Two days to freedom.

Two more days and I’m going to be free! No more stress, Old Ladies. No more work…
I’m going to stay with friends – very nice, clean, intelligent people – in quiet neighborhood. Rent is high, but everything is there, even internet!!! πŸ™‚ !
They work all day, but I won’t be alone. They have 3 dogs and talking parrot. The dogs bark sometimes, but Hey!, after people barking on me for such a long time, dog barking is going to sound like a music to my ears… πŸ™‚ .
I love dogs, cats and all animals. They are nicer than most of the people by whom I was surrounded most of my life.
I love humans too. But some of them I prefer to keep loving from the distance. πŸ™‚ .
So first I’m going to rest, sleep for a week. Than organize my stuff next week. And than start working on my book finally! I’m so happy!
I wish I could stay longer with the Old Lady, save more money and make sure that she have new, good help, but I can’t. My health is in danger. My blood pressure is getting higher and even my gout pain is coming back. I can’t do the job anymore.
And the Old Lady and her family – they all want me to stay – they are acting now like I would be irreplaceable… πŸ™‚ .
That’s funny, two weeks ago I was no good, they wanted to lower my salary.
I’m leaving. I wish them all good luck, but I have to save myself.

Thank you for visit.
God Bless you all

20 thoughts on “Two days to freedom.

  1. Animal companions can be very comforting. I just returned from Australia; stayed with my cousin who had 3 cats, 2 dogs and an Alexandrian parrot who kept me company for 5 weeks. Best of luck and here’s to your health (toasting you with a cup of green tea!).

  2. I can relate to that! My last job paid me very well for the high stress, but in the end, it was literally killing me. After my contract ended, I stayed home and let myself heal. I liked the blissful quiet and slow pace so much, I don’t think I can bear to go back to pounding my face against a corporate brick wall anymore. I say, good for you! Enjoy! Live! Oh! and, thnk you for visiting me at Willy Nilly. I enjoy the company. πŸ™‚

  3. I likely dogs more than I like most people, too! Since my health has gotten so bad, I stay home every day with them and I am blessed. It is quiet, they love me unconditionally and I can write! The money is tight, but there are worse things than that…like stress, uncaring people and beating my head against the wall everyday! Good Luck to you and Bless YOU!!!

  4. maybe try cutting celery n boiling it for a bit and sipping that water all day. excellent relief for gout! an ayurvedic remedy.
    all the best!

  5. It is sad that Old Ladies can be so difficult to deal with as they lose their strength, their eyesight, their vision, and their memory. I try always to keep in mind that these people are struggling desperately to keep their selves whole, while drowning in the ocean of ills that old age brings. Like drowning people, they reach out desperately to those around them, and in trying to save themselves, they may drag their would-be rescuers down with them.

    We all want control of our own destinies, as you have clearly shown in your blog. As the Old Ladies lose so much mobility and ability, they sometimes can only express their selves by being demanding and particular about the small things in their environment that they can still control – diet, temperature, and maybe to what extent they can, their care-givers.

    To understand is to forgive – but that doesn’t mean you have to drown.

    Best of luck.

  6. Yes, if you don’t look out for yourself and your own happiness & sanity… no one else will (probably, at least in my case I’d be on my own) I think you’ve done your time. People just don’t know how difficult it is being a caretaker. I only have my mom part time cuz she is in Assisted living but still wants me over there to help with this and do that… yada, yada… I love her with all my heart, but I sure wish my brother and sister could help out…. LOL… they’re too busy living their lives & they live 2 states away, so it’s just little old me… πŸ˜€ Some days you just have to walk away from it all and I know you deserve it! Best of luck my friend! ❀

  7. My heart goes out to care givers, paid or unpaid; it is a difficult job. I did it willingly for my parents for over twenty years, but just because I wanted to do it doesn’t mean it wasn’t frustrating, irritating and plain overwhelming. Now it is time for you. Enjoy your freedom.

  8. You do have to save yourself first. I learned that lesson the hard way. I had a complete physical and mental breakdown from my work. I didn’t know that work didn’t have to be so tough.

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