Life goes on…

So do I.
I made it to 2015!
And I have to keep going.

Someone said: “You have to keep going. Because even if you are on the right track, you are going to be run over if you just sit there”… 🙂 .
Even I’m not sure if I’m on the right track, I have to keep going.
Anyway, how can you be sure that you are on the right track?
Oh, well, maybe you can be sure, but not me…

Very often, in my life – what looked to me like a right track it turn out to be WRONG WAY, DEAD END or NO WAY… 🙂 .
I know, I know – I should stay on the MAIN ROAD.
But I never did. I don’t do what most of the people are doing…

And some ask: “What happen?” “Why?”
And when I try to explain, they will say: “You should write the book!”.
And I will say: “I did. Go to – enter: “About by Oneanna65″ – you can find my Book.” 🙂 .
And some ask: “Why did you wait so long to fix this problem?”
And I will say: “I didn’t know, that I’m going to live that long”… 🙂 .
So they ask: “How old are you?”
And I have to tell them the truth: “I’m over 50, close to 70.” 🙂 .

Well, such is my life. And I’m living it to the best of my abilities under the circumstances.
And I don’t complain, I’m counting my blessings and I’m thanking God for each day.

God Bless you all.
Thank you for visiting.

24 thoughts on “Life goes on…

  1. We all eventually find our way. We need to see life as a journey, because if we think of it as a destination, we’re only heading towards an end. And then it’s the people we meet and keep in our lives that makes everything worth it.

  2. If everyone stayed on the right track, we’d all be stuck in traffic. It is sometime’s best to make your own tracks. Glad you’re on the right track for you!

  3. I think we are all in the same boat, it is just that I always THINK other people know what they are doing….but actually, they are wandering around a path just like us.
    So glad to know you.

  4. You got no option but to keep going, I too have had my health issues, does limit me to some things but I can sure do other things. Or better said I push myself to do them, can´t crawl into bed and snuggle, that´s a real no no. You put one foot after the other and you move.

  5. Hello Anna. I’m contacting you because you liked one of my posts (on Friday Fictioneers) and I was curious as to who you were. I find a truly inspiring person, of similar age to myself. Your courage in facing – and fighting – your illness is commendable. I wish you every joy and success in the future.

  6. Beautiful 🙂
    Thoroughly enjoyed the quote:
    “You have to keep going. Because even if you are on the right track, you are going to be run over if you just sit there”
    I will take that one with me.
    Thanks for liking my post too, I have only had it less than a week and I think you are the first to stumble across it.
    All the best, love peace and to a fruitful life!

  7. We all entertain the hope that Job had @ Job 14:14-15 and also Isaiah 26:19 and John 25:28,29 that Our Heavenly Father ‘longs’ to resurrect those whom have passed away in death, giving them an everlasting life on a paradise earth. Rev. 21:3,4

    But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Have no fear; you are worth more than many sparrows. (Luke 12:7) He know our complete makeup and DNA so that with just a few words he can and will fully restore us. John 11:43

  8. The Truth is there is Only one Road – that is the Eternal Road, and we are all on it just at different stages. Like child birth we are passing through the darkness only to emerge finally into the *Light of Love* wishing you Peace Joy & Healing hugs xxx

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