Good news!

I found something interesting – great news – and I have to share with you.
Do you know, that our body parts are constantly renewing themselves?
Yeah!!! There is about 37,2 Trillion cells in average human body – and most of them regenerate itself all the time!

We got new liver every 5 months.
New heart every 20 years. ( So I’m on my 4-th! )
We got new lungs in 2 – 3 weeks. ( So if you can quit smoking today, in 3 weeks you got nice, new, pink set of lungs!!! )
New bones after 10 years.
New taste buds in 10 days.
New skin every 2 – 4 weeks.
Intestines – new in 2 – 3 days.
Nails – new in 6 – 10 months.
Red blood cells – all new in 4 months.
In 3 – 6 years every hair is new.
But here is not so good news: Our brain and eyes – they age same as we are.
So lets be very careful with the brain and eyes…
So, if we can change our diet and lifestyle for the better, healthier – day after day we are going to feel better.
So lets eat healthy foods today, so tomorrow we can be new, healthier than we were yesterday.

Thank you for visiting.
❤ .
God Bless you all.

39 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. The brain is a fragile thing. I’d encourage everyone to look up the risk factors of stroke and change the ones you can.

  2. I once read that liver and kidney regenerate between 1-3 a.m. I’m not sure how true this is. That is why you read about suggestions in getting enough sleep because when we are in deep sleep, that’s when our body actually starts to regenerate.

  3. That’s really amazing!
    New lungs though, in every 2-3 WEEKS? Do you have some links to this? My father had lung cancer some 20 years ago and still has problems. This would be really something useful to know more about. Thanks.

  4. Good to know we’re not as old as we sometimes feel. I agree with optimists like you; waking up each day is a bonus to be enjoyed for as long as we’re able. Thanks for your enduring smile oneanna65.

  5. Hi, I think my comment got lost somewhere on the way… I would be very grateful, if you could give us some link about new lungs in every 2-3 week – my father had lung cancer 20 years ago and still has problems with it. Thanks.

      1. Well, at least thank YOU for replying to me. I know she’s very busy, and the info is very positive, but some of it seems a little questionable to me. I don’t think the numbers can be a constant throughout our lives, because once we reach maturity we’re – more or less – in a constant state of slow (hopefully) decline. There is a quit smoking PSA, that runs on television, with similar positive numbers. If everything is true it makes for a good argument to avoid certain things, or at least to do them in moderation, so you don’t impede the regeneration. But then again, some things are pretty much out of our control, and eventually something is likely to get us.

        Thanks, Andrea!
        — YUR

      2. Hi YUR, let’s see if oneanna will reply and give us the references.

        I think the most important thing is what you right here: that the numbers can’t be constant. We all change, and we all change in various ways… But what we can do is to seek to control the possibly most things.

  6. This is the kind of information that offers hope to those of us diagnoses with cancer. It offers the promise of “starting over” in terms of our bodies repairing themselves.

    Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog, Cancer Hits the Streets!

  7. I found out how vulnerable eyes are last year, when I accidentally poked in to my right one with a finger. A stupid accident, being the begin of eye trouble that lasted for almost a year! Yuck! So I agree, let’s be especially careful with these especially vulnerable parts of our bodies… And keep our fingers out of our eyes!!! 😉

  8. interesting stuff you’ve posted here! love it!
    btw, thanks for following my blog 🙂 and yes, now i’m following you too! if you didn’t pop in by me, i would have never found you 😉
    so glad to have met you!
    many blessings x

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