Different kind of cancer.

So 3 years ago, after 2 months of Chemo and Radiation I was pronounced cancer free. Than I survived heart attack and I’m able to keep my gout attacks under control. Anticancer diet, Antigout diet, Herbal Remedies and determination keeps me going. But there is a Person who like a Cancer is trying to kill me….. This Person enjoys to hurt and destroy others – just because they refused to dance to that Persons music. Sorry, I only dance to a very special music… 🙂 . So I’m in trouble. I’m getting this very nasty E-mails. And it is not only what this person is saying (very hurtful, insulting accusations) but stupidity and ugliness of it all takes my appetite and sleep away.
But I’m going to fight back, the way I’m fighting cancer. If this harassment don’t stop, I’m going to post a page: that Persons names, pictures, address, E-mail address, Facebook Info – followed by all the nasty, very stupid and ugly E-mails… I saved all! I’m going to make this Person very famous . Even Eskimos and Tasmanians will know who that person really is. 🙂 .
And what this Person can do? Take that page to the Police Station and filled complaint with the same Police Officer who told that person several times to leave me alone???
Anyway, it is going to be self defense.
And others will follow…………
This will stop cyber bullying once for all.
I think I have found a cure for Cyber Bullying – Cyber Exposure.
Thank you my Bully for inspiration!!!!!!!!
And thank you all for reading.
God Bless you all.

28 thoughts on “Different kind of cancer.

  1. I hope you get this person, but do be careful, I just watched a show about online bullies like your “friend” and sometimes they can be very dangerous. Most states have very tough laws against it, so I’m glad you have informed your local police also, now go get him/her and let everyone know that kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

  2. There is no excuse for this behavior. It’s sad and disgusting that it exists. I wish you luck with your battle and it’s good that you’re working with your local police. Some states have some stringent laws, I hope yours does.

  3. my dear friend; you have my complete sympathy, and i’m so sorry that someone is being cruel to you. in the past six weeks, i’ve received four or five nasty retorts, and three sets of friends have also received messages full of venom. most are being crucified because they are either blissfully happy (‘take off your rose colored glasses” during times of stress and problems… or they’re being proactive in pubic settings where there are major problems.. and they’re trying to help while the ones hiding in cyberspace are arm-chair critics.

    they are all bullies, and it’s so wrong to kick at others, especially when they’ve worked hard to get from challenging places to better ones.

    you deserve sunshine and happiness.. maybe i’ll pull out that magic carpet and come nab you as copilot, and we’ll make a round-the-world flower drop~


  4. Exactly 10 years ago, my mather had a cancer and doctors said she has 2-3 months to live. She said ” I don’t care, I want to live.” And she survived worst kind of cancer. She is live and very healty, maybe heltier then I am. Strong mind is most amazing thing. God bless you too and stay strong.

  5. Good for you for standing up to this Person. You shouldn’t have to be getting this harassment. You don’t deserve it. Stand up to bullies everywhere always!

  6. Bless your heart. Don’t even bother to read those spiteful emails, just delete them and keep on dancing to your music. Sometimes, it is best to ignore ignorant people, unless they put their hands on you or if they are up in your face with stupidity. Keep on being you.

  7. Its unfortunate that we live in a world where, although we are the same skin deep, we lead very different lives, its a shame that some people take another’s suffering and use it to “better” themselves, that people find solace in another’s pain.

    Just think what their lives must be like, to be twisted into gaining satisfaction from doing something like that. To me personally, this person isn’t worth it. Keep the emails, Don’t read them, but forward them straight to the police, the last thing you want to do is poke the fire. Naming and shaming is all well and true, but the likely hood of someone just like this person finding the page, and beginning to do the same as this person has done to you, only to them is extremely high, and what does that teach them?

    Sure it gives them a taste of their own medicine, but harassment both online and physical is a very serious offence, They should be dealt with like the waste of spaces they are.

    Lead your life, You are already fighting a great fight, leave this one to the people who are supposed to protect and serve, and live the life you have won, how you want to live it. ^^

    Also thank you for liking my post.

  8. Well said OmegaDSX! Stooping to the level of hatred/retaliation will never bring love, only more hatred and retaliation. It’s the devil’s game. Miss you and praying for you!

  9. How sad your plight has been. I agree with the person that said, Don’t read those posts. What you don’t read, won’t hurt you.
    As soon as it sounds negative, negate it. It’s gone! Keep up the struggle.
    Thank you for reading my post.

  10. Oh that is awful! Wow! Hope you can get this person taken care of and away from you. Try not to allow that person to know how much they are disturbing your peace of mind, though…that actually feeds the fire for them. If you can block them or change your address or otherwise ignore them hopefully they will look for another victim until the authorities can snatch him up.
    Take care and be safe.

  11. Hello! I’ve heard of things like this happening, but it never seizes to amaze me. Be careful because some of these people could be dangerous. I’m sorry this is happening to you. I have little tolerance for any kind of bullying. :/

  12. The person doing this to someone like you. Would need to be real horrid

    I’m so sorry to hear there is someone treating you this way.

    Hugs to you !

  13. I am so sorry to hear about this cancer of a person who is trying to harm you. Stay strong, you are making a wise decision and moving forward! Don’t let them bring you down. And that is just so great how you are cancer free and can be free in your life. Don’t let anyone else ruin that! Carry on.

  14. Love that you thought of this, that you would do it, and love how you wrote about it.

    You are always on top, aren’t you? Amazing woman. This post should get more exposure–I wish I had the platform with which to do so. Will at least link to it when doing a planned future post of my own on a different kind of bullying,

  15. You are an inspiration, indeed! My mom underwent Mastectomy in 2012. Now, she’s well except that she has developed swelling (and severe pain due to that) in left arm due to Lymphedema. She is also an optimist with jovial attitude towards life! I’m in search of a good book or videos depicting exercises patterns to be followed regularly by Lymphedema patients. Request you to suggest if you are aware of any info related to this. Best of luck for your future…

  16. dear friend, I do hope you survived the “nasty” person…it is so painful to be hurt like that…I had an experience recently with a person who is a narcissist…I did NOT know that there was such a thing written about in the medical field. It is a genuine character disorder. I was hurt very badly…I understand your emotional pain. Time will heal you…distance yourself the most you can from that person…it is hard… but you can do it. Revenge was in my heart too—but, in the end, I did not do it—because WHO would it hurt more—me or that person? I think ME! I do not want to lower my standards of behavior to the level of that person. Blessings!

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