Be happy!

Yeah, I know… Sometimes is impossible to be happy, when everything goes wrong…
But hey, nothing lasts for ever, storms go away…

But sometimes we are not happy even if we don’t have any reason to be unhappy.

Leo Tolstoy, great Russian writer got this right:
-If you want to be happy, be.-

Well, yeah it is all up to us if we want to be happy or not.

And this what Tina Allen said about happiness:
-Embrace the day like it’s a gift from a loving God above, pray like there’s an enemy at work to steal its beauty from your eyes.-
AMEN-Thanks Tina!

I found this part of script long time ago, I don’t know who wrote, I want to share with you:
…Hugi will not speak of Vietnam – except to say, that he came back wondering why any man could not be happy as long as he had enough to eat, a roof over his head, and no one shooting at him…

Wishing you all Good Health and Happiness!
❤ .
God Bless you all.

24 thoughts on “Be happy!

  1. So true. Sometimes I find myself looking for reasons to be unhappy because it seems so inevitable, when in reality I could easily be happy with what I have right now!
    The passage you quoted at the end of the post is profound food for thought.

  2. We get lazy and forget how many good things we have in our lives. Everyone has problems, and to each person, their problem is the worst, even if it really isn’t in reality. But we should spend more time thinking about what we have to be grateful for. There’s a lot more than we think.

  3. An inspiration as always :). That quote is from Ann Rule’s true crime novel ‘Small Sacrifices’. Fred Hugi was the prosecutor, and that phrase was used when his character was introduced.

  4. I am happy when my hours are filled with errands and activities, when I can venture outside and explore the sun-lit fields, when the grass is wet and the wind is swelling with raindrops pounding. A busy bee is a happy bee! God bless you too! ❤

  5. Being happy doesn’t mean you are walking around laughing and joking all the time. I believe finding happiness in the smallest gifts life hands us is the key to my happiness. Living as long as I have is a gift even with all the crappy stuff that has happened over the years. I’m a survivor of life and cancer.

  6. I get Hugi….. Still, happiness isn’t something you can just have by clicking your fingers (if it was, no one would suffer from depression, for example).

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Anna. I feel honored to have met you today at Fox Vally Older Adult Services. I will start reading your book this evening. You are an inspiration to others. God Bless You.

  8. Thanks for stopping by on my site. 🙂
    I always get so curious about the blogs that liked my article, that I end up reading almost everything on their blog! Well, this article is really good! I particularly like the line “If you want to be happy, be” 🙂

  9. I just found your blog today, Anna, after you liked some posts on my new blog The Cheerful Canceree. Like shubhada, as a result of your likes, I have now read many, many of your blog posts.

    I am new to this disease, you have had it in your life for a long time. Your blog is wise, inspiring and well, just wonderful! Thank you.

  10. Loving your posts and thanks for stopping by my blog and liking one of mine ♥

    Absolutely love the orange flower it looks 3D. I kept wanting to put my finger inside and feel the petals 😉
    Hope you’re having a fun filled day ★☆★

  11. Thank you for liking “One” and “Grass Geometry” and for following my blog. I also think that there are fluctuating levels of happiness in our lives and that is mostly a choice rather than an event dictated by fate and circumstance. We just have to be patient with ourselves on those days when we are unhappy and have faith things will get better. 🙂

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