Happy 2014!!!

We all know what happiness is: “State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”.
But I like it better the way Henry Ward Beecher explained happiness: “The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things”. So I’m an artist. Happy artist! πŸ™‚ ! – because I’m happy without any special reason… Maybe not so extremely happy – like jumping all over… Ouch! πŸ™‚ . On the happiness scale 1-10 I am on 7. That’s very happy!
I’m happy that I can be happy without any special reason. πŸ™‚ .
I’m happy I am me – Oneanna65. πŸ™‚ .
And so on and on…..
And I wish that everyone can find happiness in this New Year! Happy New Year!!!God Bless You All!


56 thoughts on “Happy 2014!!!

  1. Great thoughts. I always think of how thinks were just for me one year ago in the hospital. Now I am back in full force enjoying life. Now I am a 10! But my wish is those close to me would not try and be so sneaky and be honest with themselves.

  2. I’m in general a 7 person also..glad to see another happy face there. I get stressed yes, I cry, I sceam, I yell…but Oh My GOD I loveeee Life and everything in it. *S*….can’t help but laugh…*LOL* Hope you have a great 2014 this year.

  3. I am so sorry it has been so long that I visited! Ah, but the smile that you gave me with this post (whilst I was frantically nodding!) So true!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. After you did, I realized I didn’t re-blog properly, so I deleted my first post and did it again. Just wanted you to know that I appreciated your visit, even though I removed the post.

  5. Happy New year! I noticed today that we share some of the same interests! I noticed your gravitar on both Canadian Banished Mother and Harper Watch blogs today, so I figured I should check you out. I look forward to reading your posts in the next year.

  6. thanks for liking my latest post, anna. glad to hear that you’re happy! for me, happiness mainly consists of riding a shiny new bicycle through a ballroom full of multicolored balloons (something i’ve yet to get around to doing). i hope you have a happy 2014 too!

  7. I really love and agree with the Henry Ward Beecher quote. Thank you for posting it. And thank you for liking my post “A Story: To Tell the Truth.”. I hope you find much joy in the little things that surround you.

  8. Staying positive and seeing the good in people is truly an art that we should all aim to master. Great post and congrats to you and your angels for your awards! Cheers Pip

  9. Thanks for the well wishes for all of us and for stopping by my Evolution Made Easier blog from time to time and giving me a like. Always fun when that happens. Right back at ya. πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking the post on Ending Suffering, Anna. I think you know a lot about suffering, after having read your blog. Meditation may bring you much peace of mind. Have a great 2014!

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