About my book.

In my Blog under the empty WordPress page “About” – there is 1105 “Likes” and 1500 Comments. πŸ™‚ . I don’t know how this happen…
I wanted to write something about me on that page, but I wasn’t sure how, so I just leaved it alone…
But now – in my Book – I can tell you all “About” me – so you will know where I’m coming from… πŸ™‚ .
Is going to be short Bio of my long, complicated life – most important happenings in my life – the ones that shaped my outlook on life and made me – who I Am now.
I will also take the best pages from my Blog and place in my Book – for those who never read my Blog.
And finally, I’m going to place few pictures of me in the Book, so you can see who is behind this red flower… πŸ™‚ .
I’m going to try to make sense of my Blog. You see, my Blog is a big mess. I was sick and busy, working most of the time – and with my limited English and computer knowledge I’m surprised that I did – what I have done. Of course – with the help of my Angels – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I’m going to keep this Blog the way it is – and keep posting about my life, health and Book progress.
Is going to take me a long time to write this Book – I’m very slow – but I know, I can do it. I’m very persistent. I’m going to work on it every day – writing, rewriting – until is done… This is my plan…

Thank you for visiting.
God Bless!

39 thoughts on “About my book.

  1. You inspire people & just reading this has inspired me! Is your book going to be called, ‘the face behind the flower?’ Wishing you all the support along your book-writing path! I love your will power for goodness, strength, and wholeness πŸ™‚

  2. That is such great news to read! I wish you “Godspeed” on your book-writing-journey! And keep my fingers crossed. Know that there are many fans out there cheering you on!

  3. It is a great idea. I started my blog so that when I’m gone my children will have something of my thoughts and feelings to remember. I think I’ll have to follow your blog to borrow some ideas from you. Feel free to borrow from me as well.

  4. What a wonderful goal – it will be a must read for me! I too have started writing and a bit slow, too many demands of life are often overwhelming, but God is good and we can encourage each other as we begin our new journey into writing. God bless you and give you the right words to write in your book. πŸ™‚

  5. Anna, please, forgive my intrusion. Your story of your struggles, and your sharing of so much light in the midst of it, has touched my heart and I wanted to recognize you for speaking out about your life and helping others. I have a link to your site on my blog with a nomination for the Brave Heart award. If you would like to accept the nomination or simply read my post about Brave Hearts, you can go to the link below for more information. You encourage and inspire us and I believe you to be a brave heart. I’m sure there will be many more awards to follow to go with those already received. -Kindest Regards, Daniel (Willy Nilly)


  6. Thank you for liking my post about Mosby Grey.. Now I have come to your blog I see a person of great strength and understanding.I look forward to reading you book.

  7. We all live the most interesting books. Some never write it, and may find they feel lost in a blender full of circumstances. We writers tell our stories. The result is we can see a connectedness, patterns, and even purpose in all of the events of lives. Its one of the blessings of being a writer. You write on!

  8. The time it takes doesn’t matter…doing it is what counts and you are going to do it and it will be a great book. Hugs

  9. You’re an inspiration for all of us who sometimes find life a little off-putting. You’re always on track…thinking and living positively. hugs for sharing your life…

  10. I had no idea how much work it is to write a book, until I got into writing one. I love it though and believe you do too. I’m proud of you for continuing your work. I’m thankful to your angels too. And mine.

  11. That’s great that you are pursuing your writing career. It is something I hope to do some day as well. Some of my focus challenges makes it difficult but I am trying to pursue it every day

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