Missing link…

About a week ago my friend told me “Anna, you need a link”.  I cut her short:  “I have enough problems, I don’t want any links”.


And than I got those Emails…”…will you post a link to your book on your blog…”

Well, that link!

Now I know, that even I need a link sometimes  🙂

So here is that missing link:


Title of the book:

“About by Oneanna65”

Author:  Anna Flejzor

Book is going to be sold on KDP for 60 days only. 

Price:  $4.99 only.

Thank you all for your support.  I could not do it without you.

God bless you all.




8 thoughts on “Missing link…

  1. it has been my loss that the internet has been too slow to comment/congratulate you – missing link or not!

    the cover of the book is perfect and classy! i just read the review – hoo-rah!!!! there will surely be many more wonderful reviews!

    this time next week i will be where the internet is faster, and i will definitely be clearing those hurdles to read your book!

    thank you for the effort it has taken, though i suspect that writing the book was a catharsis for you.

    congratulations! z

  2. I’ve bought the book, and begun it. I’m a very slow reader, so it will take me a while to read it all. I really like what I’ve already read, and am looking forward to the rest.

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