One more try.

If you follow my Blog, you know that I quit driving limo three years ago and now I work as a caregiver, “live-in companion for elderly”.
In those three years I have four jobs – I was treaded very badly and I work for minimum $$.
The last job was a nightmare.

I was doing my best. And the Angels were helping. But I have to quit all those jobs to save myself…

When I quit my last job I was ready to give up and never look for other.
But instead I decided to give one more try…
So I pry: God I want only one more job – good job this time – I want to work for someone nice – And I want to make good $$ – Please God – You know that I have suffered enough – Thank you God.
And I got it!!!
I got the best job what I ever have.

Imagine – If I would loose the faith and give up – I will never find out, that there are some nice elderly people, who thread caregivers the way they will want to be treaded…
I know, I know – Is very hard to be old and sick…
How do I know?
Because I’m old and in constant pain.
But I will never make somebody suffer because I’m feeling lousy. This will not make me feel any better.
Only doing good makes me feel better.
But I guess I’m different.

I don’t know how long I can handled this job because of my health problems and the Lady who I work for is very old…
But that’s OK. I’m very happy and thankful.
I’m doing my best – One day on a time – sometimes asking Angels for help – And thanking God every night for strength.

So remember: When everything goes wrong, when you are loosing hope and faith – Give it one more try… This is when miracle will happen. You just have to believe….

Thank you for visit.
❀ .
God Bless you all.

43 thoughts on “One more try.

  1. In Prayer with you. We face life with uncertainty, things going downhill for myself. It is what it is. Let our faith comfort us. And what it is is our Lord is with us always. Notice I used the words it and is a lot?
    Because no matter what we are in his loving embrace. And that is what it is for us. In his loving arms.

  2. Thank you! I was just thinking – what kind of work can this brain tumor survivor do? I am struggling financially very much….much to worry about. Glad things are working out for you!

  3. What a lovely post of faith and grace. I am so happy you placed your troubles to a higher power and had the faith that something better will be around the corner. Bless you and keep you feeling better as each day progresses onward.. hugs from Laura

  4. I feel that you are a kindred soul. As a retired nurse who loved being with and helping others, I decided to continue with the same goals. Making others smile, happy, or just listening to those who need to be heard and making a difference wherever I can give me a purpose and a joy like no other.

  5. You have received the gift of a good job, because you didn’t give up. You also carry wonderful gifts within you. In your soul you have the gifts of hope and being able to see the good in the midst of pain. You have the gift to encourage others. Blessings upon blessings to you, dear Anna. I wish for you more happy moments.

  6. A great read, I work a number of temporary jobs in kitchens, offices, cafes with never enough hours and always hating the work. Enjoying your work is important I think as you can pursue your career with real passion which is good for everyone involved.

  7. Most folks don’t know sometimes angels need a hand.
    Your example is an inspiration to many.
    I don’t believe God granted your request because you are a faithful believer.
    I believe He did so because you are an angel, too.

    Seek peace,


  8. Hi Anna, I read the introduction to your book. Although your life has been from one struggle after another and another…you’ve managed to maintain such a positive attitude. That’s admirable because a lot of people have it so easy and still, all they do is complain. It is strong people like you who become good motivational speakers.

  9. Your blog: Inspirational. Persuasive. Whole. Interesting.
    That list could go on forever. I’m glad you’re inching your way through life. Because that is all it is, a big path, that, in the end, we all end up traveling alone.
    Life is a challenge, and you are winning against it. I know life is a challenge, because every time we touch down, we don’t stop, we just do it again. We keep going. And that is the biggest challenge of all.

    Lots of love,

  10. The need to work has to be satisfying. Sometimes we all have to work those jobs that are hateful, but eventually it turns around. I’ve had clients hire me in the place where I worked.. Man it was hard giving notice when I wanted to follow my new boss out of the store. Keep a smile and never let the boss know that you don’t want to be there.

  11. Aloha and Good morning. First of all, Thank you for stopping by my page for a visit. What a powerful testimony on not giving up second chances. I speak to myself when I say, “Keep the hope, and remain steadfast in your convictions.” Your breakthrough is right around the corner. Aloha

  12. Oh, what a wonderful, compassionate, and empathetic post!!! You are so right–just because we’re feeling lousy, we should not treat others badly. I pray that things continue to go well with you. Take care! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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