Best Award!!!

Ahila [] commented on my post “More Awards”: Anna, I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Award. Happy Holidays!
Thank you Ahila! This is the best Award!!! Now I’m part of a great Family. There is about 74 million WordPress bloggers in the world.
Hello all my sisters and brothers! Love you all!

[Anyway, I think that we are all related. Because I think that we come from one God.
So what about Big Bang Theory? Yeah, there was a Big Bang – God clapped his hands – He was very happy about his thoughts: creating you, me, everyone else and everything… 🙂 .
I don’t believe, that any Big Bang, or Small Bang can happen by itself. 🙂 .]

Huge Cyber Hug to my great Family! Love you all!
God Bless you all!

18 thoughts on “Best Award!!!

  1. hello Anna!
    congratulation with the WP Family award. you deserve it.
    although a bit late, i would like to wish you a very Healthy and Joyful 2014.
    thank you so much for visiting my blogs regularly and giving likes.
    warmest wishes and hugs from the Netherlands,

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