Thank you!!!!!

Thank you all for your support!
After I read your comments on my last post “Writing my book” I got so inspired, that I wrote two chapters of my book in 3 days! Of course, they have to be rewrite few times. But you know – fixing something is easier than creating.
You are giving me strength and confidence to go on. Anyway, without your support I wouldn’t even dream about writing this book. Without you – there would never even be oneanna65 – only some old, very sick and lonely woman with no purpose to live on…..
And now, because I know that you believe in me, because you believe that I can do it, I will work on that book even harder and faster.
Do you know, that I have only one friend? Others – they don’t understand why I’m spending so much time on blogging and now talking about writing some book….. That’s okay. I can probably explain to them when I’m done with my book……
And my (one) friend believes in me. She understand why I’m doing it… And she is my Computer Guru. Very intelligent person.
When I’m done (some day… 🙂 ) with all this writing, she is going to make an E-book of it. She knows how!
So I have to go back to my writing.
Thank you once again!!!
God Bless you all.
Sending big cyber hug to anyone who needs one…

33 thoughts on “Thank you!!!!!

  1. You’re doing an amazing thing carrying your story out into the world – we’re impatiently waiting, in awe of your persistence. So never forget, there’s people out there rooting for you!

  2. I am so glad you were inspired. I am living now far from friends who understand and support me so I know similar feelings, Like you I too have experienced the support of the blogging community and it is wonderful.

  3. Better to have one real friend than one hundred shallow ones 🙂 all the best with your book anna 🙂

  4. I’ve been on a writing kick since the first of February of this year. I can’t tell you why this is because I haven’t got a clue. I can tell you that having fellow writers giving moral support is always helpful.

    Friends? All my friends right now live far away from me and my only connection to them is through the Internet. I’m grateful for all of them even if having a cup of coffee with any of them is rather difficult. 😀

  5. Hi, oneanna65, dreams and creativity keep us alive, kick-start the fire of spirit within us, so keep writing and blogging. I have a few good friends and that’s enough for me – they are real, not fairweather friends, and they light my life.

  6. Dear Anna, thank you for reading my blog. Great you are writing a book. God has work for you to do. As you Thank and Praise God he is healing you and giving you life. He has healed me. What he has done for me he can do for you. I moved to the country recently, so I do not get good internet reception. I do not get to look up many others blogs. Keep going, one blog at a time. Angela

  7. Your delight and happiness is very contagious! All it takes is one person to believe in you – a special person who believes in you- can make all the difference in the world! So glad that you are able to share your joy and excitement with us over your book-writing process!

  8. I’m behind you 100%! I self published a book and it cost me money, found out later I would have to pay more money to market the book then I would make from it. I was almost going to give up on my other two books, but I won’t now. The one I plan on getting published, the poetry one, I may self publish a few copies later. I don’t want to self publish again because I’m out of money so I really can’t. It was a great learning experience. Maybe I’ll do a “how-to” self-publish! Take care. Best of luck and God bless!

  9. this is so inspiring. I’m an author myself and I know the level of inspiration you need at times to write and go-through that sluggish phase. Glad you stopped by on my blog and enjoyed it. Enjoy the day 🙂
    My book is in the name of “Journey in Time With Timeless Memories”

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