Less is better.


I’m talking about food. And I’m not talking about obesity, that’s totally different subject.

I noticed long time ago, that people who ate less food lived healthier and longer lives. The best example are my grandparents. My Grandpa’s favorite breakfast was: 4 eggs with one LB bacon. He just loved his food. He died of atherosclerosis when he was 56 years old. My Grandma was a vegetarian and she ate lot less. She lived to be 97 years old.

I’m sure, there is something about this “eat less, live longer” theory. So I decided to investigate why is so.

One of the studies shows, that the mice that received 1/3 less of calories (but still the right nutrients) than the other mice, lived 33% longer and cancer free.

Our immune system should be able to fight any disease, but if we keep eating too much, our immune system is taking too much time and effort on getting rid of harmful stuff what we just eat (free radicals, toxins) and can not fix anything else what is wrong with us.

So now, that I’m sure how very important it is to eat less I have to do something about this… like… maybe:

– Use smaller plate – small sandwich don’t look that small on the small plate.

– Avoid food bulk buying – to avoid bulk eating.

– Don’t go food shopping while hungry.

– Don’t buy food which I like very, very much.

– Wearing my reading glasses while eating – every bite looks bigger.

– Sometimes I may just skip one meal – ????.

– But I will splurge on the 7-th day.


I was never really overweight in my life, but I know I’m eatingΒ  much too much. Sometimes I’m trying to eat extra, just for the case…. so I don’t have to eat again soon…. saving my time….

I know, is not going to be easy, but I can do it: MUCH LESS CALORIES, but KEEPING THE NUTRIENTS !!!

So let’s eat healthy foods (but little bit less of it), breath little deeper, make plans for the future and we are going to be there !

120 thoughts on “Less is better.

  1. Thanks for the reminder that eating is less important than we Americans make it. My Father use to ask, “Do you eat to live or do you live to eat?” Good question to ponder!

    1. As an ex-fitness professional (I did this for 15 years before concentrating on my writing), I would agree wholeheartedly with this one! Make sure you eat about 5 or 6 times per day, with a few larger meals and lots of snacks thrown in the mix. Grazing is the best way to go – all fresh, healthy food. You need to keep your body fueled. In anticipation for sleeping however, try not to eat much an hour or two before. Digestion with keep you awake. Treats are OK but in great moderation. What I do is I give myself permission to eat some cake at a birthday, but I only take a small piece. Or I’ll have some cookies that my daughter made, but I’ll only have one or two little ones, not five or six.

      Also, as much as diet is important, so is exercise. Our bodies are meant to move, so that should be something you do as well. Remember, just like with the food, little things add up, so walking for twenty minutes three times during the day is equal to a solid hour of walking. Just keep moving. Stay healthy my friend, and thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Thanks for the good info. I am a volume eater myself. I love food and I do know I eat too much food. I try to mitigate that with eating better food with less calories, if that makes sense.

  3. Intriguing write. I am a vegan, meself, and mostly live on rice, legumes, fruits and veggies. I naturally only feel like refueling about twice a day, usually with a supplement drink I make up to make sure I’m getting all I need. I have always been that way, and am an extremely active person. Me mum was also, but unfortunately she still developed cancer. So many factors go into disease…Good to pursue a healthy lifestyle, I think, and especially a positive one, and embrace every moment of beauty. Me mum had a shortened life, but a rich one in healthy living, beauty, grace, and laughter. She did so many things, accomplished so much, and touched so many people. Healthy living and a positive attitude I think are the best preventers of disease. That bit with the glasses I admit made me smile. Love the post.

  4. Eat too much–cha dead. Eat too little–cha dead. Balance comes into play, which, seeing as a good deal of us err of the side of num-stuffing, has to mean less is very, very good. I thought this was interesting and useful.

  5. Sounds like a good theory! People are definitely indulging in everything nowadays… I try cut out sugar but it’s hard!

  6. How d’you feel about skipping the supplements? I find sometimes I skip my calcium etc for weeks at a time and feel guilty about it. Then I tell myself it’s actually not a bad thing to miss out on the “meds” for a while. What do you think?

  7. I’ve always been a small person and a small eater – and always been harassed for being ‘unhearhy’ … except I have no medical conditions and very few days off work die to illness. I just eat simply and well!

  8. With my schedule I usually do one good full balanced meal and a quick breakfast. May be something to look into doing here though.

  9. Your article is great. I never had to watch what I ate until about 4 yrs ago. As I get older, I have slowed down a little, although my family says I still can’t sit long enough to watch a movie! I have tried changing my eating habits and there are a few of your ideas included in my plan. Keep writing!

  10. I have heard this before, too. I heard that you should stop eating before you’re actually “full,” and that there have been studies done in cultures where they do stop eating before the satiation point.
    All of your tips are good ones! I have also heard that we should “eat like birds,” that is several small meals/snacks a day.
    Great post!

  11. Thankyou, I needed to hear that. Eating less and nutrient rich food is something I could do a better job at. Thankyou for liking some of my posts.

  12. This is great information.My father is 90-years-old but looks 70. He still plays golf (even walks on the course as much as he rides golf carts because he enjoys walking), goes saltwater fishing out in the Gulf of Mexico and is an avid gardener. When he went on an Honor Flight with other World War Two veterans, folks who saw him didn’t believe he was a veteran! He’s never smoked or drank liquor a day in his life, has always lived an active lifestyle and eaten properly. This, I believe, confirms your advice in your post. Proper diet is definitely one thing which contributes to a person’s longevitiy. Activity of any sort is another factor. Both of these, I believe, are factors in my father’s case. Thanks for your hints. I am learning a lot.

  13. Anna, Thanks for the like and stopping by my blog. I do overeat, am not obese, but I am certianly not getting any younger and that’s not the best combination. Thanks for the motivation.

  14. Eat lots, just make that lots of fresh fruits veggies grains & legumes. Animal protein & fat are the culprits, as well as processed foods. I have a huge appetite, but you can’t overdo bean salad, tomatoes and cucumbers! Eat and feel happy, knowing your delicious foods are adding to your health!

  15. We try to shop ‘around the outside of the grocery store,’ where all the fresh foods live, and avoid the center aisles where everything is all process-y. Thanks for visiting A Thistle in my Sensitive Area, and thanks for the ‘like!’ Here’s to your health! Calvin

  16. I’ve heard this advice as well; eat less, live longer. Still trying to train myself to do so though! Thanks for the extra ideas and motivation πŸ™‚

  17. I think all of it is good advice: except skipping meals. For most people that leads to disordered eating patterns and can also cause blood sugar issues. I think most nutritional guidelines would trend more towards either just not snacking, or eating 5-6 smaller “meals” during the day (and not forgetting that drinking juices and such is “eating.”)

  18. Yes, I do agree, but do you know how guilty you just made me feel?
    Been out with the family today and I have eaten the biggest load of old rubbish ever.
    Went into a family diner.
    Not our kind of place at all.
    Horrible food buffet style, under heat lamps, with the decibel level of both children and musak out of this world..
    My only consolation is that I think the turnover was sufficient that the food didn’t hang around long.
    Took me fifteen minutes to decide that and then I could brave the buffet.
    Maybe tomorrow I won’t eat at all to make up for today’s not only excesses, but horrible stuff.
    Nice post, just wish it wasn’t giving me indigestion.

  19. This is true! When I went to an Open Day lecture at UCL, the admissions tutor I remember saying, because it made me laugh “It has been proven that eating one meal less a day and having no sex will make you live longer. So… we’ll all be old and miserable!”
    However I do think it’s worth pointing out the picture is a lot bigger than this.
    You’ll live longer, but don’t forget all the nasties that creep up on us with age! Not to mention how you’re much better off eating small, regular meals during the day that are low-calorie…
    Yes, our bodies are way too complicated to just fixate on one study! I hope this works for you, though!

  20. This makes a lot of sense to me and I had never even considered it. I feel like I have been living under a rock not to have noticed that eating a lot versus a little also impacts the effect that food has on our bodies. I always wondered why when my adoptive mom was diagnosed weith Diabetes, they put her on a diet where her meals were in very small portions. If this is a reason then I understand now. I have trouble right now eating small portions but I am working to get to a point where I am eating healthier in smaller portions. Thank you for writing this. πŸ™‚

  21. Very nice post! I have to tell you that I am much healthier (and lighter, a size or two smaller) now than one year ago. Just changed the way I eat, no dieting or skipping meals, just lower in carbs and smaller meals. All the best!

  22. Generations before, they serve food without much preservatives, or nothing at all. Maybe that’s the reason why during those days people are healthier. The authentic food tastes good than the one with additives/ extra artificial flavorings.

  23. I want to thank you for writing this blog. My father was recently diagnosed with mesotheilioma and given months to live. He’s 81 and was in the Navy back in the 50’s, and this is the souvenir he brought back with him. He is fighting for all he is worth. Your blog has been encouraging. I’ve passed along the soup recipe and food lists. Today I read your post about the Incan medicine, and will have some of that for him by the weekend. That struck a chord with me because he belongs to “The Incas” order of Mardi Gras. My prayers and positive thoughts are with you. Thanks for the encouragement. πŸ™‚

  24. Thank you for visiting my site, first of all. I like your optimistic attitude. Have you already written about the role your thoughts play in your healing? I’ll be back because I think this is a good thing you’ve started here in sharing something that could be overwhelming to some. Cancer doesn’t have to win.

  25. I’m a vegetarian and have never been overweight, but even still, I sometimes imagine how much food I have shoveled down this hole in my head over a life time and you can imagine how your whole body has to process everything that goes in. Quite a lot of work!

  26. This past week was a particularly busy one for me. I worked extra hours at my job and had a lot of obligations after work. It resulted in some pretty terrible eating on my part. I’m certain I consumed more calories because I was on the run all the time and by the time I was able to get my hands on some food I shoveled it down with little regard to its nutritional value. So for me it comes down to planning. If I take a little time on the weekends to shop for what I need and do some preparation, I’m bound to eat better and fewer calories. So, now I know what I’ll be doing on Sunday!

  27. Thank you visiting my site. This is true not only for food but for many other areas of life. We live in a society that ‘superzie’ everything – big houses, big mortagges, big TVs, big cars, without counting the true cost of indulgence!

  28. I liked your post! I too can eat waaay to much. I started calorie counting in January, and it was a huge eye opener to how many calories can sometimes hide in very small things! The good thing about it was that I learned that you can fill up on lots of vegetables, and cups of them can sometimes only be very few calories, and they’re really nutritious! Good luck with your goals! πŸ™‚

  29. Thank you for liking my post.
    I too believe in everything in moderation and eating as close to the source as possible. Organic and less food miles must be better for everyone’s health. Keep on keeping on for all of us “unyounsters” out there.

  30. The portion size thing is a big issue but you shouldn’t skip meals have just been on a healthy eating course and i am learning how to eat breakfast as it was the one meal i could never face, but one thing I have started doing is using a smaller plate, the average plate size has grown so much I only realised when i put one of my nice new shiny set against one from the back of the cupboard that was part of an old set the new one is over two inches in diameter bigger which means you fill it more so it looks right to your eye

  31. You are remarkable. I really enjoyed this post and I have found this and others of yours to be so inspirational. I have been fighting with an addiction to food and sugar for months and have found iy increasingly difficult to lose weight. I like some of the tips you offered and will follow them, especially not buying food in bulk.

  32. I agree with others re: skipping meals, it will mess up your blood sugar, make your appetite go crazy and lead to bingeing or eating weird things later. If you want to eat less, you need to keep your blood sugar steady, by eating regular meals and slow-release carbohydrates like wholegrains.

    I was referred to a dietitian to lose weight, and their good advice included not skipping meals, also using smaller plates, and avoiding foods labelled “low fat” as they are usually loaded with sugar! That especially goes for low-fat yoghurt.

    And “don’t shop when you’re hungry” is very valuable advice – I don’t so much buy unhealthy things if I shop when I’m hungry, I just buy extremely weird things, and then get back home and go, “Indian rice dumpling mix? Really?”. And then I have to use up whatever it is. In fact, that one is still in the cupboard…

    Also if you don’t intend to eat it, don’t have it in the house. If you don’t intend to eat chocolate, don’t buy chocolate.

    An odd tip I discovered on my own: if I receive chocolate as a present and want to save it for treat days and not snack on it regularly, I put it up above eye level – at the moment, on top of the bookshelves. If I don’t see it, I don’t remember it’s there and I’m not tempted. On a treat day, I’ll go looking for it. Works for me! Also I find chocolate stored in the baking cupboard to be easy to ignore as it’s an “ingredient”, not a “treat”.

  33. But the best tip of all for eating less is actually to eat more – vegetables. They don’t count as “eating a lot” in this sense, as they’re mostly fibre and water, but they do fill you up. And the extra fibre, water, vitamins and minerals don’t hurt at all.

    So I am consciously trying to cram more and more veg into our diet, while at the same time reducing meat, fat and to some extent carbs (I don’t believe in extreme low-carb diets). I use veg to stretch meat (e.g. in bolognese) and have regular vegetarian meals like veg curries. If you like the idea of eating the way our wild ancestors did, and many non-western people still do, this is pretty much it – a bit of carbs, a trace of fat, some meat if you’re lucky, but mostly fruit, roots and lots and lots and lots of greens.

  34. Thank you for your “likes” on my blog.

    Have you tried eating more raw and natural foods and less processed? I believe the reason why we over-eat is because processed food tastes so good, but are loaded with much more fats, salts, sugars, calories etc. Hence it is so easy to be tempted to over-eat.

    Animals raised in a natural environment eat food in natural form, and do not suffer from overweight issues. However, domesticated animals like dogs/cats, if fed processed diets by their doting owners, suffer from similar human-related diseases related to such diets.

    Just some thoughts..

  35. I too have read that eating less leads to longer, healthier life and have been smaller portions etc. I also find that eating very slowly and chewing longer helps me feel full when I haven’t over-eaten. I like your approach to food – Also enjoyed many of the comments. Especially about eatig more veggies, etc…

  36. I am in total agreement. The benefits are remarkable as I’ve tried to follow this plan most of my adult life and my health is great. Because of family genetics I do have high blood pressure so some health issues cannot be avoided. So, control what one can and live a healthy, longer and enjoyable life!

  37. There is so much more FOOD in our grocery stores and so many more fast food restaurants, it’s no wonder America is the fattest country in the world. When 600 calories-worth of packaged pie is only $1, people definitely need to realize that less IS more and a dollar deal is not worth it’s price in the toll it takes on the body.

  38. Good for you! I think this idea of eating less and eating healthier is beginning to catch on with more and more people. I know for my husband and I it is working. I made a decision in January to stop buying processed foods and only eat food that I cook. (We still go out for the occasional meal, but we’re pretty selective about what we eat and where.) The problem is we’ve all been seduced by convenience. If we can’t have something in less than one minute we tend to not want to bother. That’s where I think shows like MasterChef and Iron Chef and Rachel Ray’s cooking show are having a big impact. They’re showing people that good food and food that’s good for you can be prepared quickly and economically. This got away on me a bit, LOL.
    Good luck with your new eating plan.

  39. A great commentary on eating less vs. eating more. I have lost a massive amount of weight since going into cardiac arrest in December and I feel so much better. Thanks for sharing this. I will send it out to my Twitter followers.

  40. In the past, I’ve tried fasting one day a week – nothing but water. It’s an interesting experiment to do with yourself as it makes you realize how tied you are to your habits and your body. Worth trying if you never have.

  41. It’s interesting how the body accomodates, too. Once one starts eating smaller portions, the body recognizes this as enough food, which makes eating a large meal more difficult in the future.

  42. Good luck. As some have said, you are what you eat. I went to the store today before I had lunch and I had to fight off the urge to buy a bunch of junk. I succeeded, but it was oh so tempting.

  43. Interesting post! I agree but disagree at the same time! I have a hard time seeing that skipping any meal is a good thing. I agree with the prior poster it could result in binge eating. In my opinion it is best to eat several, yes several, “small” meals a day. You will never fill your belly completely but you will never be hungry and it gives your body enough time to digest everything and break down those toxins etc..

  44. There’s a great book called “In Defense of Food,” by Michael Pollen that talks about when Americans were the healthiest. Such as, during The Depression. The reason for this is because our food was rationed and it wasn’t yet being chemically modified. It’s an interesting read and even changed the way I eat. There’s so much about our food that we don’t even know. We assume because they say it’s ‘natural’ or has ‘natural ingredients’ it must be healthy. 7UP’s logo is ‘All Natural’ but when you read the ingredients you see this is impossible. The more you learn, the more overwhelming it seems, but there is really starting to be a movement toward healthy, no-hormone, no added sweetener, no GMO type foods. It can be more expensive sometimes especially if you eat meat, but the basics: fruits and veggies is a must and doesn’t cost any more than a frozen pizza. Pollen says, “Pay now or pay later.” Sometimes, I wish I had a nicer apartment, or even nice things, and someday, I will have the financial backing to do so. Until then, I will continue to spend the bulk of my money on my food and to me, it’s the best kind of investment.

  45. If I read it right: the mice than ate one third less lived one third longerβ€”ergo, if they stop eating altogether they should live for ever?

    I like it~!

    Or maybe not, I’m too hooked on chocolate and boiled eggs …

  46. I think this is a great reminder. My body just seems to feel better on days that I eat smaller (and healthier) portions. I’d like to live to 97. πŸ™‚

  47. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog. In turn, I found this post of yours. As Americans we overeat always. If we just ate real food in small portions several times a day, we’d be a lot better off. I think what you are doing is good. (But don’t skip meals–just eat smaller ones.) I’ve cut out wheat and sugar from my diet, and the arthritis in my hands is totally gone! It’s hard the first few weeks as sugar is an addiction, but it gets easier. Your post was an encouragement. Thank you.

  48. Restaurant and fast food portions have gotten out of control in the U.S. They’ve had a big effect on our perception of what is a reasonable portion. Things are much different in most of Europe. It takes quite some time and a lot of effort to reduce to saner portion sizes. You have to retrain your stomach. Thanks for the tips. How you feeling, dear? — YUR

  49. Goooo Vegan! I used to have some of those symptoms. Every article I read said to eat fruits and veggies to heal, no matter which of those illnesses it was. So, I went vegan. Why wait until you are sick?

  50. Enjoyed reading this post. i’m not overweight but like you know I’m eating too much so its only a matter of time before the waistline gives in and expands to accommodate lol
    I’ve recently started trying to eat more veg and fruit and drinking more water – I say recently, today is day 4 and I’m ok so far. πŸ™‚
    Good luck with your eat less but healthy eating plan πŸ™‚

  51. Hi,
    Just stopped in after you stopped by my blog. I’m so glad that you are a survivor. My mother will not be. She was diagnosed with bile duct cancer on Mother’s Day of all days! We have tried to be philosophical about it, but it is hard losing your Mom. She just turned 82 July 3, had 8 children, dozens and dozens of grandchildren and has dozens of greats. She has led a very fulfilling life!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoyed it.

  52. Thanks for stopping A Curious Band of Others. I’ve dropped 20 pounds and kept them off for over a year now. I’ve learned to eat less and feel better. I appreciate the additional information ammo to confirm that less is better.

  53. I agree with the others who said please don’t skip a meal. That always just makes me want to eat more, and unfortunately, I do. What I’ve found helps is eating smaller portions, and eating more frequently – 3 meals and 2 snacks (small portions of almonds or low fat cheese or yogurt). And lots of water, as some of the others have said, helps a lot too.

  54. Very true! I still believe the quality of what you eat is more important than the quantity though. Also, one thing that has helped me a lot, is making sure that I am not mistaking hunger for thirst – often people will eat, when all they really need is a big glass of water πŸ™‚ Flavoured drinks, like water with lemon, coffee (without sugar or milk though) etc. also stop cravings between meals. Anyway, good luck πŸ™‚

  55. I’m somewhat of a glutton, but I know this is a good mission that I should undertake. Eating less is also better for the environment, too. We could stand to cut back in a lot of areas in life.

  56. Hi!

    I had heard about using a smaller plate, but using reading glasses so the food looks bigger is a real gem!!!

    I eat the Mediterranean diet, and I am a happy camper with that.

    Thanks for the “like” on my blog.

    And you have such a successful blog! Congratulations!

    Most cordially, Celia

  57. Thanks for stopping by and liking my little blog madame. I love this particular article! How I wish I could do this too…but there’s just no saying no when there’s good chow…:)

  58. It is not every day that one gets to comment on the “Queens” blog. I am a BIG supporter and proponent of eating healthy. I truly appreciate your stand and perspective. Stay the course as eating healthy has served me very well. I recommend eating a rainbow of color each day. -Leatrice

  59. Haha… totally recognize myself in the eating a bit extra to save time later part. I read somewhere that over eating can age you, so I think eating less could be the way to go πŸ™‚ I’m going to give it a go too!

  60. Thanks for the likes, I’m glad to have taken a moment to visit you. I loved this and totally agree – I can feel it, I don’t need research to prove that I feel better when I eat less and I especially loved the reading glasses idea too – very funny:-) May you be happy and healthy and free!

  61. Not that I disagree with you… just a sligthly different spin: I believe that depriving yourself is bad. It leads to craving, it leads to self-admonishment when you slip a little. I believe in EATING MORE!!!! Eat more of the good stuff: eat watermelon, zucchini, cauliflower, cucumber etc etc. Dive in! Have as many different sorts as you can find, have it several times a day, every day!

  62. Thanks for this great reminder! I have never had to worry about my weight, so I never really have given food much thought. I do eat alot of veggies, not so big on fruit. Once upon a time I had Gall Stones. I was young and pregnant when they found them, and the doctors told me, 5-6 small meals a day would keep me from having Gall Bladder Attacks until I had the baby and then I could have the surgery. That was over 20 years ago, and since then have forgotten all about that great advice, until your wonderful reminder! Thank you! **Thank you for checking out my blog…they say there is a reason everything happens!! πŸ™‚

  63. so true! i try to keep my portions small but some times i just cannot. i think that if you eat small amounts for a week then ur body asks for more the next week to balance out. i guess its an on going effort to keep your plate half empty.

    thank you for swinging by my blog, i just started, got a long way ahead of me

    i like the way you write and give advice! keep it up!

  64. Good point; the more you eat the more toxins have to be removed. Some birds apparently do this by eating lime (earth) to detox them. In any case; well known fact is that obesity increases the risk of many cancers, incl. breast cancer. Thanks for reading and liking my blogs!

    1. I’m in the same situation as you! I want to put on weight. You don’t necessarily have to eat MORE, you can just eat higher quality and combine it with exercise. Muscle weighs more than fat (that’s why I always hit the gym!). I’ve been working on gaining 1lb/week (off and on…) and I eat multiple meals throughout the day, including different kinds of nuts. Excellent nutritional value, you stay feelin good, and you reach your goals!

      ~Join Me~ http://missjessedeol.wordpress.com/
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      ~Follow Me~ @missbayareacali

  65. This is wonderful, thanks for this post. It’s not satisfying to feel a little “un-full” all of the time but I agree that we can be satisfied with less food and it’s healthy to do so. Thank you for sharing!

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