m a follower!), and thanks for visiting my blog and liking my recent post on ‘which ice cream cone are you.” Have a great day! 🙂

  57. Yoh Anna! Good to see you keeping us healthy. Seems such an elementary thing to remember to breathe but I remember when I was racing motorbikes and I sometimes concentrated so hard I forgot to breathe then when the big breaths came to compensate they fogged up my visor 🙂

    Hope you are enjoying the occasional post on from-a-distance.

    Take care babe 🙂

  58. Hey Anna! Thanks for stopping by Squirrel Circus so often, I really appreciate it. 🙂 On the topic of breathing, I used to swear that I just couldn’t RUN because I couldn’t get my breathing right. I now realize that, I was panicking a little, as soon as I felt like I was actually exerting myself. Warming up a little longer has helped. 🙂

  59. I used to smoke too, for about 40 yrs. I gave up about 6 or 7 years ago. My lungs are very good now, but I think what mostly saved me was a lot or really intense breathing all my life through exercise, and also through a healing practice called rebirthing where you lie down and breath continuously in and out with no breaks for up to an hour. Sure gets a lot of oxygen into your blood and brain. And keeps your lungs working.

    I also send love to the body, all the time. I think I’ll write a blog post about that.

  60. I’m a dreaded mouth breather! I had surgery to correct a deviated septum in hope of breathing better through my nose (did straighten my nose but did not help breathing) Since i’m not taking in much oxygen through my nose I tend to run out of breath while just eating lol! I have to stop and take breaths between bites but if the food’s so good I eat too fast and then sound like I just finished a marathon.

    The funny part is that I have some air flow through my nose but developed the dependence of breathing from my mouth. That is a habit I try and try to break but man, that’s hard. I wish there was a rehab program for mouth breathers!

    Thanks for this post.

  61. As a singer, my instructor who leads the Vocal DPT at USC, first taught us proper breathing technique before we made any vocalizations–exercise: lie on the floor and make sure when we breathe our belly expands along with our rib cage.

  62. Anna, thanks for the like. It’s a long reply, but Scott’s site, and his methods, are worth a look. Text follows …

    When out of breath – sequence for quick, calm recovery
    1. Breathe in a controlled breath through the nose, with mouth closed.
    (Regain control of the speed of the breath, stop hyperventilation)
    2. Breathe in for longer by relaxing the belly while breathing in through the nose.
    (Breathe in for longer, increase lung capacity)
    3. Breathe out in several short, sharp breaths through the mouth.
    (Control the out-breath, become calmer)
    4. Keep breathing in through the nose, by relaxing the belly. Breathe out slowly and deeply through the mouth by pulling the belly towards the spine.
    (Stay calm, recover)
    5. Keep breathing in through the nose, by relaxing the belly. Breathe out through the mouth again long and slow (count to 4) by pulling the belly towards the spine, pause (count to 4) without tension in head, chest, or elsewhere. Repeat the in- and out-breath
    (Establish calm, steady breathing to aid recovery)
    Reflex breathing in response to stress is halted, conscious calm breathing is restored.
    Thanks to Scott Sonnon

  63. Nicely said. My mom passed away a few years ago from several medical conditions but the largest one involved not being able to breathe properly. I’m a fanatic about breathing.. sounds silly but breathing and breathing correctly is so important. Good article. Thanks for posting.

  64. Wonderful post. Hope you find your breathing soon. Like others here my Yoga pratice is doing absolute wonders for me – helps me keep calm, stay focused and centered, it warms me up – all depending on which technique I choose for the day – and oh yes…along with bettering my life. Thanks for the like. Be well.

  65. When my husband & I were in high school, atmospheric oxygen content was 26% – because of man’s rebellion against God’s free energy resources (Sun, Wind, Fire) Earth is now down to 19%. On bad days in Tokyo it’s more like 10%. All health issues today are a result of lack of oxygen – especially cancer. That’s why we’re developing technologies to harness truly clean energy & showing people how to build their own personal power systems at the New Turbine Workshop. So every breath we take will be enriched with life-giving O2.

  66. Love this post. Breathing is such a good healing practice. It also helps me sleep at night, something that’s been a problem for years. I’ve noticed you stopping by my blog and wanted to thank you for reading. Hope to see more posts from you and hope you are well today.

  67. Great post! Isn’t it interesting how we neglect our breathing when under stress? Just refocusing and breathing deeply is so restorative.
    Thanks for your encouragement of my blog, I appreciate it too!

  68. Thank you for the image of nurturing my cells, “here you go, little ones.” I neglect •myself• but “little ones”? They •need• me 🙂 My new dentist just last week was raving about the strength of oxygen. How serendipitous. Also, great if awful image of putting red cells to work carrying toxins instead of life. Keep up the good stuff!

  69. Deep breathing is very calming. I learned to do this as part of my yoga practice. Give yourself this essential gift. I, too, quit smoking seven years ago. That albatross is gone!! Good for you. You did it too. Concentrating on the breath keeps you centred in the present moment. Thanks for the reminder!! xx

  70. A practical alternative to carrying a small plant around with us where ever we go (although I do like that idea!) is doing lots of gardening 😉

    I always feel better for spending time tending to plants. Always thought of it in general terms, of it being a grounding, positive pastime, an earthy activity. Interesting thought that it’s beneficial because it’s time spent in a place where you’re breathing in better quality air.

    Great post.

  71. In my youth I had four times severe pneumonia and as a longtime effect of these sicknesses some 6 percent of my lungs are not functional. Despite this handicap I was singing in Jazz and Soul bands and in a Gospel choir (I’m not a talented singer but with persistence and hard training I could at least reach a level of proficiency that people were not anymore making jokes about me).

    Unfortunately at present I have not enough time to sing but when I’m reminded about breathing I instantly feel my diaphragm (which should always be the main muscle to regulate air flow in the lungs) and my breathing improves significantly.

    Thank you for reminding me!

  72. This year I got really into Yoga and during my classes was taught the importance of ones breath and some breathing techniques. What a huge difference proper breathing makes!

  73. I have the same silly problem! When I get stressed, my breathing becomes shallow and quick without me realizing it… The next thing I know, I have a headache from it that compounds whatever problem I’m already dealing with!

  74. Not sure how you feel about yoga, but starting classes a few months ago has made me very aware of my own breathing, besides all the other benefits. I liked this post-very thoughtful.

  75. I too am a shallow breather. And I didnt realize this until my husband landed himself in the hospital and he was given an breathing tool. He had to breathe into it and keep his level of oxygen at a particular spot. I couldn’t even get to the recomonded point! Congrats on quitting smoking. Its been a year for my husband and I together.

  76. There are lots of air cleansing plants that you can place in your home to give you more oxygen inside. Place them near a window and they will do great for you and for them!

  77. Thanks for liking my post! When I read this post I thought- Oh! I think she might really like Yoga! I volunteer at a local hospital assisting in a yoga class for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. This is one inspiring group! They give each other so much support and it is always great to be among them. Maybe your community offers this- it’s free! You would learn about breathing and your body and mind would be better for it! I love that you are making plans for 70!

  78. Thanks so much for liking my post! You are so right about the importance of proper breathing….it is probably the most important thing I’ve taken away from over 15 years of Yoga practice and teaching. I wish I could have convinced my father….he died in May. Sometimes when we are afraid to feel our feelings we hold them down by unconsciously breathing shallow(ly). I’m still dealing with pain of having had a tumor on my spine, and it has been a combination or breathing meditations,, attention to beauty, and writing along with the love of my friends and family and prayer, that have kept me going., Wishing you every blessing.

  79. Interesting post. My opinion is that if you don’t remember to breathe, it is actually good. Normal breathing at periods of low activity is supposed to be just that – slow, shallow and unnoticeable. Not one person in the waking state has ever died because he forgot to breathe. It is an involuntary process to a very large extent.

    It is people with breathing problems who breathe deep, fast and hard, ever seen asthmatics breathe? Try holding your breath after a normal exhale and notice how much time elapses before you feel the urge to breathe again. The longer this pause, you can know you are a good breather. The shorter the period you can hold the breath, it means you breathe improperly and your system is oxygen starved and crying for it. ( which is manifested by the urge to breathe again). Healthy people breathe less and can hold their breath for long periods because their lungs are very efficient.

  80. Great post! It’s really amazing how easy it is to “forget” to breathe, isn’t it? I try to be cognizant of it, but how quickly other clutter gets in the way. Also, Anna, thanks a lot for liking some of my recent blogs from Utah “Death Hollow”, “Bryce Canyon” and “Calf Creek”. Have a great weekend.

  81. I’m always forgetting to breathe! Especially when I’m typing or doing something on the computer, I just breathe very shallow breaths. I have to keep reminding myself – Breathe, already!! 😉

  82. I love this! I can’t wait til I get a chance to read through your blog more thoroughly, I am absolutely enthralled by it and I cannot thank you enough for your like on my post, without it I may not have been able to come here. This makes me very ashamed of myself for smoking now….let’s see what I can do about that.

  83. Interesting post because I thought I was the only one in the world that didn’t breathe right. I too was a 40 year smoker and quit after I slipped and shattered a vertabrae. My doctor would not operate on me until I had quit. So that day was my last cigarette and the first day of a much better life. Now, if I could only learn how to breathe properly!

  84. Thanks for the informative article. Proper breathing is essential, and comes from the stomach. Qigong teaches you how to breathe in the right manner, and I’ve been practicing it, and my energy levels and overall well being has improved greatly.

  85. I love your writing! This post, and so many others, are so engaging, enjoyable, and informative. You are so on target with breathing. The more oxygen we breathe in, the more it can help cleanse and energize the blood. Thank you for sharing what you learn. And thanks for stopping by my blog and liking About Disease.” Please feel free to stop by again. This Friday’s post will be on autointoxication. Best to you.

  86. A very sweet piece. I found it because I’m finally admitting that I don’t allow myself the apparent luxury of breathing good and deep. But I’ve had enough of short and insufficient breaths! My poor little soldiers!

    Very cute writing style.


  87. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog “Reinvention Underway” and liking a piece I wrote about Ireland. I’ve been reading through your work and I am so inspired by your reflections and insights about life and standing your ground against cancer. I’ll continue to read through these impactful thoughts. I wanted to leave a comment here though because breathing is something we often take for granted and yet has the greatest influence on how we live our lives: Are we just rushing through it or are able to slow down? Are we neglecting ourselves and just going through the motions or are we truly present in the moment?

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  88. Anna, I love this line:

    “What about carrying a small plant wherever we go? Maybe not.”

    I’ve been doing breathing exercises for about 2 years and they make such a beautiful difference in how I feel—in my mind and body. I think we get busy and
    most of the time don’t even realize we’re forgetting to breathe! I’m happy you’re writing. You’re spreading joy and great information.


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