I have not posted for a very long time about cancer. Some of you, my Followers my think, that I have forgot about it.
I did not.
I wish I could.
I wish we all could…
No one day passes without the ugly monster C flushing its ugly face on me…
And I’m reading Cancer Blogs. I can find some hope there. But it makes me so very angry, that so many are suffering because of it…
And there is so much confusion about diagnosis, treatments and survival prognosis.
It is scary, terrifying disease.
I wish I could do something more to stop the pain and suffering of those affected by it.
But all I can do is to keep blogging and hoping that my clumsy writing will help someone, give hope to someone.

You see, I was born in Poland, two years after WWII ended. As a young child I have read many books, saw many films and hear many stories about war. In every story there were those who stood up to the enemy and die fighting, and those who die doing nothing…
And I knew then, that no matter what enemy I will encounter in my future, I will get up and go fighting however I could. I will rather die fighting…
This what I’m doing most of my life.
And this what I’m doing now.
I’m eating healthy – keeping up my anticancer diet – every day. [ Well, almost… 🙂 ]
And searching for new anticancer remedies – every day.
This way I will never die of cancer.
I will die some day – fighting cancer.

I wish you all cancer free life.
God Bless you all.

46 thoughts on “Cancer.

  1. Thank you for your post. For your courage and your hope.

    I am reminded of a quote from a movie called “The Grey” with Liam Neeson.

    “Once more into the fray, into the greatest fight I have ever known, live and die on this day, Live and Die on this Day”

    God bless you

  2. I’ve lost quite a few family members to cancer so I quite love your final proclamation: “This way I will never die of cancer. I will die some day – fighting cancer.” Be encouraged and may God bless you always. Hugs!

  3. This post really touched me. Im sure you been struggling all your life being born in Poland after WW11 wouldnt of been easy and now fighting cancer. Knowing history you would of be fighting all your life for different reasons. Keep fighting and know other cancer patients are fighting with you including me. 😄

  4. I admire your strength and resiliency. I have been surrounded by too much cancer in my life, not me but very close friends and family. And your healthy approach is inspiring. I wish more people had your attitude.

  5. I hope you are restored to good health and that you can put down your armour one day soon! Envision yourself surrounded by God’s love & healing light. Archangel Raphael is a great healer. Ask him to help heal you. Sending you extra angels to support you.

  6. I met an 80 year old lady yesterday. Vivian Bennett was AMAZING!  I need what she and a number of other Seniors in that group have found.  Anna, check this out!  Zurvita |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Zurvita | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

     In His Service with Love, Gayla R WinGate

  7. From someone who has seen the Light been through the tunnel and left my body while observing what was going on in the room(near death experience)whoooo 🙂 You are so right and have NOTHING to fear! I had two incidents that took me very near the Light – One was a random Lonely Street attack at 2pm and out of the blue while walking from the newsagents. It is sad when we see people of no evident faith, but everyone is searching for the Light/Truth/Love/God, and Anyone who wants/searches has it. We need not fear they are Of the Light and will definitely go back to the Light if they choose! Remember there are a multitude of Angels waiting to assist us for every step – and we choose! I seen how it works and believe me Angels are busy with these things lol. I lost my parents brother niece to cancer, and another brother has it advanced in his lungs etc, but is good at the moment. I know it’s a nasty dis-ease & my Heart goes out to you with ((((Healing Hugs)))) Please take care and eat very well, good nutrition is crucial in the fight against illness I know it’s not always easy to have an appetite, especially when on meds.
    Blessings of Peace and Infinite Love to You Eternally xxx

  8. For many of us, we have to live with cancer lurking in the darkness, but you are so right I will die fighting cancer too. You brought tears to my eyes but stoked the fire in my heart thank you.

  9. Thanks for the visit to my latest photo post! Led me to you, seemingly with purpose… My mom just got diagnosed the monster C (pancreas). Need to get myself together. Not there yet but will have to be. Dazed. Hopeful.

  10. Dearest Anna… Your spirit is the most inspiring. You are fighting and kicking the hell out of the disease and you’re ALIVE in the most real sense. God bless you more and more strength, always!

  11. Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:
    This precious story touched my heart and I felt compelled to share it. Many of my close family members have parished from Cancer, however it was the Allopathic Doctor’s remedy that killed them. Chemotherapy is highly toxic and if you study further, you will find that Chemo is the big killer as well as radiation. Many alternative remedies are out there and worth exploring. How do you know for sure that you have Cancer if it is not physically showing? Just some Quack who has sold their soul to Big Pharma saying so will not be an option. People act like Doctors are Gods. Be in total control of your health. A positive attitude, faith and changing your toxic habits can make a big difference.

    I don’t use chemicals at all around my house. I make my own toothpaste, washing powder, use handmade soaps, dont drink fluoride or eat GMO foods, I have gone 100% organic even with my garden. I don’t use pesticides ever.

    When I purchase healthy foods, I store them in Glass. I Can my produce, and I know what is in it.

    I recommend everyone to get back to Nature Now. Grow your own food and make your own shampoos, deodorants, and stop coloring your hair. For pain their are healthy alternatives, for cuts and bruises.

    Allopathic care is good for broken bones. Even Surgical is risky. If you want to exit this construct faster, go to the Hospital, they killed many of my loved ones. The horror stories are long but it cured me from ever going myself. I wish you all great health and much wisdom, get books on Herbs, Natural wellness and study hard as if your life depended on it. Be blessed.

  12. Thanks so much for liking my “Emotional dragons” post. It’s much appreciated. I’m sorry to find out about your health situation, but your courage and commitment to keep keeping on is very inspirational. I wish you the very best with your wellbeing and the valuable messages you share through your writing. Sam

  13. I have read a few of your posts and keep reading the words “fight” and “fighting”. It’s all we can do, isn’t it? My Mum went out fighting and was giving out to my sister who got cancer at 41 and, to her taste, wasn’t fighting enough.
    Cancer is sly. Whenever I hear cancer “survivor” I cross my fingers. My Mum was a survivor twice. It was the third time that got her. Cancer makes us feel like a ticking time bomb: those who don’t have it “yet” (looking at your family history, for example) and those who had it and it hasn’t come back “yet”.
    Keep fighting. And keep writing. It’s such a good way to work things through. Writing, running and going to the hairdesser’s are my way to avoid going to the shrink 😉 Plus, it’s so much cheaper!

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