Balancing my pH.

I found new game to play. Game with purpose: “pH balancing game”.

I have heard about pH balance long time ago, but it got my attention when I read this statement: “Taking vitamins and mineral pills or any kind of food supplement without balancing your pH is like forgetting to add the yeast yo your chocolate cake recipe”. James Lebeau said this, and I think he was right

So I google: “What is pH balance?

– PH balance is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

– The letters pH stand for : potential of Hydrogen.

– The pH scale ranges from O to 14. Pure water has a pH of 7, acid solutions have pH less than 7, alkaline above 7. ( Acid – less Oxygen, Alkaline – more Oxygen. Cancer hates Oxygen.)

– The idea is to bring and keep your body’s pH to ideal level: 7.4.

– If the body is out of balance, can not function properly and will try to balance itself by taking nutrients from one place and dumping impurities in other. This how ( I think ) we get sick.

– The lower pH below 7, the more danger. Terminal cancer patients pH is about 4 -5.


So I google next: “How do you measure your body’s pH level?”

And I found the pH balance test strips. Highly recommended by Doctors. So now I can check my saliva or urine pH status. It is 6.5. Not good. To much acid in my body fluids. No wonder I’m feeling not so sweet lately. I need help !!!

So I google: “pH balancing Diet Foods”. Alkaline, healthy diet is all food that’s raw and green – greens, sea vegetables, super foods, herbs, fruits, legumes and nuts. Acid forming foods, bad diet: meat, all animal products, sugar, grains, coffee, pop, chips, prepared foods, alcohol, cigarettes, pharmaceutical medicine. Don’t panic. You don’t have to give up all this. It is all about BALANCE only.

– And they say: Purified water is acidic. (??????)Β  And lemon is alkaline. ( Go figure !!!!!!)

– Putting baking soda in your drinking water (1/2 tsp in 16 oz) makes your body fluids more alkaline. (??????)

And than I google:”Can cancer survive in an alkaline body?” And here what I got: “Cancer will be destroyed in a matter of hours when the body achieves an 8.0 pH level.To much Oxygen. But keeping your pH that high for longer period of time is not good, so you eat some “bad diet food” (?????) to bring your pH down to 7.4. This is my speculation only.

There is lot more to learn about this.all……

If you like the idea of the “pH balancing game”, do some more research, follow your own judgement.

I think that bringing and keeping my pH on 7.4 level will greatly improve my general health and prevent cancer from ever coming back. This is my belief. But remember, I’m ONEanna65…………Wishing you good health !

114 thoughts on “Balancing my pH.

  1. I have to keep my body alkalized. I have a good recipe to make a health drink that will make your pH levels alkalize and where you need them. I know it sounds crazy but it works. You do have to do it every day to see long term benefits. I have a hard time drinking it everyday because I hate the taste but most people I know like it. Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother, that it is what makes this drink work. The ACV is acidic but will turn super alkalized when it hits your throat. The bottle has a recipe for it the drink on it. I use a tablespoon of the ACV in 8 oz. of water, and two tea spoons of honey works great too. In your case I would take it as the bottle recommends.

  2. That is quite interesting. This was what we studied in grade 10 chemistry.
    But I would recommend that you consult your doctor first before deciding on your own what sort of diet you must have in order to maintain your pH. You know there is an increasing amount of junk material available on net nowadays. So, better consult some one in real life so as to understand the matter in a better way and then, framing out a proper diet routine for yourself.

  3. This is really interesting. I’ve never heard it before. I wonder; do some people naturally have a tendency to higher acidity levels? Wishing you good health right back!

  4. I’m fairly new to your blog so I don’t know if you’ve read Kris Carr’s crazy Sexy Cancer. She has a new recipe book out and she’s all about pH levels. I really believe there is something very important here.

  5. I love the way you approach your quest, with such humility. Sometimes when people talk about trying to be healthy it feels impossible – like all sacrifice. But when you put it like this, its really just about, well, balancing the good and the bad. Sometimes I get a sense in my tummy if I’ve not been looking after myself, and I can actually start to really crave greens, fruit nuts etc. I guess that’s my body trying to tell me to balance out. Seems like we just need to listen to ourselves a bit more.

  6. Her in the Philippines, we are starting to develop alkaline water, which, they say, keeps the body at alkaline pH. I have to try that yet though. Very interesting:)

  7. This is very interesting. Great job researching all of this. Please let us know what else you learn. Wishing you excellent health!!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks even more for your wonderful sharing of yourself and information. Funnily enough I had been thinking a lot lately about pH, so thanks again for jogging me into action! I’m 67 and intending to live fully until I am compost!

    1. dear sustainunow2012 – can’t help but respond to your line “until I am compost!” Love it!! I wrote about some of the women in my life, mostly in their 80’s and 90’s, who are healing, nurturing and challenging my visions of my years ahead. I’m sure you also have such lights in your life – and are one yourself. bless you!

  9. Unfortunately your body pH doesn’t change as simple as that. Your stomach is always very highly acidic , and that’s how it helps to digest food and break it down. As a result anything that leaves your stomach will be acidic, regardless of its original pH. Then the digested acidic food gets neutralised by pancreas secretions. Your mouth pH will be probably close to pH of what you have just ate. But it will be all changed in your body by simply ‘breathing’ and bringing CO2 to your body. Every organ controls it’s own pH very carefully and precisely.

    And yes its true that cancer cells can’t leave in an alkaline environment but that is if you move a few cancer cells and put them in an alkaline ‘jar’ , then they will die. Unfortunately its very unlikely (and very dangerous) if you could change your body pH by simply eating acidic or alkaline food.

    The pH strips..will tell you about the pH of your mouth and your urinary tracks only.
    The true pH test would be to check blood pH in different parts, and that is if you had the capability of changing the blood pH.

    However don’t be disappointed …I am not saying your game is wrong. No, it has benefits. Most foods that their pH (I mean if you use your pH strips on the food itself) is alkaline or towards alkaline are healthier foods. Acidic foods tend to be high sugar contained or processed. so by cutting down sugary and processed foods and drinks you will benefit from eating healthier, and … (basically the old message of eat plenty fruit and Veg).
    I hope this helped. Let me know if you think I made no sense πŸ˜‰

    1. Good point. Different areas of the body need to function at different pH levels to be healthy. Acidophilus is a naturally occuring acidic compound – a probiotic, which is essential for preventing bacterial and yeast infections in the gut and genitals. Too alkaline = candida/ thrush. Not fun!

  10. Having received a 6.2 verdict with another verdict at the same time stating I had pre-cursor cancer symptoms, I am in 100% agreement with your post. I felt AWFUL! But am slowly coming back to some energy and better ‘feelings’ with a consistent, but not perfect, approach… it’s a process πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for sharing your research. I’m quite curious and will get some test strips. I’m all about keeping my life in balance so it makes total sense to start from the inside! You go girl!!!

  12. Your winsome way takes the sting out of the nasty details of life. I have just started drinking green drinks and smoothies in hopes of healing my medical issues. Your simple delivery is perfect timing.

  13. Great post!The PH value of foods is one of the most overlooked item in our diets. The bottom line is, the body will always move toward returning to homeostasis, so the closer your overall diet is to your body’s normal PH, the less your body will need to work to return in to 7.4.

  14. Hello,ONEanna65. I followed you from my blog when you left a “like”. I read this post with interest.As a nurse who dealt with blood ph in my career,it was interesting to see your analysis. As a cancer survivor myself, I was impressed with your diligence in researchig and finding things that may beneficial in keeping cancer at bay. I look forward to read some of your back posts and following you.

  15. Very interesting..can you purchase these test strips in any drug store? I should have my husband check his as well, he has not been in good health for a while now and the doctor cannot figure it out. Thank you for this information. Blessings – Patty

    1. I saw these strips at my health food store. I know that Genuine Health brand makes them. Hope this helps. They are about $12 in Canada. Your local pharmacy might have them as well. πŸ™‚

      1. if you search on ebay “litmus paper” usually its cheaper.. thats what I do.. I have CLL and alkalanize my body well… πŸ™‚ one does learn a lot along the way πŸ™‚

    2. There are a number of on-line stores that offer health products at a discount (Vitacost, Swanson Vitamins, Herbpro, etc.) that carry test strips. Also, I have several pages in a health book I wrote that focus on pH and list acid/alkaline foods, tips for maintaining alkalinity, and more. I would be happy to send you that info if you contact me at

  16. It’s probably safer to have a chat with a doctor before you get into a fixed routine. My wife does this all the time, but her brother is a doctor so I make her check.

  17. That is all very interesting. I would not ever have thought about PH balances in the body. It was a bit confusing for my public school education, but something worth looking into. Thank you so much for the information.

  18. It’s amazing what we learn about our bodies and how they work. I’m sure most people don’t know this, so thank you for sharing this info in an easy way to understand. All the best to you πŸ™‚

  19. I remember reading about this in connection with the Hay diet. I never really followed that, but I do remember they said, lemon juice in water every morning is very good for you.

  20. I have hypothyroidism that I have been struggling with for years. From the research I have done, the common denominator is simple, the food you eat. So many of us are unknowingly poisoning ourselves with what we willingly put into our bodies. I am far from what you would call a naturalist but this whole experience has opened my eyes to a lot of things I never thought of before. This post made me do a quick search on the effect of PH levels with thyroid problems and it does have a serious effect on your thyroid function. Thank you so much for this post, you have enlightened me to something I really should be paying attention to. My prayers go out to you and thank you for blessing us with your experience.

  21. Great post. Our body’s PH level affects more than just cancer… has a direct impact on cellular rebuilding, heart disease, and even muscle development. Thanks for sharing this topic. Keep on going.

  22. There’s a very lovely book out there called “Unique Healing”. It is all about healing your body based on the acids you put into it. I’m actually following her program base on probiotics and I love, love, love it.

  23. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m not the food police but do think we can prevent many diseases by eating all things in balance. FYI – pH is the concentration of hydronium ions in a food.

  24. Thanks for liking my post. Interesting to read about pH, if this is true it’s amazing that testing the pH isn’t standard procedure among the doctors.
    Keep up your good work and I wish you all the best!

  25. I remember my mother, a librarian at a hospital and pretty up-to-date on all things medical, used to test our pH every few months when we were kids. I haven’t thought about pH in awhile… your post is a good reminder of its importance. Thanks for liking my post, too. ( I’m still writing the post and what you saw was a draft, really.) Please check back sometimes. Thanks!

  26. James Lebeau is obviously not a baker. There is no yeast in chocolate cake. However, the point is well taken. Thanks for your very informative blog!

  27. That’s an interesting thing to follow. I’ve never really followed my ph. Maybe I’ll get some test strips. Interesting what it does to cancer.
    I can’t read the last word (or half the last word) in each line of your posts. I don’t know if that’s to do with the theme limitation on number of words per line? Or is it just me?? I can usually guess the last word to understand the sentences…..

  28. Hi Oneanna65 you are one neat lady. I love your upbeat style. Forgive me for not thanking you before for liking a couple of posts of mine; no excuse! I pray you continue to enjoy life cancer free!

  29. Loving your blog! Don’t know if this has been mentioned yet – But have you read Kris Carr’s “Crazy Sexy Diet”? She goes a lot into pH and how to maintain an alkaline system along with recipes, the role of juicing and all that jazz. It’s pretty fabulous! I’m a cancer survivor as well and found once I went on her diet my body (and mind) responded immensely! Let me know your thoughts if you decide to get the book!

    Much Love and OM – Naaz

  30. Thanks for liking my blog. I visited yours and seems very interesting. Many things are being said and researched about cancer, and I am a natural skeptic on all things, always investigating and questioning. There are great doctors and nutritionists out there, and some real quacks, who pass themselves off as health gurus just for the money and fame. I’d research this pH balancing thing a lot more before deciding on its merits, personally. Your blog DOES seem very upbeat and positive.

  31. What fine info! Have been battling with cancer myself (lung) and am ahead of the game with just surgery… chemo, no radiation.
    I am finally realizing, after 69 years, the importance of diet…… I doing anything about it yet?
    Not like I should be, but more than I used to.
    You are an inspiration to do more.

  32. Very powerful blog and story of life! Diet and Nutrition are the two critical keys to health and wellness…and your information about the importance of a balanced PH level (alkaline) is exactly on point. Please keep dropping the science and walk in health and peace.

  33. I came to thank you again for visiting my blog. This blog article is a bit perplexing. pH is a number that we use for blood measurement as it relates to arterial blood gas. I’m not sure that saliva or urine can be of help. You are measuring an excreted substance that can be altered by environment or is a waste product of the kidneys. Google lists the first page of articles from wholistic medicine sites. These are not medical. You don’t change body pH by what you eat. Think, you don’t have to remember to take a breath every few seconds to live. There are things the body does automatically. pH balance is done for you also.

  34. Thanks for sharing this post. (And for liking my Gogi Berry Granola recipe post on my Tea Foodie blog.) I’ve also been working on pH balance with my nutritionist.

  35. Thanks for the info! I’ve heard that starting your day with warm water and lemon helps bring down the acid level in your body. Maybe now, I’ll make more than a mild attempt to consider my pH. Thanks!

  36. Love, thanks for posting! Just passed along who is dealing with the cancer demon now and trying to learn more about this. Are you still trying to achieve this and feeling well? Sure hope so!

  37. Have been interested in pH for a couple of years now. Saw an interesting tv documentary a while ago about an area at the mouth of a river opening into the sea. It had been decided to change the flow of the river and close off an area which had been thriving with plants, wildlife etc. I think the reason was to make it a reserve or parkland. Well everything died and they wanted to know why. They found the whole area was now acidic whereas before it had been alkaline. They re-opened river access and within months the area flourished again. The rise in pH was determined as the only factor to change everything.
    My initial interest in pH came as an artist and the pH or acid free quality of papers etc. Without neutralizing the pH of art materials they deteriorate quickly and have no archival quality. I liken it to rust in mental.
    Hope this might be of help.

  38. Please be careful, your body needs balance as you say, and too high pH will kill more than cancer, it can kill you too. pH is not just a function of what you eat: your body’s pH is affected by the function of your lungs and your kidneys. If one of them is not functioning right, the condition should be treated or somehow addressed; diet will only go so far. That is not to negate the value of eating foods that create a more alkaline environment. But the body craves homeostasis (a dynamic balance) and any time the balance swings too much in one direction, the body does things to try to balance it.

  39. Hi Oneanna65!
    You have been kind enough to stop by and “like” several of my posts, so I thought I would check out your blog and “just happened” (there are no accidents, in my opinion :-)) on this particular post of yours. I came across the whole concept of pH balance years ago when doing research for my own health issues. I happen to have several pages on the topic in a health book I wrote and would be more than happy to send you that info if you want to leave a request/comment on my Evolution Made Easier blog.

    By the way, lemons are acidic, but have an overall alkalizing/alkaline effect on the body once they are in the system. There are several other foods like that and it’s one of the reasons why some sources rank foods as to acidity/alkalinity differently.

    p. s.For anyone who is interested in pH and maintaining alkalinity, a good resource is (yes, with an “s”, not a “z”). I have gotten several free charts and booklets from them on alkalizing the body. If you want, I would be happy to send you those, as well as the excerpt from my book . And if anyone else visiting this post would like the information, they can contact me as well. No reason for everyone to have to keep re-inventing the wheel, so to speak; if I can save people the time and effort I’ve put into collecting the data, then it will help make it all worthwhile. πŸ™‚

  40. Thanks for the Like. Your post is very informative. Will be reading your other posts. I ve been eating more green,nuts veggies, beans and helped me to feel better and loose a lot of needed weight. I read Eat To Live, by Dr. Fuhrman which helped me to eat better. I think he has another food book called ” immunity solutions”.Worth a read. Good luck!

  41. thanks for visiting my site. something great to share about the pH balance. hmmm…. may be asking someone with medical background could be more helpful than just google it and misunderstand the info later on….i think. doing both will give better insights. thanks for reminding about this!

  42. Thanks for liking my blog!

    Have you researched alkaline water filtration systems? You might want to check out this website,, for Enagic a company based in Japan – they have developed an approved medical device that produces alkaline – ionized water, and they have been using it in hospitals in Japan for several years now. pH balance in the human body is extremely important to overall health, and even cancer prevention. (I have researched this extensively for a college project).

    I am praying for your health. God bless!

  43. Hi Oneanna65,

    You have been kind enough to stop by and β€œlike” several of my Evolution Made Easier blog posts and wanted to thank you for that. I left a comment here previously, but it never posted so I will try again and see what happens this time.

    I’ve known about the pH factor in regard to health for a number of years now because it kept coming up when doing research on my own health issues. I even included a section on the topic in a health book I ended up putting together. If you would like to have that information, just e-mail me at Also, I wanted to let you and others know that a great resource for pH information is (yes, with an β€œs”, not a β€œz”). I’ve gotten several free charts and booklets from them on alkalizing the body.

  44. Oops! I almost forgot. There’s a free tele-summit starting soon where doctors, alternative health practitioners and cancer survivors will be providing the latest information, insights, etc. You can sign up at, if you’re interested.

  45. Interesting post. I just had this conversation with my wife last week. Thank you for the information on how to change the PH in your body. I think need to push it into the alkaline range a bit more.

  46. wow pH im going crazy now, i kill meat most of the time of course my husband and I love barbecue and a good brisket, so what do i do? that means that my pH is not only unbalance but out of my body?
    Blessings Anne

  47. I went to a talk where the speaker stated that pH and the fact that our bodies have become acidic over time due to processed foods and fertilisers in our foods etc is linked to cancer. So balancing our pH is probably about balancing our food and health. thanks for sharing.

  48. Alkalinity and pH are so essential to a healthy inner ecosystem! Good luck balancing it out. It’s hard to become to alkaline, and remember that stress can counteract a healthy diet, so keep life light!

  49. I usually put some spearmint sprigs (they grow like weeds!) or a piece of lemon in a huge water bottle I drink throughout the day. It helps! I know I already mentioned this, but I’m glad you’re putting all this information out there! More people need to know πŸ™‚ & you hit all the important points, including pH! (People don’t know about this stuff!)

    ~Join Me~
    ~Like Me~
    ~Follow Me~ @missbayareacali

  50. Thanks for “liking” my blog and helping me to find yours. I’ve been recently researching this very subject and started beginning my day with hot water and lemon. I’m going to do more research and find those test strips. Thanks.

    1. Hello vdemetros,
      I will be happy to send you a copy of the info I put together on pH that I came across when I was doing research myself a number of years ago for certain health issues I was experiencing. I would just need your e-mail, or post a comment on my Evolution Made Easier blog post about pH and I will know to send it to you.

      Also, the website (with an “s” not a “z” because it’s based in England) is a really good resource for alkalizing and pH info and they offer a number of free reports on the subject.

  51. I’m so glad to read about someone trying to use natural methods and diet to fight cancer and to recover from the effects of cancer. I lost my mom in 2008 to breast cancer, she was only 61. Since that time, I’ve taken a different approach to health. I don’t want to put my children through the loss of their mother any sooner than I have to do so. I got rid of all processed food, started taking some natural supplements, cut out all sugar and various other things. But I was wondering if during your research… you found anything about using Apple Cider Vinegar. I’ve added ACV to my diet to help with PH balance.

    1. I would love to know more about how you are incorporating apple cider vinegar for this purpose. I know that Braggs sells the vinegar with the mother still intact. Are you making a drink out of it?

    1. Is there a difference in the blood ph verses the saliva/urine? I too did some research years ago and just now getting back into it. I also went gluten free with unbelievable results. much love to you for your writing and your cheer! XO

  52. This is actually my new favorite subject. I find it amazing that exercise, stress, and other factors have an impact on your ph levels. From what I remember, I believe the saliva/urine ph level is usually more acidic in the morning and more alkaline in the evening (for a healthy person). The ph level in blood doesn’t change as fast as if you’re checking your urine ph level. I actually recently bought some ph test strips myself. I can definitely feel when I’ve been eating too much acidic food and I’ll make myself a veggie smoothie to help feel better.

  53. Thanks for visiting my site. This is my first visit to yours. I read about your pH diet idea. Are you still doing this? I’ve read a little about it in the past but no first person accounts. I appreciate the information and also the genuine nature of your postings. Best wishes for success with your cure!

  54. Good to see that you know animal products are bad and are fighting hard! Whenever you eat animal products, IGF-1 binding receptors switch off and this can lead to tumor growth. Have you ever heard of Dr. John McDougall? you should check him out on youtube. I’ve been a vegan for 2 years and I’ve never felt better. Best of luck to you in your fight!

  55. Anna – This is very interesting information and I am going to test myself and investigate further. Such an easy thing to control, and you can easily see how the modern diet affects our body’s pH. Perhaps this is co-related to the increase in cancers. Who know? Thanks for raising my awareness. Also thanks for following my blog!

    1. FYI, M A Clarke Scott, balancing your pH is not quite as easy as it might seem. It’s been shown that you could eat right and have your pH in an acceptable range, only to have all your effort undone by as little as 5 minutes of stress. So it’s not just what you eat and drink that influence pH. And, yes, from everything I’ve read and heard, pH imbalance (though it’s uncommon for people to be overly alkaline, that’s as bad for you as being overly acidic) is a key factor in almost any/every dis-ease, including cancer.

  56. Thanks for following my photoblog! I’ve also looked into this and the quest for healthy food is very recognizable. However attractive the theory, I haven’t found any chemical reasons for the validity in the alkaline/acid theory; why would fruit, like an orange, that’s very acid, turn alkaline in your digestion? The risk with a lot of alternative theories is it tells you you can’t eat things that are good for you (like certain vegetables, bread or dairy products) and if you mix the theories, you end up not being able to eat anything at all. I think if you eat as ‘pure’ and varied as possible, avoid products with added sugars and food, avoid cookies/food with transfats etc. you’re fine. I notice I feel best when I eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, fibre, and avoid non fresh things with additives, and non home prepared food. And by the way, your urine is supposed to be acidic! If not, you should be worried, you can have a bladder infection or are more prone to (it’s the bodies way to fight bacteria).

  57. Wasn’t my intention though to sound too critical, I’ve just seen my sister and friends, eating less and less, by following different alternative diets, until becoming underweight. I do really like your blog and your positive energy. You may by the way want to look into (iso)quercetin (naturally in unions, apples) and bromelain (pineapple plant), they’ve reportedly have anti-carcinogenic (anti cancer) activity.

  58. Wonderful blog! This post reminds me of a little book I once bought for 25 cents. I think the title is (I still have it), “Poison in the Pot.” Was just after my dad passed away. I dreamed I got a phone call from him. I woke up holding the telephone and had a pen in my hand, writing down three important things he wanted to tell me. One was to stop eating sugar. Only days later, I met a holistic doctor (the second thing my dream dad told me was to go see one), and that’s where I found the book. The subject was acidity and alkalinity! Sugar surely plays a role in that.

    I’ve also read a lot about sugar and schizophrenia, the latter of which is mysteriously the diagnosis my adult son received, but I’ve always wondered if the doctors got that one right or not. Maybe, but the point is, I believe if we could reach and maintain that 7.4 balance, we would have much better health, but I also discovered it is very scientific, even for me when I was younger and could learn and remember much better than now. I wish I’d win the lottery, because after I did all my good deeds πŸ™‚ I’d hire myself a personal nutritionist/holistic/chef!

  59. Thanks for checking out my flax bun recipe. I hope you enjoy them.
    Great blog. Keep up the fight. I spent some time over the last two years looking at urinary pH. Mine was very low at times when I first started measuring it. I added a lot of alkalizing foods and brought it up gradually. If you look up PRAL (Potential Renal Acid Load) charts you may be quite surprised by the effect of certain foods. Compare raisins to most cheeses for example…

  60. Perfect post. I learned about PH balance in Beauty school. When giving a perm the permanent wave solution breaks down the hair shaft and then to bring it back in balance you rinse with the neutralizer. Even hair has a ph.

  61. I love that you did your research on this! I’m sure this is an old post but I’m curious if you’ve actually tried the Raw Diet or High Carb Low Fat Vegan Diet to fight this and keep your body at optimum PH level? Good Luck on your journey I just started following you and am excited to see your success πŸ™‚

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