About <3 .

Someone send me a short e=mail 2 weeks ago and put a ❤ on the end of it.
I love it.
Just a little red ❤ , but it make me fell great about myself and my clumsy blogging.
So, of course I got figured out how to make this ❤ and decided to send it into Blogosphere whenever I can.
When I'm wordless or not very sure what to say, or instead write the old "I love you", I will just say ❤ .
And you all will know that I love – but why and what – you can only guess… Have fun! 🙂 !

Anyway, sending this little red ❤ easy, but feels great to send it and received.
Thank you all for reading. God Bless you all.

❤ for all!

22 thoughts on “About <3 .

  1. Lol! This is so cute! Even my mom did something similar, she didn’t understand for the first time she saw it but she likes it quite a bit now, and so do I. (:
    ♡ good day!

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