Cure for my pain.

Finally – I hope – I have found a cure for my Gout pain – KEFIR.
I will tell you shortly how I come to that conclusion.

When I first heard about “leaky gut” I thought that you have to have a hole in your intestine – like a hole in the rusty pipe – or something like a leaky faucet… 🙂 …
So I never followed on it, because I’m not in such a bad shape… 🙂 …

But few days ago I did some more research and this what I found:
“Leaky gut” means, that bacteria, fungi, parasites, undigested protein, fat and toxic waist pass through a damaged gut membranes to the blood stream – this causes the immune system to attack them. And this leads to allergies, autoimmune disorders, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, gout, chronic fatigue syndrome, vitiligo, vasculitis, Chrohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, hives, type 1 diabetes, and Raynauds syndrome.

I’m sure, this what happened to me – and my “confused” Immune System is dumping all this junk into my joints – every day – for 2 years – so no remedy can help – until my “leaky gut” is fixed.

You can develop “leaky gut” if you have a chronic constipation – this can lead to IBS, Crohn’s disease or colitis.
The other cause is an imbalance of the flora in your gut – when the bad bacteria outweighs the good – inflammation sets in – causing the damage to the intestine.

But here is a good news: If you can restore intestinal health – you can reverse “leaky gut”.
Here is how to heal your gut:
– Take L-Glutamine – amino acid that can heal inflammation in your intestine.
– Take Probiotics – they can restore the balance of your gut flora.
– Drink KEFIR – is full of Probiotics.
– Eat fermented foods.
– Take Omega-3 – combats inflammation.

This what I’m doing.
But you should do your own research.
Ask your Doctor.
Follow your Gut… 🙂 …

My favorite remedy is KEFIR – every day 8 oz
This will cure my “leaky gut” and my joints pain will go away…

But what is KEFIR?
“KEFIR is the ancient antidote for modern maladies.”
And is made of “seeds of health”.
It is a cultured creamy milk product with amazing health benefits.

So now we know what is “leaky gut” and what to do about it.

So let’s keep our Guts in healthy condition so we can be healthy.

I will drink to that – CHEERS!!! – with the tall glass of KEFIR… 🙂 .

Thank you for reading.
❤ .
God Bless you all.


39 thoughts on “Cure for my pain.

  1. Bless your heart! I am a cancer survivor and I suffer from neuropathy. I wish there was something to the tingling in my hands and feet. but I have not been introduced to it yet. I refuse to take the medication any longer because I still have the numbness whether I take it or not. So I trust that God will fix this for me.

  2. Excellent advice on this ‘dis-ease’ … I will share your link with a few people who might find that the symptoms sound very familiar. Hope you’re felling good soon!

  3. Yes, I have heard a lot of good stuff about kefir. I haven’t consumed it often enough to see/feel any benefits, apart from after a course of antibiotics. Good luck, anyway. I hope you feel better soon 🙂

  4. I’m glad that Kefir might b helping u get some relief! I am hypothyroid & have Hashimotos. I just “heard” last week that neither of those conditions is possible without having leaky gut. When I was in my teens I had nearly incapacitating Spastic Colitis (now known as IBS) which is supposedly an indicator of the same. I’m also struggling against Stage 1 AFS. I take daily probiotics but also LOVE kombucha!

    I also wanted 2 thank you for stopping by my blog. God Bless ur journey!

  5. Are you making your own kefir? I do. It’s easy and costs so much less than buying it. Plus you can flavor it to your taste. I like to flavor mine with a couple of chai tea bags. Have you read Dr. Perlmutter’s book, “Brain Maker”? He explains why/how your gut health effects your whole body. A good read for everyone.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog today to like my list in Milkweed. I’m so glad you’ve found a remedy for your distress. Have you discovered Kevita? It’s a probiotic drink like kefir but nondairy, made with coconut water. It’s very tasty! I avoid dairy and other animal products, so Kevita was a welcome find.

  7. Dear Anna,
    Kefir, live Greek yogurt “Fage” and the like products are perfect for your condition.
    Do not resort to non-dairy products because they lack the probiotics that you need.
    Never take antibiotics without eating some live Greek yogurt , a cup or two a day!
    Enjoy and stay healthy!
    Megas Konstantinos

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