If I cry.

If I cry
I don’t cry for myself
but for that little girl
abandoned by her father
she can not understand
how could he

If I cry
I don’t cry for myself
but for that young girl
abandoned by her lover
she can not understand
how could he

If I cry
I don’t cry for myself
but for that young woman
abandoned by her husband
she can not understand
how could he

If I cry
I don’t cry for myself
but for that old woman
abandoned by her son
she can not understand
how could he

This is 3-rd, “crying ” poem by my 3-rd Angel. What he is trying to tell in this poem, that only in God we can trust. God never abandoned anyone.
And this poem makes me cry.
My Dear 3-rd Angel, this Blog is supposed to be “inspirational Blog”, not make some people sad or crying….
So here I go, I google: “Is crying healthy for you?” And I got some answers:
…”crying can help relieve tensions”…
…”crying is a way of cleaning your deepest emotions”…
…”tears contain stress hormones, so crying helps relieve stress”…
…”crying is human”…
…”even Giants cry sometimes”…
…”crying can heal psychologically, physiologically and spiritually”…
…”and I think, that if I can cry now and than, I will never get Dry Eye Syndrome. πŸ™‚ !!!

Thank you for visiting. God Bless.

122 thoughts on “If I cry.

  1. Go ahead and cry! You are truly inspirational lady. I thank you for your sharing, and your caring heart. I think I might just join you and have a good cry myself.

  2. I have the hardest time crying. I store all the pain and misery inside. I try to cry, but the tears won’t come, so those of you who cry, enjoy it.
    Fantastic poem, really enjoyed it.

  3. the poem is brilliant; difficult times oftentimes inspire the genius within us.

    for sure, purge. holding those tears inside is not good for your health. any swallowed tear has to come back out sooner or later.. tears help purge that grief; remember the huge circles of friends that you have that are with you in spirit.

    thank you so much for sharing. you’re a good woman.. hey, you’re our queen!


  4. My grandmother was a highly sensitive introvert, who prayed and prayed that she would quit crying all the time.
    And she did.
    Then, the hurts piled up and she could no longer stand the pressure built up from not crying. She prayed and prayed, while weeding the carrots, that she might cry again.
    And she did.

    In my family, the matriarchs have passed down a double-edged sword of admonitions:

    “No one likes a bawlin’ woman”
    “All you need is a good cry”

    I think the latter is the one I want to pass on –

    Lovely Poem!

  5. Of course crying is healthy. I didn’t cry for 20 years because I learned to shove all my grief and angst down to where it could never surface. Once I let it out, I have felt healthier and happier. An now I cry all the darned time!

  6. Nothing wrong with crying. Have a good cry and go on with it.

    I cry for those people who asked a god for help and she never helped.
    I cry for those people who think there is a god who will help them.
    I will never cry for any help from a god or goddess. Waste of time.

    I will try to help anyone who cries out to me for help. I will do all in my power to give comfort and aid.

  7. …Trua! nervous, very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why Will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses, not destroyed, not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth. I heard many things in hell. How then am I mad? Hearken! and observe how healthily, how calmly, I can tell you the whole story….

    The Tell Tale Heart….E.A. Poe….

  8. Another good result of tears….my eyesight is very weak, but just after crying, when there are still teardrops in the corners of my eyes, I can see very, very clearly, without my glasses!

  9. Seemed like for the longest time crying was very difficult for me and now I can cry at the drop of a hat. I think tears are healing our bodies, GOD knows what to do for his creation and he made us humans to cry for a reason. Great post, I enjoyed reading and you touched me deeply as tears seem to make us all so connected.

  10. This is a very plaintive poem. “If I cry . . .” provides many meaningful tear producing experiences. Life produces many such disappointing events. Perhaps, it should be “When I cry. . . “

  11. Anna, thanks so much for visiting me at Techno-Dunce – my first week of blogging has been nerve-wracking to say the least and the support I’ve received – especially from people who don’t even know me – has been really uplifting. Your site is inspirational and I’m looking forward to April when you post on your 66th birthday!
    All the best,

  12. I used to cry during every episode of Little House on the Praire, when Michael Landon cried…I bawled!!! hahahaha crying IS good for you, it cleanses the souls sadness! πŸ™‚

  13. I am sorry to be so long in getting to read your beautiful writing! My mother is quite ill so I’ve been trying to take care of her and limited on time. This is so beautiful and speaks to the bottom of my heart! It’s amazing…. πŸ˜€

  14. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. I am a poet as well, and I love reading poetry! Thanks so much for visiting my inspirational blog, Live In Color. Looking fwd. to reading more work from you.

  15. OneAnna, I missed you, so sorry I haven’t visited in a while. Crying is actually a command in the Bible, meaning it’s something God wants us to do. When I know the tears are coming I let them fall. God will be there to catch them and me…Love ya and hope you’re okay.

    Warmest regards from me in the Philippines,

  16. La personne qui pleure pour le malheur des autres, est une personne juste, loyale, sentimentale. Si tout le monde ressens le malheur des autres, il n’y aura plus de malheureux….Mais..dommage, l’homme est toujours le mΓͺme et il vit avec sa tendresse, se gentillesse mais aussi avec sa cruautΓ© et son Γ©goisme qui dΓ©truit plus qu’il construit.

  17. I love poetry so much. Your site is full of interesting and enlightening information. Also I would like to thank you for visiting my site this morning. In kindness, Bev

  18. Lovely poem. Crying is actually therapeutic. Thank you for visiting my site. Throughout my hospice career, I was privileged to share the lives of many, learning from each. I love meeting survivors!

  19. Hi Anna, thanks for dropping by my blog – I’ve been too busy lately to read up so today I decided to catch up a bit. Hope you’re doing okay apart from the poem which must mean you’re still finding the time to write πŸ™‚

  20. I suppose Jesus thought god had abandoned him, in that he cried ‘my father, why have you abandoned me’. But if you are a Christian, I guess you would have to believe that he was wrong, at that point.

  21. heyy, thanks a tonne for noticing my blog.I think you are a sensitive individual.Being able to cry for others is special, not everyone can weep for a something that has nothing to do with them.
    stay the way you are πŸ™‚

  22. When reading this the only thing I wanted to do was pass you a tissue and give you a hug. So across the gigabytes and routers ((Anna!)), many thanks for your support as well and thanks for dropping by my corner of WP.

    . Ps Scootyboots says “mew” to.

  23. Crying makes you strong.. after crying out loud like a baby alone.. you wipe your tears from face with a new positive energy and determination. You make a commitment to change for betterment. Also, You decide to make his life miserable who made u cry πŸ˜› so its koool.. keep crying πŸ˜€

  24. Hello,

    I noticed that you liked my blog rickysriffs.com “NAMM, MusiCares, and Tribal Healing”. Thanks. I have signed up to follow your blog which looks great. If you would follow mine that would be much appreciate. Hope you like my material. Best, Ricky

  25. Hi, Oneanna! Guess what…according to studies men who cry raise their testosterone levels by 5%. (I’m into Trivia and Nonsense πŸ™‚

  26. Leanna, this was very touching. We all need a good cry once in a while to shed off all the stress that can build up in our bodies. We don’t know how much stress we can take before we get sick. I try to relax and think of happy thoughts.
    I have written a lot of poetry since I was a little girl and I think an inspirational poem is needed. I put poetry on my blog from time to time. Check it out at http://jemsbooks.wordpress.com. Thanks for reading my blog! I enjoyed yours.

  27. I love this! The first two stanzas already had me hooked. We all need to cry every now and then. It makes us feel lighter and freer. πŸ™‚

  28. Congratulations I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Bloggers Award you can go to my blog to get all the details how to accept! Keep up the great work on your blog as you are making a difference and you are a human angel in my eyes. Melody

  29. That’s an amazing piece of writing. Thanks so much for stopping by my ‘Spiritblack’ blog. I’m glad there was some content there which you liked.

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

  30. It took me many years and much heartache and pain to learn how to cry, and release the pain. It is not something I would change. It has taught me how to cherish the sad with the good.

  31. Thanks for visiting and giving my first ever public poem a like!
    PS Love a lil weep now and then, feels like waking up in a new city when you’re done.

  32. Hello Anna, nice to have you as a reader and visitor to my blog. I read your two (only 2) poems and enjoyed them. Congrats on other things as well, one year of blogging and a belated Happy Birthday too! I think you need to let your angels write more poems πŸ™‚ Take care.

  33. If i cry, from another mom, wife, lover & friend. This poem holds so true. When I finally forgave all those who made my life hurt so bad, I was able to relieve all the hate building inside of me. I finally cried for weeks & it felt so good. My health got better, my outlook on life was better. I learned to appreciate all that I had. Life is way to short. One needs to stop & smell the roses. My husband now has CLL, & each day that I have him by my side, I’m blessed. Life is GOOD. Don’t take things/people for granted. Embrass all that you have…. God Bless ❀

  34. crying relieves tensions, I agree. all the bad people in this poem are men. I’m single and looking for love too, and I believe we should all have faith

  35. I cry even during Disney movies. And for all the reasons in the poem above. Glad to know I’m not a freak of nature… but rather a sensitive witness to it. ❀

  36. Expressing our emotions is the way to move energy so it doesn’t get stuck in our bodies, in our energetic field. It is a gift we all have, to be able to cry .. . it’s a part of being human, being connected. Luka Bloom, the singer, has a song entitled “Our Tears are All the Same” about the troubles in Ireland and elsewhere–and I always cry when I hear it. πŸ™‚ The point!

  37. We, in real life come across many thing which we do not cherish. If these events are penned down and brought to the notice of the general public, these service twofold purpose, firstly providing insight and second how to refine the prevailing thinking. It is nice to read such thought provoking poems. Also my grateful thanks for visitng my blog and liking my poem.

  38. Love your healing energy… that’s what you’re doing and it’s beautiful. And THANK YOU for liking my post today! Blessed Be, wishing you peace on your journey, I’ll read more of your posts!

  39. My comment may be just a drop in the bucket with all your followers but here it is. I find you so inspirational and uplifting but also with a frank honesty. A dear friend of mine has been fighting cancer for the past 6 years, and only being 28 it has been a harsh reality for him. As soon as I finish this message I am going to recommend your blog to him. Thank you so much for sharing and well wishes for the future.

  40. Beautiful, painful, deep poem. Very nicely done. Such short prose, yet such a full story. So true, even when we think God is not in control… He is. It’s just hard for us to understand because we are simply not capable of the understanding that God has. And thank you for liking my first blog post.

  41. I did not cry…I did not cry for a long, long time…twenty-five years…all held inside…then i was given the gift of tears…I felt love for the first time….true acceptance of me…and I cried….and NOW…if I cry, I allow the tears to flow…..and I do not hesitate….my tears make others around me uncomfortable because we German-Americans are not suppose to release our tears….but I cry anyway……and i am doing it for my own healing…thank you for posting YOUR BEAUTIFUL POEM! your tears are gifts from the angels!

  42. Thank you for sharing this poem. When I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, there was never a day I didn’t cry, but the crying did not last long. I realized that I’m not the only person in this world who cries and struggles with something, that there are people out there who have more pain and sufferings. I started praying for them, for all those who have cancer. Every time I read a story or post from a blog about someone with cancer, I pray for that person. After a while, I just stopped feeling sorry for myself. I stopped crying. The last time I cried was last week, when the doctor told me that I am in complete remission. I cried, not because I was troubled or afraid… those were tears of joy and gratefulness for God’s miracle. I hope that God will heal every one who is in pain, every one who is sick. There is a miracle for us all.

  43. Hi OneAnna65,
    Thanks for visiting and liking my blog, Sisterhood Across Continents. I love your poen. SImple and sweet. The last paragraph especially poignant.

  44. Dear Anna,

    Thank you for opening a conversation about crying. It is one of the divine emotional responses that makes us human and connects us in our times of need. Nothing like a good cry to cleanse the body and soul so that we can move forward with more clarity and compassion.

    To your health!


  45. I really enjoyed this, even though yes, it is a bit sad. I find that I need to cry a lot, sometimes about ridiculous things too, like spilling milk (even though they tell you not to cry about that, I have before). I almost always feel much better afterwards, so I don’t mind it. It feels like a nice little cleanse on my emotions at the time.

  46. Maybe the strongest and most important part in your poem isn’t the abandoning theme, however sad and hurtful, but the “not understanding” that still present. You should try to understand and find answers. That way you will come to forgiveness, clarification and healing. In my life experience when dealing with something so crucial as somebody abandoning me for no apparent reason, the “I don’t understand why” is never enough for me and I am trying to solve this and look for answers everywhere so that i CAN understand why. Just sayin’. πŸ™‚ Peace.

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