I think I need some help…
First I want to thank you all for your support. You are all my great inspiration. Thanks to you I have the strength and confidence to go on…

Someone suggested that I should apply for SS Disability.
I know. But I can not do that.
First – It will take lots of my precious time to apply – So I will have to abandon everything else…
And second – Disability Status will make me DISABLE… 🙂 !

You see, some day – after I accomplish what I want to accomplish – when I’m not ABLE to get up in the morning – than I’m going to be DISABLE…
And I’m going to die…
And I’m going to be ABLE again… 🙂 .

This is my plan. This is the way I see it…

I have to figure out some other way out from this tuff spot.

Someone else suggested that I should make a GoFundMe Page – so some readers can pitch in a Dollar or two to rescue a struggling, desperate writer… 🙂 .

You see, I just need little help. After the book is published in the form of paperback – than I’m going to be okay. I can pay it back. And forward.

My Friend is very busy now. Working overtime. But I’m sure she is going to help me to create this page. And I’m sure this is going to work somehow.

Thank you for reading.
God Bless you all.

18 thoughts on “Help!

    1. Dear Anna, I don’t really know how this GoFundMe thing works or what incentives are. The photographs that I post on my blog are free of copyright and watermark. If you could use them then you are completely welcome to do so. I thought that for instance you could use my images to create postcards and reward friends with a personal message sent through the mail. I recently saw one blogger selling this idea for ten USD a postcard. (He was a better photographer than me) but you might get two bucks 🙂 You may use them in any way that you can think of. I would be quite happy for you to resell my pictures and there is no cost to you. I believe that I should give something back for all that I am given. I would love to have the opportunity to help you. Take care, my love goes with you. Colin
      PS to download my pictures to your own computer just click on the picture that you want to open it in a new window, then right click and select “Save as” give it a name and press “save” You are welcome. 🙂
      PPS: Put butterfly into my search box and press go to see how good I am. I am good enough 🙂

  1. I felt this same way about getting a wheelchair. But I was wrong. The wheelchair enabled me to go places and do things that I’d not been able to do without the chair. Maybe just “differently abled.”

    Blissings, Sam _http://sampatron.wordpress.com_ ( Search for Soul:Finding Meaning When Life Falls Apart Don’t believe everything you think. – Thomas Kida

  2. SS Disability is nothing to look down upon. I know someone who is on it. They get 2400/month plus 1000/month for each child under age of 18. If you’re disabled – you might as well reap the benefits setup in the society. Just my two cents for the day! 🙂

  3. Social Security doesn’t have to be a forever situation. It actually has a few different programs to help people who want to transition back to work as they improve. You ca call the social security office nearest you and get help filing the paperwork. It’s not really overly time consuming.

  4. I can’t pretend to understand at all how disability works, but if your friend thinks you can get it, then apply. It’s not shameful at all. Get whatever stress relief you can right now, and financial burden is always a big stress when you’re dealing with more important life matters.

  5. Labels are just for obtaining help to allow for existence, but you are what you feel. Where you require help then use the label ‘disability’ but if you do not feel disabled then for you alone you are not. It is not you who are labeling yourself but the system and the system is there for use by those who need the help.

    Wishing you all the best.

  6. SS Disability can only be temporary. You worked to pay into that system. It isn’t a hand out, you earned that money and you need it right now. It also doesn’t take that long to fill out the forms. For those with a “terminal” illness it isn’t the fight you hear about when someone injures their back, etc. There also are plenty of people to help you fill out the forms if need be. Ask at your hospital, they have entire departments who do this type of thing.

  7. I know bureaucracy can be a pain, but go for it. The system takes it from us all, and even though it puts obstacles in the way, it is your due and it can be validating to get what you deserve.

    On the other hand, if you decide to go down the GoFundMe route, I’ll send some money.

  8. There is absolutely no shame in a disability allowance. I started receiving this payment when I realised I couldn’t handle the stress of full time work anymore after my op (and I was 28!). This benefit allows you to continue to care for yourself, enjoy your life and give back to others in your incredible way without the stress from lack of money. When you are ready to go back to work you do, only when you know you are ready :):)

  9. I agree with Sampatron, if it is something you need now that will help you do what you need to then go for it, I also felt the same way about my wheelchair and disability payments but you deserve it so you should use it, if circumstances change then you stop getting the payment and go ba to work but until then….x

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