One year of blogging!

If I didn’t have the courage to start my Blog one year ago, now I would be probably one hopeless, lonely and very miserable old woman. So blogging saved my life. I can’t get sick or die, I have to keep blogging.
Even on my darkest, lousiest day – after I read some of yours comments, I’m feeling like a “million bucks”.
It all started a year ago with anticancer soup recipe and some healthy foods suggestions. I was hoping for few visitors and few “thank you’s” for the info. And now I’m writing about all this strange stuff: Angels, Poems and my overly complicated life.
You just don’t know where blogging will take you…………
And this what is so great about blogging: I post what I post – and you don’t judge me by my looks, the clothes I’m wearing, my accent or my other shortcomings. You just read the page and you “like” it or leave it.
My friend told me once: “Hey, Anna, this handsome guy ( waldotomosky – Hi Wally!) he follows your Blog, every page. He really likes you.” And I told her: “He just probably likes red flowers”. ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!

Thank you for your support.
God Bless you all.
I’m going for one more Year of blogging. One Year at a time… Me and my Angels…


168 thoughts on “One year of blogging!

  1. Hi Anna. My life is suddenly full of important, meaningful undertakings–miraculously. And I only had a minute to check anything online. This post was at the top of my Reader. It seemed to be what I needed to see. Thank you. Hope you don’t mind if I reblog it. Stay strong!!!

  2. Congratulations on your one-year celebration! Blogging also makes you a vessel of encouragement . . . after all, you were one of the very first people to “like” one of my posts. So, thank you! I wish you another amazing year of blogging.

  3. Keep on blogging is right! I also started out with a small hope that one or two would read my posts. In a very short time of blogging, I am amazed at the following I have collected and by the wonderful posts I read every day.

    Congratulations on your 1st Anniversary! Many more to come, I hope!

  4. You have done so well to have so many followers after only one year. I don’t have that many yet!!
    Anyway here’s to another year of blogging and to good health, keep blogging, its great to make new blogging friends.

  5. One might think courage is only needed for great and heroic deeds. This is not true at all. It takes courage to sometimes do the smallest things. And sometimes even after you have accomplished even the smallest thing, it still takes courage to continue. But then something starts feeling so natural that it would take courage to not do it. You seemed to have reached that point. lol

    I have stopped my blog ever so many times because I have been discouraged. I can’t seem to find the right tempo or perhaps interesting things to blog about. I have people coming and following but only a few ever return. Seems I need courage to accept this face. And that is very difficult.

    I am glad you have felt your blog to be a success.

  6. Congratulations!! We hope you keep doing well and we for sure hope you keep on blogging. Hugs and nose kisses, Chancy and Mumsy

  7. Writing is one of those madnesses that, upon entering the brain, refuse to leave but by brandishing a sword at it. Seriously, it’s like after a LONG party at your residence – everyone is gone but one or two stubborn people. You’re exhausted, you need to clean ( or pass out ), and these two people are yapping about something. Of course in the state all you hear is the actual barking of small dogs instead of a human language. You are finally able to user them out and it’s like ” thank GOD that is done with!”

    Writing is glorious, it’s also a lot of ” seriously brain, just shut up and experience life!”

  8. Cancer definitely changes your life, doesn’t it? While my husband is clean of melanoma for now, I have one more biopsy to go (possible basal or squamous in my nose), and one biopsy that was negative (uterine – while negative I get a hysterectomy in a month or so). You learn to laugh hard at whatever you can, and enjoy as much as you can in spite of cancer – it’s the internal way of winning the war, I think. You take nothing for granted, and learn to say no to things that were hassles – no to drafty houses, yes to an apartment; no to chores you always hated, yes to mellowing out a bit. And yes to the really important things – spending time with people you love, and the projects that may make a difference in the world. Cancer is a wake-up call to what’s important.

    Grace under pressure has taken new meaning. We have been secretive at times about the diagnosis, letting others enjoy their events before dropping the c-bomb news on everyone. It took a lot of fakery and good acting at first, but this was educational too – and taught us to face something scary, and laugh anyway. We were learning courage.

    Don’t give up hope and keep doing what’s important in your life. Extract everything good from every second.

    It’s like the difference between having a whole pantry of canned green beans, and having a bag of fresh green beans from your own garden for a meal. There’s no comparison, and you can’t fully describe the difference between fresh, lovely green beans to the canned salted ones to someone who has never tasted the difference. We found cancer does that – it taught us (quickly) to extract what is most important, and separate the no-meaningful from the meaningful.

    So cheers to what’s most meaningful. And hopes that you also have a full recovery.

  9. I completely agree with you on blogging. I started it on a whim to try and break back into journallsm, but now I love it for its own sake. It’s a community, real shared connections and has certainly broadened my horizons. X

  10. You are right Anna. You never know where blogging will take you. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:9 โ€œThe mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.โ€ I am glad that the Lord started you on your journey and grateful for your faithfulness and endurance. After reading all of the comments, it seems the Lord is using you and your blog to bless many people.

  11. Congratulations! I’m a survivor myself, and have stayed healthy for 6 years now. I’m 59 this year. Let’s both make it to 90, OK?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. I love the way the energy of the universe works… you started your blog 3/5/12, I started my blog 2/4/13.. and 3/4/ is my birthday… and on we go… I hope you are doing well, I can tell you are living every day…

  13. God Bless you! You know, just before you “liked” one of my articles, I got a “follow” from a blogger who talked about anorexia. It really made me think about two sides of the coin. A woman who loves life enough to gives us a recipe for health, and a healthy woman who decides to starve. I pray that the woman in the other blog stumbles upon your blog. Your words heal. I blogged about you, and I hope you don’t mind, I quoted your poem:

  14. What a remarkable human you are. Congratulations on your anniversary. Thank you for visiting my site and liking a post. Keep blogging. Yes, that is good intent for us all.

  15. Congratulations on your your year of blogging — and you’ll soon be coming up to another birthday, too.
    I’ve certainly enjoyed my year of blogging; I find it very interesting to meet people who can share their thoughts and give me some things to ponder — and folks who care about and even LIKE what I have to say. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Congratulations for your first year, wish you many more! Thank you for liking my blog. It is a way of life our blogging. It is helping me in so many different ways, and as you say, we do not know where it will take us next…

  17. Since you mentioned an anti-cancer recipe, have you seen the infomercial about the shake maker that emulsifies the entire fruit, vegetable, etc. with no pulp leftover. (I believe that’s the best anti-cancer protocol you can get, while making it in the convenience of your own home. But I believe it will do something that would really interest you: the ability to conduct blog marathons!:D) Seriously, I had worked for a doctor who, by pure herbal combinations he was able to treat the most common ailments, plus cancer. I would endorse them to my clients

    Everybody, except clients, thought he was a quack. Several years later I found pages in Earl Mindell’s books that substantiate his findings.

    Until here, so I can spare you some rambling! ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. No, this is not right. Every post gets hundreds of comments and you get nearly 500 hundred for a SOUP recipe!
    I type my fingers to the bone wracking my brains for interesting things to blog about and you get bizillions of people visit because of soup. I ask you, is this right?
    It’s enough to make a Stone Faced Pharaoh give up blogging for good.
    I mean …..really….soup?
    Sigh…oh well, such is life, I guess. Mutter mutter…soup. Tsk!

    I have a recipe for chicken soup. Will this attract lots of comments? Your expert advice would be cherished on this matter.

    Congrats! ๐Ÿ˜‰ here’s to your health and thanks for popping over to the Arks’ spot.

  19. Hey Anna,

    Thanks for liking my post “OK, I’m mad!” And congratulations on one year of blogging. I started a few months agos with one blog and then started another because the blog name didn’t seem to be working. The new blog seems to be doing much better. I hope I’m as successful as you. You’re right, you never know where blogging is going to take you.

    Again, congratualtions!

  20. Anna – you talk about your accent – where is it from. I, too, have an accent. You have one year of blogging behind you, I am just starting to blog – wondering what I am doing half of the time. So keep on blogging – you seem to be doing great!

  21. I’m a new blogger, and I hope that I’ll be celebrating one year of blogging some day. I’m so glad blogging has brought so much to your life – that’s wonderful to hear!

  22. Congratulations on a year of blogging. I just started a couple of months ago, and I feel that it has opened a new window or a new door. I am loving reading the blogs and finding like-minded people all over the world. And thanks for liking my Power post.

  23. I love blogging- a great outlet- my voice. I feel like you.. If I don’t do it one day- I just feel like I HAVE to have an entry. I am, for the most part, housebound- keeping this blog is my pleasure, my hobby and my life’s work.

    It’s a record that mimics my day. Sometimes I just dwell on one thing; other times, my mind is….all over the place. I have met some people I NEVER would have met through any other activity.

  24. Anna enjoyed your post! I started blogging last year. I was never interested in writing when younger so ive had problems along the way.
    If I try to pick a subject it dosent work out but if i talk about my day, family or something i like its a lot easier for me!
    I am in a group with many advanced writers and authors and sometimes I feel silly but they are very encouraging.
    Hope to read more of your post when i get the time!

  25. Thanks for visiting my page. I really am inspired by your story. I’ve been unemployed for over 2 years and I’m trying to “find my way” to do something that will bring in some income. I was told WordPress was a good place to start. Thank you, keep up your blogging and may God continue to bless you, Amen.

  26. I have only blogged for one month but it has been so helpful.. It gives me a focus and people encourage you to keep going… Plus we can all share our knowledge.. I have learnt so much from others blogs..

  27. Thanks for regularly liking my recipes! I hope you’ve enjoyed some of them. Congratulations on one year of blogging. Your story is very inspiring.

  28. Congratulations! And Happy Belated Birthday, Anna! It’s so nice to meet you. You’re an inspiration, and I wish you many, many, many more years of blogging and abundance in all good things!

  29. That’s the spirit and that’s exactly how I feel about life myself!

    I admire you for all your courage and willingness to share about what’s so important to you with everyone out here.

    God Bless and take care.


  30. Anna: Your amazing faith and stamina is an inspiration to all of us, as none of us know what life has in store for us and the future can turn on a dime. You remind us to live for the moment. Keep blogging. God bless you.

  31. Congrats on your first anniversary as a blogger! I just celebrated mine, and it is amazing what a positive impact blogging has had on my live. Best of luck in your many future years of blogging. Thanks for following my blog.

  32. Hi Anna!
    I know Wally!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Congratulations. Oh the places you have gone since this past one year. I send you big hugs. And to all the places blogging will take you this year. I’m glad I get to follow. Sharon

  33. Congratulations on the one year of blogging – and here’s to the second year of blogging! I’ll look forward to following…Thanks for dropping by my ‘morethanreading’ blog – and I’m glad I found your blog. Coral

  34. Thanks for checking in on our Ray of Hope Ministries web-sites ( and We appreciate your encouraging and inspirational content you have written.
    Grace and peace, Ray Gough and Patty Perez

  35. I’m so grateful you posted thisโ€”how you expressed it! It helps nudge me along in deciding whether or not to reveal the cancer “ingredient” in my own life’s-good salad! I have been thinking “why” talk about it when I enjoy “forgetting” about it! Today, though, after finding your blog, I am beginning to ask “why not”. I’ll let you knowโ€”-revealing my blog’s title (& gravatar) when the time comes. Meanwhile, I look forward to dipping into some of your archives. : )

  36. And you are an inspiration and pick-me-up for all of us who think they have it “so bad” sometimes and at times feel sorry for themselves, desperate, helpless and what not.
    Especially your cool funny insightful style of writing helps lot of people to look at life and its hardships from a different, better perspective. I know your lovely posts help me and many times even bring tears of joy into my eyes because in them you’re showing that life indeed is beautiful and it is up to each and every one of us whether we feel happy and cheerful in life despite cicumstances. Apparently lot of people hear you and relate to everything you write even though they do not have cancer. Bless you for that. Congrtas and please never stop blogging! ๐Ÿ™‚

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