New Year !!!

Why we are saying:”Happy New Year”? I will like to say:”Happy Me, Happy You, and Happy Everybody Else In this New – 2013 – Year!!!!!!!!” Because I don’t care if the Year is going to be Happy. 🙂 . But I wish that You, Me and Everybody Else is Happy.
You know, there are many people around the World, who have most of IT – what one needs to be happy. But they don’t see IT. They need help. Someone have to prove to them, that they don’t have any reason to be Not Happy.
I decided, simply, to be Happy with what I have, and without what I don’t have.
First of all I’m Happy ( DITTO ) that I’m alive and almost healthy.
So simply, every morning, after I count my Blessings, I’m ready to face WHATEVER is going to try to make me Unhappy……
And I’m doing OK – staying with Christian Family for few weeks – have a room and good food – but can’t find the job yet…..
So I let my Angels to go on vacation for two weeks. Or maybe they can find someone who is in bigger trouble than I, so they can help…… They are coming back on January 15.

Thank you All for all the Blessings and Support.
You All make me very Happy. Oneanna65

58 thoughts on “New Year !!!

  1. Happy New Year to you too! As a cancer survivor myself, I know exactly what you mean. Every day is a blessing and I’m thankful to still be here. You have it right too. We can decide how we are going to look at life… and that makes a big difference in our mental and physical health as well as our happiness! 😀

  2. Well said!
    Today is my last day for use of free internet activity; I also trust that the job interview on Thursday will have a positive turnout – which means, even if I did have internet access I would only be able to post over weekends.
    I’m going to miss writing. But may your writing go from strength to strength. You are an encouragement to many people.

  3. As always your posts are inspiring and make me laugh with joy at your spirit. Thanks for visiting me and commenting on my post. You’re a great person and i really appreciate you a lot. Be well!!!

  4. Happy New Year to you as well! Thanks for visiting the Clearly Conveyed Communications blog and liking my post about finding your go-to place. Your blog is an inspiration, and I wish you the best in 2013 and beyond.

  5. You visited my newly created blog today (This and that…mostly that!). Thank you. I’ve been reading many of your posts. You have a very positive attitude which I know goes a long way in treating disease. Plus you have a relationship with God – and that trumps everything! Thanks for stopping by.

    Cindi (Mimi)

  6. Your words find echoes, strong resonances. Maybe one has first to face the potential loss of everything to appreciate what one has. But biding that, I have said for most of my life, “I never signed a contract at birth to say I’d be miserable.”

  7. Thanks for liking my Runaway Bunnies blog! You’re a beautiful person and a great role model. I hope this new year brings you so many good things, but especially health.

  8. Love to read some of your post. Many blessings your way and may you always keep that positive outlook in life. So inspiring when some others (me include) sometimes lack that enthusiasm and positivity even when we haven’t fight that battle! God bless and Happy New year and New you and new us! Thanks for liking one of my post, hope to keep posting stuff that you enjoy! ♥

  9. Happy New Year oneanna65! You’ve got a very special blog. I can see why it is award winning! May 2013 bless you with good health, much happiness and prosperity. I’ll be curious what you think once you give that “golden lentil” recipe a try.

  10. Read some of your posts, give me lots of positiveness.. Thank you for visiting my blog and inspire me. Hoping your days blessed, keep spirit! 😀

  11. Angels are ALWAYS around- never believed that until quite recently. I like to think of mine as an “Archangel”

    Happy New Year. I keep telling myself things can’t get worse.

  12. I’ve just turned 64 and can relate to the aches and pains that come with age. I try and think of pain as a sort of medal we all earn to one degree or another and time flows on by.

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