Cancer? What cancer?

It has been a four months since my Gout problems started. Pain and discomfort. I’m trying to find the way to stop it. Doing lots of research…
But Gout is a very elusive problem. It affects different people in different ways. And different diet and remedies work for different people.
And it is hard to figure out what to eat if you have a food allergies, Gout diet restrictions and you have to stay strong to keep a Cancer from coming back.

Here is a list of the foods and remedies what I’m eating lately: Alfalfa Sprouts, Almond Milk, Avocados, Bananas, Beet Root, Blueberries, Broccoli, Carrots, Celery, Chicken, Dark Chocolate, Coconut Oil, Cranberries, Cucumber, Dandelion, Egg Whites, Flax Meal, Garlic, Ginger, Grapes, Hawthorn Berries, Honey, Olive Oil, Papaya, Pasta, Pau D’Arco, Peanut Butter, Pears, Pineapple, Potato, Home Made Soups, Tea, Tofu, Turmerick, Watermelon, and Water – Lots of it!

Of course I don’t eat everything off it every day… 🙂 . But my pain and discomfort continue for so many weeks.

But I think I finally found the right remedy in the local Health Store! GOUCH! It’s made by Redd Remedies ( They say: promotes healthy Uric Acid levels, supports normal Kidney function, encourages a healthy inflammatory response.
I’m gonna give it a try. It is my last hope. Otherwise I will have to go to the Doctor, and… I don’t want to talk about it…

I ask my Friend: “Can you die of Gout?”
And She said: “I don’t think so. But you may wish you were dead”. 🙂 . I like her raw sense of humor.

So now my cancer worries become my second priority… First I have to win the Battle with Gout…

Thank you for your support. God Bless you.

115 thoughts on “Cancer? What cancer?

      1. Gerson, was a scientist who theorized that cancer is caused by environmental intake which affects the body. HIs solution, and later his daughter’s, is known as a juicing diet. Essentially, you would eat many raw fruits and veggies for a prolonged time in order to allow your body a chance to fight the cancer. It also works by starving the malicious cell by not providing it the types of nutrients that it craves.

        There is much more to it, but this is what I took from my gathering of information. Loads of books on the topic as well.


  1. i have a friend who has been suffering with gout for three or four months, and i don’t have to ask.. i see his pain in his face, in his posture, and especially in his eyes, which seem to become more hollow each day. like you, he cannot seem to find the trigger.

    you have been on my mind for two days, i will be working/painting/gardening/something, and a little thought of you tip-toes through my mind… it’s good to have a report, and i hope that you find your way out of this pain soon.


  2. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this, there is no greater pain in my opinion and your friend’s raw sense of humor is, sadly, entirely accurate. Like you say, it’s different for everyone, but here’s what worked for me… I up’d my protein from all vegetable sources, I rarely eat meat and I minimize fat and diary, I eat 5-6 small meals per day… even with all that I still had some problems, then I started on two things, I drink ‘crushed-celery-seed-tea’ every day and I drink a cup of hibiscus tea every day, and a small handful of unsweetened dried cherries… the combination of all that is the only thing that worked for me. Hoping you find the info helpful. I’ve been hoping for a post from you. Wishing you well ~Scott

  3. My mom has had some relief from drinking (sort of sour because there’s no added sugar) cherry juice. She’s taken cherry extract in pill form, too. Her best results came from a podiatrist with a regular pack of senior patients. That doc identified a particular athletic shoe that seemed to provide less irritation. My mom eventually went on allopurinol, which is an every day preventative medication. She has not had a bout since. I don’t think she likes having to take the meds every day, but her bouts were growing more frequent. I hope you find an approach suitable for you soon.

  4. May God continues to strengthen you by HIS Grace and Mercy, and may you continue to be in communion with HIM through Prayers daily. Add plenty of water to your diet daily it helps with cleansing, and Colonic Cleansing helps as well. Glad to have you posting and sharing. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  5. Hello sister:

    There’s lots of natural remedies to help relieve the symptoms of gout, some of which I include in my organic and natural body creams, green tea for one. At any rate, check out some of these on google,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.46226182,d.dmQ&fp=a60cff0080380ae7&biw=1440&bih=726

    I will keep you in prayers that the Lord either heals you or leads you to what will ultimately heal you
    God bless!

  6. Diet is key! Cherries are a great idea; quite a bit of research has been done on that… I would suggest you try going grain-free, potato-free, legume-free and sugar-free (no alcohol either!) for a month and see what happens. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Check out the paleo diet. It has worked wonders for my 75-year-old father… Gout, amongst many other things, completely gone!

  7. I sometimes get gout attacks. In order to get past it, I have to pop some pills for a couple of days, anti-inflamatories (prescription blue and white). With out them, the pain feeds on itself, inflames even more, and its almost impossible to get better. Mine is triggered by too much rare red meat (usually). I avoid it, but I’m good in small quantities. Other things that have triggered it include eating stewed rhubarb every day for a week, same thing for pea soup…..again, these are excesses. Moderation is the secret for me.
    without those pills I’d be wanting to amputate its so painful when it strikes.

  8. my x had it bad too, and I see you’re not eating red meats, that’s good, but you should also avoid tuna, herring, scallops, turkey, goose, anchovies, asparagus, mushrooms, califlower, SPINACH is a bad one and is really bad if your thyroid is affected from the cancer, also all alocohol, organ meats, and….coffee tea and joices are actually good too, they continually flush the kidneys and keep the crystals from forming….. I feel for ya, though, it’s painful. I do know….it’s painful, but my x would actually crunch his toes up, when it got so bad he couldn’t walk, and its hurts, but then feels much better later….the BEST way to do this we discovered is sit with your feet in the river and numb them first….lol…then crunch!! AND I want to know if you’ve ever tried Reflexology??? ITS Wonderful and actually works to break up the crystals naturally too….if you want to know how…let me know, I’ll tell you how….hope you feel better, and praying for you too….just keep telling yourself, I AM HEALED instead of I am so sick….it really helps!!!!! really!

  9. It’s not fair that you cannot just enjoy your post treatment time… I hope the new remedy works for you..

  10. May you get well soon. Stay Strong !
    And take good care of yourself. You are always part of all the prayers. Keep blogging & remain happy seeing the positive side always. 🙂

  11. My late ex-husband used to suffer from gout. In order flush the excessive uric acid from his body, he would get a pound of fresh cherries and eat them. It worked for him. Also, if you are a coffee drinker or drink caffeinated pop, cut back. That creates more uric acid in the body. So does overeating red meat, if you happen to eat meat. Cooking in aluminum pots and pans increases uric acid as well. Just a few tips I’ve picked up along the way. ❤

  12. My father-in-law suffers as well and he swears by this lemon water drink now. He consumes it every day. It seems relatively simple to make. Just fresh lemon juice and water. I don’t know if it will help, but thought I would share. 🙂

  13. Sending vibes your way to feel better! I’d love to recommend some resources for you that might be beneficial to you. My friend is battling cancer and I recently got her a cookbook called “Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen” by Annette Ramke & Kendall Scott. Their website,, is worth checking out too. From what I’ve heard, and even tasted, the recipes are delicious and are designed specifically for those with cancer. Check it out, it might help! Good luck!

  14. And a second thought: take a rest whenever you can. I don’t know whether there is a garden or park in your neighborhood where you could relax half an hour or an hour regularly. Silence and fresh air can make wonders. If I go for only 40 minutes into the botanical garden, then I become totally relaxed (for an evening, but this is sometimes enough for a good sleep). Bushes, trees, flowers – even they are not in their best form, they may provide little details that are beautiful and can be captured even with a simpler camera.

  15. Gout is a form of arthritis. My dad suffered from it terribly. He found wearing white cotton socks helped somewhat along with wider shoes. However, if you know of a remedy for arthritis, you may do well to try it. who knows?

  16. So glad you seem to have found the right combination of foods. And I’m totally impressed that you alphabetized the foods! Holy Moley!
    And thank you for your continued visits to 1950 Suburban Adventures.

  17. I know people who have been helped by cutting out all meat (even chicken) fish and dairy. Stay away from refined foods and white foods (flour, white rice, sugar). They say chicken is ‘safer’ – notice ‘safer’? Not eating chicken is safest!! It’s worth a try.

    I wish you health and happiness!!

    Pura vida!!
    ❤ carmen

  18. My dad struggled with and suffered from gout for many years. He used to drink cherry juice and that helped him quite a bit. I think there are cherry tablets that can be used instead. I can find out more specifics from my mom if you are interested. Just a thought. I know it is an incredibly painful disease. Cheers on being cancer free! Thanks for liking my blog post, btw.

  19. I’m sorry for your discomfort! I don’t know if there’s anything to it, but I believe that eating wild game, which has no added hormones, antibiotics, or anything that shouldn’t be there, has added to the health of my family. Do you have access to any wild game where you are? I know it’s available at Whole Foods, Sun Harvest, and Sprouts. Maybe there is a meat processor in your area who could put you in touch with a hunter who might be willing to share. They’re out there. Many don’t know how to use as much of their meat as I do. I wish you well,

  20. Hi Oneanna – I am sorry to hear you are in such pain, but are you sure it is in fact gout? There are quite a few other things that could present as gout and that could be treated. If you have been in discomfort for 4 months might it not be worth considering a visit to your doctor? I can understand why you might not want to go, but sometimes the earlier you go the better. Very best wishes to you Polianthus

  21. Hello, oneanna65 (now 66 :-)), and thanks for liking one of my recent posts at Evolution Made Easier. I always appreciated when you stopped by in the past and took the time to do that.

    As for gout, if I remember correctly, it has to do, at least in part, w/ build up of uric acid crystals…something you probably already know from your research or someone may have already mentioned. I saw where someone mentioned cherries and I’ve heard and read a lot about cherries and tart cherry juice helping. And you listed tofu as one of the things you eat. From everything I’ve come across over the last couple of years, I would delete that from your menu, even if you didn’t have gout. About the only soy products that are unanimously recommended are the fermented ones….such as miso and tempeh. Everything else has the potential to disrupt body processes in a number of ways.

    One of my latest “superfoods” of choice is Sea Clear…has organic, non-pasteurized miso, kelp, chlorella, raw apple cider vinegar, tumeric, and black pepper (which has been shown to increase the positive effects of tumeric). I love the stuff, even though it took me 2 months after buying it to give it a try because it looked yucky and I didn’t see how something with so many healthy things could taste good. I mix about a tablespoon w/ hot water for a soothing bowl of broth. It tastes like miso, but w/ a zing. 🙂 Love it…and helps the body in soooo many ways.

  22. I blogged an article about the benefits of baking soda! Yes, you read that right! Baking soda is one of those all-around beneficial items to have handy like vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Baking soda is reported to have anti-cancer benefits as well as curing stomach ailments. One teaspoon in a 8 oz. or larger glass of water once or twice a day is supposed to be very good for you! : ) I have not had a chance to start my daily dose of it yet, because I am still taking a prescription antacid, and you should not mix baking soda with other antacids, or you should wait a good two hours after taking any antacid before consuming the baking soda and water. Just a friendly little tip from me to you! Give it a try if you like. Let me know if it works well for you if you decide to do so, and good luck!

    1. Hi John, baking soda in itself is an outstanding antacid. This is the only antacid I use when I get heartburn. The reason why it is functional is because it causes a pH shift from acid to alkaline in the stomach. The human body’s normal pH is alkaline, and anything, i.e., food (especially animal-derived products, such as milk, eggs, meat, etc.), drinks, emotional distress, etc., which causes a shift to an acid environment in the body, will consequently also be the cause of ailments, disease, and cancer, ultimately. The frequent use of baking soda is for therefore an outstanding reason for maintaining the body’s alkaline pH status, and maintaining excellent health.

  23. Diet affects everything and you are doing good! It is sometimes tough and I know falling off the wagon happens but ya just pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and get right back on … and most of all don’t beat yourself up about it. But you are what you eat and with all the crazy preservatives and chemicals in our food it is more important than ever to know what you consume.

  24. Oh yes, gout is so painful. I experienced my first gout flare with 25. I stopped eating entrails, reduced my meat consum, less aspargus taking care of not drinking too much beer, and yes sometimes I take allopurinol, when I “sinned”. Good luck and take care!

  25. Thank you for visiting me at again – haven’t seen you for ages – I missed you!
    It was probably the gout that brought you back – mine is killing me at the moment too!

    I went to the doctor with mine years ago. I didn’t get to see the regular doctor but a guy who was in temporally to cover holidays etc. “Oh. No! Not gout!” he said “You know some days mine nearly kills me!” He had a quick look at my record and said “You only come in once a year or so, don’t you – OK, I’ll give you what I take. When you feel that first twinge you take one of these, but they are bad for you so you mustn’t take them unless you need to!”

    The best visit to a doctor in my life! If I catch that first twinge and take the pill – instead of thinking “Oh, it’ll be gone tomorrow.” it works like a treat. NB only if you catch it before it gets bad.

    Go and see the doctor – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!
    PS I heard it is a really bad problem among the Maori in New Zealand – they think it’s because their diet is high in shrimps and beer!

  26. Excellent diet, consider adding raw organic hemp seed to your diet, it has been an amazing supplement for me, just research the benfits. I don’t want to endorse a particular company, but Canada is the best source for this product and it’s fairly cheap and ships free from amazon. I mix it in my cereal, pudding, yogurt, etc, or you can eat it raw, it has a sweet nutty taste. Great source of protien, fiber and a list of other benefits, icluding cancer fighting properties. I also filter my water using zerowater, it even gets rid of fluoride. Best wishes.

  27. I sincerely wish and will pray that your health improves. Be courageous so that you may continue to be an inspiration to people around you through your fortitude in times of adversity.
    God bless you

  28. Good morning, I hope this new day is finding you well. I want to thank you for visiting my blog, and hope that it has been of some value to you.
    I have had gout for almost 15 years now, with attacks 4 years ago happening every six weeks. Two years ago, I found out that in part, it was caused from my SLL/CLL. As I understand it, this cancer can raise your uric acid. My doctor put me on Allopurlinol 300 mg, one pill per day, two years ago just after I was diagnosed with cancer, and I have had only one bout with gout since then. My uric acid level has been around 4 since then. I do not like to take pills, but this one has really helped. Again thank you for interest in reading my blog. Jack

  29. With constant prayers, alternative treatment and green barley, I was able to avoid hysterectomy. Now I’m in complete remission. God is good. He can make the impossible POSSIBLE. I pray for your healing, too. God bless you. =)♡

  30. My hubby has gout – he has to avoid sardines, which he loves, and other similar fish. He has also found that oranges and tangerines set it off, if that helps… He has gone to the doctor with his gout, and there are things they can give you at the start of an attack, if you recognise the signs, that can make it a lot less severe. I would recommend you go see the doctor… And wish you all the best in dealing with this.

  31. My sister came to visit and showed me a very swollen and painful big toe. Her husband, a physicist mind you, said it must be a fracture or something. I said gout – change your diet Sis. Thank you for this entry, it’s reaffirming !

  32. I was in pain reading about your pain. I know they say that “from the womb to the tomb, it’s a struggle all the way”, but gout and cancer is pushing it. I pray that you will find something soon that brings relief. Thanks for the visit and the like of my post “Same Flower Different Look”.

  33. Hi, I was wondering if you are familiar with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and if so, what do you think of them? Your diet sounds excellent. You’re eating healthy. I heard that “sugar feeds a tumor?” True? Anyway, I also heard that staying active keeps cancer from spreading. (It doesn’t make sense to me, but I heard it from my minister, who is a cancer survivor, and I was wondering if you have heard the same thing)?

  34. Sorry to hear you are still in pain. Prostate cancer was – for me- not a painful business. The cure caused discomfort. Of course, i can’t be sure I am clear either. Time will tell………… I like to reflect on the silly side too. And thanks for visiting travelling Outside In.

  35. Wow, this is amazing! I’ve scoured the Internet for gout cures/treatments, tried a few to no avail! I’m amazed that the medicines designed to keep me alive, are the ones that brought this, MY WORST attack on. I call it my worst because I’ve had it before. But now I’ve it both feet, my ankles and knees.

    I’ve asked if one can die from gout too and received the same response. I will admit, there are times when I wish for death!

    I’ve another doctors appointment on Tuesday, lets see what he comes up with.

  36. Have you looked into Dr. Fuhrman? I’m not sure if he has anything specifically about Gout, but he has a book on fasting, and a whole foods plant based diet which is good for many diseases. Best of luck!

  37. When I had gout my nutritionist friend advised me to take Goldenseal Root (tablets). Twice as many as the label says, for 10 days. Disappeared in no time!

    Of course, you would want to ensure your doc is okay with this as it has potential to interact with meds. Good luck!

  38. Dr. James A. Duke swares by cherries for gout. He is a sufferer as well. He is a botonist and maintains medicinal herb gardens both in the US and Peru. I invite you too check him out and thanks for following my Indigo2crystal’s blog. ❤

  39. Use a personal ultrasound device 150 W 40 kHz (available over the Internet for 35 UK pounds) on any cancerous organ to clear the cancer. Medically proved 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre Florida

  40. You know for gout you need to avoid foods with protein as much as possible. So if you are eating egg whites, you are increasing your discomfort level. Legumes, such as beans and peas are also high in protein, as is tofu, etc. You really should avoid most foods that have high levels of protein particularly when you have a flareup. After things calm down, you can eat a little protein here and there (chicken breast is good and clean with little fat and less protein than some of the other meats). I happen to be a medical researcher and not an MD but a doctor nonetheless and have many friends with gout. Try a diet with little or no protein for a week and see if your gout improves.

    Good luck with your treatment and recovery!

  41. Like a Catch-22 it sucks.. I get the feeling you’re a tough cookie. Anyway, part of the reason movement is necessary for gout (as part of a protocol) is because delivery of nutrients to joints are not as facile as is for muscles.

    If you can get a hold of Yerba Buena, please do. I have seen it work as a most potent yet safe way to relieve, as well as get rid of, gout.

  42. My father and I experienced elevated uric acid levels. There are actually advantages here, since uric acid may be an antioxidant. Allopurinol, an inexpensive medication has prevented the double-edged, knife-like uric acid crystals from damaging my joints or internal organs. I think that this medication is also an antioxidant. I’m symptom free, so diet restrictions have not caused me problems. I dislike foods with high uric acid content: liver and kidney. I can still drink beer. Why not ask a doctor about allopurinol?

    1. Anna,

      Ask your doctor about allopurinol. It’s inexpensive and it works to reduce uric acid production, so the crystals can’t form. Without crystals and the uric acid crystals can’t dig into your joints and organs. Avoid a drug called benemid, if it’s offered. It sends the uric acid into the urine where it forms crystals. These crystals have a sharp point on each end. That’s why they can do so much damage.

  43. I was told black coffee was good in combating gout… however, I don’t think it’s ideal for fighting cancer unfortunately.

    Well done for fighting your cancer with diet – that’s the method I used after reading several excellent books. That was years ago now and I’m still here 🙂 Good luck and hope you recover fully,

  44. Clearing cancer
    14 July 2013
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  45. Glad you liked “dog licking.” Thanks. Sorry to hear about your gout. I’ve had it many years, but have no trouble (no matter what I eat) if I take my one 300mg. pill every day. Hope you can control yours, and very best to you.

  46. Your Powerful will power – over power your all aliments ;
    I have seen a great breeze of positive vibrations in your poems.
    You have got such a brilliant healing power.
    you can cure it.
    all best wishes
    with regards

  47. Hi Anna. the human body’s normal pH is alkaline. and anything that disrupts this pH, i.e.. which
    causes a shift from an alkaline environment to an acid environment in the body, will consequently
    also be the cause of ailments, disease and ultimately. cancer. Because food is the item that we
    have to use three times a day in order to give us energy and sustenance, this could also be the
    cause of most of the physical problems in our bodies. Almost all of these physical issues we suffer
    in our bodies can be attributed to our consumption of animal-derived products, such as milk, eggs,
    meat, poultry, fish, etc. Animal-derived products are considered as foreign objects by our bodies.
    and their presence cause immediate acidification of our bodies. One of the ways the body uses to
    get rid of acids in our bodies is to excrete them at our joints, and the symptoms of this are of course arthritis and gout.

    We can heal ourselves through the foods we eat, and the foods we do not eat. Avoid all
    animal-derived foods in your diet and follow a plant-based diet. In this way your body will also
    cleanse – and this may be your initial experience of consuming only plants. Try and make the
    consumption of your diet as varied as possible, by eating as many different vegetables and as
    many colored vegetables as you possibly can. Be careful of eating fruit, as they may contribute to
    acid formation in your body. The perfect balance of vegetable to fruit consumption should be 80%
    to 20%. Also limit your consumption of nuts and seeds, as they may also contribute to acidification.
    To optimize the benefit you get from consuming a plant-based diet, simultaneous with your food
    consumption, also consume supplements of probiotics and enzymes. Make sure that these
    supplements no not consume any animal-derived products, as the latter interfere with the supplements’ function.

    Avoid beverages like alcohol, coffee, tea and carbonated drinks, as they also lead to the
    acidification of the body. Water is the perfect solvent. If tea needs to be consumed, use herbal

    I hope that my suggestions will benefit and contribute to your health. For more information also visit
    the websites of Dr. Michael Greger,, and Dr. John A. McDougall, Blessings!

  48. Watch your water intake. You can drown yourself and not digest properly if you dilute the digesting fluids. Gout lives on salt and therefore make sure the water you are using has no salt in it. No tap water. Good luck. Barry

  49. Gack! No broccoli with gout… No red meats or sulphur compounds (stinky vegetables): cauliflower or broccoli are the big no-no’s. I know-know this because sulphur compound foods are suspected aggravators of some symptoms of Behcet’s disease (which I have)–and these symptoms, by the way, respond to treatment with colchicine, which, as you know is a gout medicine–and so the circle is complete 🙂

  50. Wow you really are going on the attack with your food etc. So sorry it seems to be persisting. I’ll add some prayer for you into the mix it’s what I do when the natural cures don’t seem enough.

  51. Oh, sounds so painful. 😦 I can certainly relate to the cancer thing – I had another scare 2 years ago and I went on a massive health kick myself, hence my own blog, all about healthy gardening, cooking and lifestyle. I am happy to say a year later I got the all clear, and all I had done was massively change my diet and pray for healing, so go you, well done and keep it up. Will be thinking of you. Thanks for liking my “Sugar Beets are GO!” post. Cheers, Suz

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