Blog of the Year 2013 Award!!!

That’s awesome! Second year a row my Blog got nominated for Blog of the Year Award!

Thank you Belsbror!!! –

And that means that we are alive and doing good – Me and my Blog.

Me – thanks to your support and well wishes – I don’t have other choice – I have to be good. 🙂 .

And Blog – thanks to my 3 Angels who are helping to write it.

And as I mentioned before ( DITTO ) all the Awards belong to the Angels… And they are singing: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! AND HAPPINESS TO ALL!!!

God Bless you all! Oneanna65

38 thoughts on “Blog of the Year 2013 Award!!!

  1. Congratulations on your blog award. Well done. Keep on fighting! 3.5 years on from getting “the breast cancer chop” I’m still here, still standing, still writing and sincerely glad to hear you’ve made it this far, too. Shall we meet again in 3.5 year’s time and count the awards you’ve received in the interval?

  2. Thank you so much for “liking” my blog today and for opening a door for me to yours!
    Already you have taught and inspired me with the details of your dance with the crab, as the Greeks saw it. I concur about ensure ( your 2012 blog) though I use Boost and generic Boost and use a shot glass to make the bottle last all day
    Thank you some more!

  3. You have often ‘liked’ my blog and I so want to thank you for that. Congratulations on winning your fabulous award and for sharing your stories and journey. Lets keep in touch!

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