Writing my book.

Finally I got organized and I’m writing my book! Very slowly, but if I work on it every day – some day is going to be finished….. I’m glad that I don’t have to write 75 000 words minimum… 🙂 ! Just few chapters…

You see, I’m not a writer, but I have to write this book because I have something important to share – I want to inspire more people. I can not inspire nobody in person, because people who know me and people who I’m meeting and talking to – don’t take me seriously. When they hear me talking they assume that I have nothing of value to tell them… And if I tell someone that I have a successful Blog, they ask: “In what language?” Never mind!!!
That’s okay. I understand.
But when you are reading my page you don’t hear my funny accent. And I can write and rewrite every page – to make it sound almost English…
When I talk – it is what I have just said….

So in my case writing a book is a very slow process. Lots of handwriting, rewriting, trying to find the right words.
I like what Mark Twain said about it: “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug”. 🙂 !
Anyway, I have some experience with writing: over 2 years of blogging – 76 posts!
I know, I can do it!
And I’m learning while I’m writing.
By the time I finish my book, my English is going to be much better… 🙂 !

Thank you for visit
God Bless you all.

53 thoughts on “Writing my book.

  1. If you think you have something to help fight cancer, please do write! I have lost several relatives and even more friends to C.
    God bless, and thank you. Having lived in other countries, I am aware that we Americans have a rather thick accent of our own.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, and my native language is English. I don’t think I could write in any other, nor speak either. 😛

  3. Keep at it, the words will come. I’m not a writer either, it took me over ten years to get the courage to finish my first book. I’m still trying to talk people into reading it and even though it has good reviews its a slow process. Hang in there.

  4. there’s a great doctor seuss quote that says something like, do what you want and be who you are because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind…

    lots of us thing you’re top of the class, and we love you just as you are… after all, YOU ARE OUR QUEEN!

  5. Looking forward to the publication of your book. Too many books are written by people who are excellent writers, but are not authentic in what they write. So do not be deferred from sharing your experiences. I admire you for doing so.

  6. Yes you can do it!! God has equipped you with everything you need to write this book. I’m positive that your book is going to be a blessing for many!

  7. Thank you for liking my post Anna! I just read your post and it sounded like something I would say. I’m not a native English speaker either and I wrote a book in English. It’s in the “correcting stages” now and I hope I can publish it soon. Good luck with your book, I’m sure you can do it!

  8. Thanks for liking my post Solace and Solstice. I am so glad you Keeps working on your book, however slowly. I taught English as a second language for many years, you English is better than you think, but you are correct, writing both the book and the blog will make it better. We each have a unique voice and story and there is room enough for all to be heard.

  9. You mention your poor grasp of the english language frequently, but you write it well. Regardless, your intelligence shines through. We all see that you are a special lady with much to share.

  10. Anna, so proud of you!!! You know, if I can do it (still learning) you can too! You were one of my very first followers and supporters when I started blogging a little over a year ago. My prayers and support are with you all the way! You are an inspiration to many! God bless you!

  11. Writing a book takes a lot of time and patience. Specially if it is about something traumatic. It is great that you wish to take your experiences and let them guide someone else in trouble. All the best for your endeavour!

  12. Yes you can write a book. Mine was just published and I began just like you…one word, one page, and one chapter at a time. It is SO worth it! Thank you for stopping by with a like for Who Am I to Cry. I appreciate it very much.

  13. Definitely write your story! Share your thoughts. You have an interesting point of view. I liked the Mark Twain quote:
    “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug”.
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I am also writing a book so I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  15. First, thank you for finding my blog and making the time to read and “like.” Second, thank you for guiding me here. Your personal story and your passion are very powerful. You lift your readers up and that’s an amazing thing to do when so many forces in the world seem to work so hard to hold us all down. Keep pursuing your book. I agree with the blogger who commented that a lot of well-written books aren’t worth much anyway. I am always drawn to writers who are authentic and want to connect with their readers and you are truly one of those! Mitchell Kyd

  16. YOU are so COURAGEOUS! You know more than ONE language! Personally, I think that we Americans are very lazy and egotistical that we do not bother learning another language. I am attempting to learn Spanish and French. Wish me luck! I bet I sound very funny! LOL The fact that you are learning English –a second language for you???–that places YOU high on the pedestal in my personal book. How is YOUR book progressing?

  17. Hi, There’s no doubt that your blog could be
    having browser compatibility problems. Whenever I look at your web site in Safari, it looks fine however
    when opening in I.E., it’s got some overlapping issues. I just wanted to provide you with a quick
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  18. Oneanna65 – I love saying that – You are a kind and rich writing kindred spirit who reaches out and touches people by noticing them, noticing their blogs, and by sharing yourself and your journey. I await your book to be published in paperback. Smiles

  19. Keep writing! You will accomplish your book. Being in a writer’s group and going to conferences has helped me tremendously. I too, am working on a book, very slowly. The blog is going better right now. Blessings and best wishes to you. Thanks for the “like” on my blog. How did you find it?
    What country do you live in? I’m in Michigan in the USA.

  20. Wishing you much grace as you write your book…I’m there with you…humbly writing and hoping it can reach and help others. Not an easy task, but we have to do it right? The inner prompting is too strong to ignore. And ps….you ARE a writer. Claim it! Best wishes. ❤

  21. Struck by your original and provoking title. As pastor I have counselled and prayed with people fighting the cancer battle, What a battle! A symptom of the brokenness of our world. I thought officiating at the grave of younger people who were taken by this disease was difficult and then one day two years ago I stood at the grave of not only a member of my church, not only a office bearer but my church secretary whose depression was so black so dreadful that he took his own life. I discovered something in those dark terrible days , that God is Love. Nothing can separate us from His love. We reel every day from the effects of this cruel broken world. But God says, I make all things new. Hallelujah for the hope of the Gospel. FOR THE RESURRECTION., FOR A LAND WHERE WE NEVER WILL GROW OLD. No hospitals needed, no needles, no injections. The wondrous grace of God in this vale of tears. God bless you.

  22. I’ve had close calls with cancer, as well. Colon cancer, uterine, and skin. Lost body parts to it. When you have gone through hell and survived, no matter the specifics of the trauma, it is important to reach back to those who may still be in hell and help pull them forward with love. Which is why we go through stuff–in order to help heal ourselves and others.

  23. I love that you’re writing your book. Bravo! I loved what you said about the reader not being able to hear your accent when you write. I never thought about that. Regardless of the language, accent or the education of a person, sharing one’s true thoughts and genuine feelings is so powerful. Thank you for visiting my blog, doggedhope.com and liking my posts!

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