A poem again?

It’s not really a poem, it’s an attempt to make it a poem. As you know I’m not a poet. And I don’t think that the Angel who wants me to publish this is a poet either. But here it is:

In my dream.

In my dream
I’m young and light
I can run
and dance
with the lions
if I want

In my dream
there is no pain
no suffering
only love
and peace
wherever I look

I’m waking up
Or maybe not

In my dream
I’m old
and tired
I can’t dance
only walk
very slow
there is pain
and suffering
wherever I look

And now I’m awake!!!!!!!!!
and I’m young
and light
I can run
and dance
with the lions
if I want……….. πŸ™‚ !!!

Thank you all for your support.
And the Angel is saying: THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS !!!


114 thoughts on “A poem again?

  1. to nourish the soul … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7scH1OQgfBQ the song is about mountain angels. Bieszczady mountain are in the Poland

    English version of the song fragment:

    “Bieszczady Angels, Bieszczady Angels
    There’s much joy and good weather in you
    Bieszczady Angels, Bieszczady Angels
    When they touch you with their wings, then you’re their brother.”
    He will whisper to your ear at last
    If he’s in a good mood
    He’ll tell you that he caries he’s wings in backpack
    Even when the weather is good”

  2. I’m afraid I have to take issue with you. This IS a poem – a beautiful one. Only if inspiration could come from physically less painful experiences… But I strongly hope we will read poems by you inspired by not only internal but also external peace, tranquility and overall welfare.
    PS: I think also poets visit sometimes their doctor if their illness requires medicaments in order to arrive a safe and painless state which can be then preserved for a long period of time without seeing a doctor again. πŸ™‚

  3. I think this is great! Perhaps because I think I can identify with parts of it, but I love the aspect of Dreams and Angels πŸ˜€

  4. Your words are strength
    Your words are beauty
    You are LIFE
    You are beautifully YOUNG
    Child-like soul
    Dancing and running
    Loving with all you have!

    thank you for sharing your gift of words…and encouragement…and courage with all of us!

  5. When your writing evokes meaning beyond the obvious that is poetry and so it is with this. Just reading the comments says that it is poetry and thus you are a poet whether you want to be or not. Thanks for the like of my post “Sweetness Check”.

  6. That was beautiful. My mother always said, “When I dream, I’m young and healthy. Why would I want to dream about being old and fighting cancer?” It made me happy to know there was a brief escape.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. As it so happens I love poetry too! You have alot of great information on your page. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hey, I noticed you’d been round my place again – thanks for the visit. I’m not much of a poet either so I don’t know if my compliments are any use – but tell the angel this looks OK to me.

  9. It’s so amazing to find someone like you, so upbeat. I was 75 yrs. old on 4th April this year so exactly 10 yrs. older. I have a form of cancer for which I am tested every 6 months. Luckily, I am not often in pain though other ‘ old age’ afflictions do cause problems. I am booked in for more ‘procedures’ on the 26th. I remember moaning to my very good neighbours about the fact that I was in so much pain and my lovely mother, who will be 97 yrs. old this year can move better than me and is brighter.He turned round and said that if you can feel pain you know you are alive. I try to take each day as it comes . All the best for the future. I am banking on beating my mother’s age. I have already got the forms for her 100th birthday wishes from the Queen.

  10. On old maps the Romans wrote: “hic sunt leones” to mark the lands of Africa largely unknown.
    You dance with the mysterious and beautiful animals and produce true poetry, dissolving every cloud of mystery.

  11. hey amiga
    just checking on you to be sure all is ok. the long days of summer are often encouraging, yet they are also HOT. i am lucky to live where it really doesn’t get hot, and it is never below freezing unless i chose to climb a snow-capped volcano, which i don’t plan to do!
    may your week be a good one!

  12. You don’t have to be a poet to write poetry. all you do is just write what you are thinking or feeling. LIke I had dreams of poems and I wrote them and actually have three poems published. So just put the words together, they don’t have to rhyme either

  13. Let’s all keep running and dancing with the lions wherever and whenever we can. Fantastic image. Delighted that I found it and your blog. Glad that you enjoyed ‘Casual mass-murder with bread’. If we can all keep each other smiling, that’d be pretty good, eh?

  14. Not a poet? Hummph! Whoever told you that, dear spirit? You’re very much a poet…and a very good one, too. Keep reading good poetry, write poetry every chance you get, and soon you’ll know that you’ve been a poet all along…just waiting for the fullness of time to develop your gift! My prayers are with you in your journey to healing. Drop by randalane.wordpress.com any time; You are always welcome. Finally, thank you from the depths of my heart for “liking” my haiku! They are not all good, but they are all my children, just as you are a child of God.



  15. Wow!! I am just wandering through your blog and loving each post more than the last. For now, this i my most favorite… which i hope your other posts will change soon πŸ™‚

  16. I really like this a lot. I don’t consider myself a poet either, but my last post was I suppose a poem. Thanks for liking it and guiding me back to yours!

  17. I’m picturing you dancing with your angels πŸ™‚ here on Earth, writing your book. You have brought many people together through your voice! Imagining how that hope and strength of youth channels through you. Thank you, flower and face of oneanna65

  18. Anna, what I love about you is that you are so very good at inspiring πŸ™‚ I think deep belief and connectedness is apparent through your book – and your loving heart. It takes grit to live. It takes faith… It also takes a certain fearless stubbornness to persist. Bless you, dear. Thank you for your book that has filled my heart, during my current move; and I for a long time to come… Wherever you are, and however you are, know that you are loved ❀ Ka

  19. What helps me is a pain patch for chronic pain. It’s called Fentanyl. Major joint pain is made tolerable and vicodin for breakthrough pain. The patch lasts 72 hours before you have to change it. I do hope you stop having pain even if your Doctor won’t give you a script. I would find another Dr. who would prescribe to for me. If there’s something else you are taking that would do harm.. of course I would pay attention and forget the Fentanyl.

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