First I want to thank Luciana Cavallaro – http://luccav.wordpress.com – for a second nomination: Blog of the Year 2012 Award. It is a confirmation that I wasn’t dreaming and that my helpers Angels know what they are saying. And I’m speechless, I don’t know what to say anymore………… Woooooow!!! Someone just whispered into my right ear: DITTO! It must be one of the Angels, because I’m alone. Thanks!!! This is great!!! In Latin language DITTO means:”As has been said before”, so DITTO indicates that something already said is applicable a second time (or more). So instead repeating myself I’m just saying DITTO, so you look-up into my previous Post what I have said about IT.
And now the other Angel whispers to my left ear:”Hasta la vista”, so I have to go and say:”Thanks!!! God Bless you All!!!”

Sincerely: Oneanna65

15 thoughts on “Ditto.

  1. Congratulations and DITTO to you too and all your joy you spread so freely thru your posts and likes and comments and just being YOURSELF! You continue to amaze me the more I read in your blog. Thanks so much for visiting me on my sites and I’m so enjoying getting to know you. Peace to you always.

  2. I wish you well, Oneanna. I lost my dad to cancer over ten years ago. We were both too young– he to lose his life at 61 and I to lose my father at 20. I wish he would have made every effort to save himself instead of ignoring the monster (and hiding it from his children) until it was too late.
    Again, be well Oneanna and congratulations!

  3. Congratulations on your much deserved award. Cancer awareness through education and ongoing research to eradicate this disease is a cause that I and all people should support. My mother was a cancer survivor for over 12 years. She died in 2009 (cancer free), from a pulmonary embolism. Prior to her death, she participated in every cancer march to find a cure. Kudos to you for this excellent site!

  4. Dearest! You liked my “Follow the Gifts” post so I thought I’d mention this. I have been beating cancer naturopathically for 10 years. If you want some helpful hints, email me at: Geo3Rs@att.net.

    Peace, Geo

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