T.G. is on!

My Blog is on! Thanks God!
For 2 days very strange things were happening to my Blog. It was signing itself off. So I have to “sign in” again and again… And then I got the message that someone was trying to change my PASSWORD! Oh no!!!!! So I have to call one of my Angels and ask for help and I was able to change my password myself – just in time… And then everything stop. So now I can keep blogging again! Thank you Angel!!!
And I want to thank WordPress for keeping my blog site on. You guys are awesome! The best! And FREE!
And I want to thank Hostgator for terminating the service to my blog site. I want to apologize for this misunderstanding. It wasn’t all my fault, you know…
But I should have been more careful whom I’m trusting. This all incident only messed up my blog and it was very stressful experience for me. And we all know that stress can kill. Well, I have survived that one too. I’m strong!
You see, some people can never get it that they can be wrong. They will be calling again and again and keep telling you the same and the same. So you tell them: “Enough! Go with the God!” And if you keep to ignore them, they will become to be your enemy and try to destroy you and whatever you care about…
The Bible says: “…..love your enemies….. and pray for them…..”
Yes, I love that enemy of mine, but I prefer to love it from the distance. 🙂 !!! And I don’t want to waste the rest of my life trying to explain myself to anyone. God knows my intentions. This what is important.
And I pray for some good fortune to happen to that enemy of mine so that IT will become very busy with it and leave me and my blog alone. Amen!

God Bless you all! Oneanna65

18 thoughts on “T.G. is on!

  1. you are THE BEST, our dear queen! i felt i was in the middle of a circle of athletes before the team dashed out on the field/court to win the championship!

    did i say that you’re the best? keep knocking those balls all the way over the back fence! z

  2. Correction from others is rough. Unless they have positional authority or relational authority it is likely their concern will not be heard, or will offend or both. But it is still needed.

  3. I wonder if that is what is going on with mine? I have to keep logging back in, even if I have it set to log-in automatically. I will change it right away.

  4. You Keep truckin little Lady………..always nice to see a post in my email box from you. I do hope you are feeling stronger these days with all these wonderful people and our support.
    Now I need to get to another “writing of a story about an odd bumper sticker” Take care and know there are many of us out in blogging world who care a great deal about you and what your shinning star is bringing to this world

  5. So glad your blog is up and going. You are an inspiration. It’s heartening to read your articles and see that you have strong faith and are persevering through some tough challenges. The internet, blogging, website tech stuff can be very overwhelming–been there, done that. I’ve tried finding ppl to help with mine and ended up paying a huge sum and then wondering if I made a mistake. The message is more important than the cost, though, and to help our fellow dear ones is high priority. Keep writing and I wish you good health.

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