It’s all about Perspective.

So, what is Perspective?
– A mental view or outlook.
– The art of picturing objects or a scene in a such a way (by converging lines), as to show them as they appear to the eye with reference to relative distance or depth.
– The effect of relative distance and position.
– The relationship or proportion of the parts of a whole, regarded from a particular standpoint or point in time.
– A specific point of view in understanding or judging things or events – one that shows them in their relations to one another.
– A picture in perspective.
– A distant view, vista.
……So now we know……

What a coincidence. Here I’m working on this post for many, many days, and 3 days ago Peter – – commented on my post: “My 65-th Birthday”: [……..] You are someone who isn’t fearful of your reality, but rather confident in your ability to change your perspective on the negative things life throws at you. [……..]
Peter, you are so very right! Thank you!!!!!!! You said it best. In one sentence.
Even as a young child I discovered that every bad situation is only as bad as it is. And I noticed, that with passing time it all changes. Nothing last forever.
One way to deal with a problem is to get in the middle of that unpleasant picture and deal with it head on. Investigate. Like about that Monster under your bed. Instead laying paralyzed by fear, you may find out, it is only a Cookie Monster πŸ™‚ !!!
And the other way is to distance yourself from that picture. Monsters don’t look so very scary from the distance.
You see, in the end it is all up to you, HOW you look on that picture.

God Bless you All!

47 thoughts on “It’s all about Perspective.

    1. Amen sister! You are right it is all how we look at our situation. There have been many times in my life that I have made things bigger than they were ~ yes, actually I am almost certain I do it daily πŸ™‚ This is a great reminder though to not let things have more power than they warrant.

  1. Yep… He did say that well. It is what it is…. or as my grandmother use to say, “Life is like a tunnel and you will alway come out on the other end if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other.” (moving)

  2. Great post. I have visited your blog a few times after you have liked one of my posts and I fially found your newest posts! Now I really have to catch up! plus it is almost your birthday!,,, Thank you again for visiting my blog.

  3. I can see myself reading your blog a fair bit as you have wisdom within your words as much of this page of “Perspective” I relate to. Keep up the great work.

    1. I have wasted too much of my life on irrational fears. I am middle aged now so instead of having a midlife crisis & decided it’s time to have a midlife celebration instead. Time to start living my life as opposed to simply survivng it.

  4. oneanna65–will you be changing that soon to oneanna66?–Thank you for liking my post. And in the way that providence has, it’s led me to visit your own blog and to happen upon your post on perspective, and on many other of your posts, especially perfect when coupled with this one. God is always very good at timing these things. I appreciate your insights and your generosity in sharing them.

  5. Once again, a wonderful post! I, too, found out very early on that bad doesn’t last forever. It took me over 30 years though to realize that I didn’t have to stay in the middle of it and try to “fix” it…that yes, I could distance myself and “get away” from it and live a much happier life. For the longest time however, I thought I had just been a coward and ran away…thank you for giving me the correct “perspective”.

    I hope you had a good Easter!

  6. Your visit to my site led me here.I have read a number of your posts and as I lost my brother to cancer, your words have special meaning for me. Thank you and keep posting…

  7. Many say, “There’s always a raindbow around every corner.”, “In every dark clouds, a silver lining.”, “For every Evening that comes, surely another Morning awaits.”
    But for those who believe in God, we say: “That is Providence. God allows bad things to happen because He is the only one who makes many other good things to sprout from them. Bad things happen only because of the hardness of our hearts, but He can heal us and replace our hearts of stone with a human heart.”

    Indeed, it is all about HOW we look at things. One without art background looking at the artwork of, say, Juan Luna’s Spoliarium and only see horror or grief. But with proper background will reveal a deeper meaning and beauty. Thus, one can always look at our life as happiness and joy but it is only when we look at it through the authentic catholic christian lenses that we will see the magnificent beauty of everything with God working through it.


  8. I love your Cookie-Monster analogy. And it is true, the longer you put off confonting the monster, the bigger it appears.

    And thank you for visiting and liking my blog of 1950 memories.

  9. Great Post! People spend a lot of time thinking about a problem and getting all worked up when in reality the solution is often quick and painless! Sometimes it’s even fun! Think of little kids who are scared to go down a slide. Once they go down they can’t wait to do it again!

  10. I love this too, thankyou for sharing thoughts and reminding us we can move not feel fixed and stuck πŸ™‚ Hope you are doing ok, all the best, wt.

  11. Each day is a blessing. Some days are blessings with a curse thrown in…for perspective! We can’t always have things that are completely great, nor things which are totally miserable. It’s the balance we need to learn to find, and it helps balance us.


  12. You are so right about perspective. It is like the glass half full/empty metaphor. I just wrote a poem titled Perspective. Thought he same concept, mine is based on a perspective I have fought all of my life. And still to this day and to the end of time I suppose. You have written a lovely piece – uplifting. Thank you.

  13. Hi..yea.. you are right! When we see something we said in mind is good, even in reality it is bad, it’ll be good but if we see something we said in mind it is bad, even though its wonderful it’ll be awful..

    ** i remember teaching my son to eat vege, i told him to imagine it as a candy that coloured in green. He tried it and walaaa..he is eating it and said mom, i thought vege tasted awful, but reality it is ok. So its all about Prespective!

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