One more poem

“Come with me”

You hold my hand
and come with me
You can’t stay here
that side of hill
the rain will come
the mud will slide
we go up there
where You are save

so here we are
and now You see
from top of hill
the sun is bright
so now You go
the path is clear
and down the hill
the easy way

and I go back
where I come from
to save a man
from danger zone
do I be save?
I have my wings
which You don’t see
but I can use

Sorry, my other Angel got a poem. They are competing now. I have to post it, because he will not leave me alone. And I suspect, there is one more coming in near future – from my 3-rd Angel.
Thank you for visiting and understanding. God Bless.

36 thoughts on “One more poem

  1. i am always eager to open your posts and appreciate how much you share with all of us. This new year has presented you a totally new book of blank pages, and it has nudged you into an amazing new direction!!!! please thank your angels for all of us, and i hope that they continue to inspire you!

  2. Hi, I’ve read through several of your blogs and enjoyed them very much – interesting, read-worthy, intelligent. You sound like someone I like very much. I know you will make it to 75 and beyond. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for visiting The Climax Papers. There are many more stories to come. I enjoyed your poetry and commentary. My family and I recently experienced the tragic death of an young friend and it was helpful to think he may be with the angels.

  4. Thank you for ‘liking’ the story on my ebook, Dogs and Love. I love your blog and can tell you are a very special person, held up by angels on earth as well as the heavenly ones. My mother paints angels and if you want I’ll try to send you some pictures. (I’m not too saavy but will try!)

  5. Lies, loves, all we know,
    strife, life, what we sow,
    angels’ songs from high,
    soft caress on thigh,
    all mortal things seen,
    sun’s sharp glistening
    upon lake’s light wave,
    true kiss lover gave;
    all are nothing, dark
    dreams we gladly part
    with when all suns set.


  6. Dear oneanna, In case I havent’ mentioned it, I want to thank you very much for liking my poem “I Colored A Dream Today.” I’m trying to get up to date with my very late thank you’s because you and other bloggers so thoughtfully responded to me. Your site is of course, very inspirational and your heart permeates throughout… I can see it in your writings and in the responses you receive. Blessed Be!

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