GMO or no GMO.

We know by now what is GMO – Genetically Modified Organism.
If you want to know more, google for yourself: GMO facts.
You can learn all what you need to know about it.Even about GMO benefits, scientific facts and more…

If you follow my Blog, you know, that I’m cancer survivor.
Almost 5 years I’m cancer free.
And I believe, that eating healthy food every day ( well, almost every day ) is keeping me healthy.I watch what I’m eating.
So, of course, stuff like GMO, Aspartame and other are not for me.

A week ago I was running some errands in town and I notice the sign: “NO GMO” on the Restaurant window.
Well, I thought, great, I can have a healthy meal.
The place was nice, not very busy. I was happy.
And the Waiter come to take my order and he asked:”Do you want a GMO, or no GMO?”
Well, at first I thought, that he was joking.
I looked on his face, but there was nothing funny about it.
So I just said: “No GMO” and I ordered green tea and vegetable soup.

Well, soup was good.
Didn’t found any GMO in it. 🙂 .
Tea tasted great!

But you see, I’m very curious.
I’m thinking: What if I will tell the Waiter: “Yes, GMO is my favorite. I want some with noodles. Make it well done.
I wonder what he will say, what he will do.
I will never know. I can only guess… 🙂 .

So remember, if anyone ask you: “Do you want a GMO, or no GMO”? – Just say: “No GMO”.
Eat healthy and stay healthy.

Thank you for visiting.
❤ .
God Bless you all.

25 thoughts on “GMO or no GMO.

  1. I am making a health planner an included are health tips and healthy recipes. I have found two in the last day; I am surprising myself because I am not much on recipes. I think I’ll make a post on one of my blogs. I am doing this because I am on this cancer survival and had high blood sugar once. I am trying to do things to prevent all this.

  2. This subject on my mind, as this weekend, I carefully harvested my Jerusalem Artichokes, picked the smoothest/not-knotted ones to replant for next years crop and realized, “This is how it used to be – careful selection of the traits you want, not the ones you don’t and waiting years, decades, centuries before you, too, may understand how to nurture a variety of real food that survives, and is beneficial – – LOL – – instead of messing around with genes, many of which haven’t even been totally identified yet as “what does this do? what happens if we turn it off/on?” and “oh! look! let’s take the glow-in-the-dark color from a deep ocean creature and shove it into Jerusalem Artichokes! Awesome! Not sure what will happen, long term, but look, we can find/dig them up at night-time -” Sigh….. 🙂

    Gene Modification, for anything, reminds me why my mother never took me to visit Cheyenne Mountain before I was older – she swore, I’d see a shiny button and say, “What’s this for?” Right after I had pushed it….LOL

    Nice post!

  3. I couldn’t help but wonder if the restaurant is really knowledgeable on the topic of GMO. I agree with you. Who would walk in and say I choose chemicals?? To go non GMO takes work and commitment. I recently went gluten free, and corn free and still liking a crunchy snack occasionally, switched to potato chips. Yesterday I realized my safe potatoes are cooked in GMO corn oil. We really have to be careful.

  4. My dear friend, I am so glad to read that with God’s will, you are healthy.
    I also have done my homework in life and now by avoiding GMO, meat, coffee, etc I am healthy.
    If you need more info about “we are what we eat” and a few helpful eating tips, we can talk off line.
    Take care and God bless you!

  5. Congratulations on your successful change in lifestyle that has helped your body take care of itself. GMO will be a topic of continuing debate, but I certainly agree with you that people should avoid these products at all cost. Our large institutions are participating in an experiment (where we, the population, are the guinea pigs) that is dangerous and far above the level of expertise they demonstrate. You stick with a little exercise, healthy water, good rest, stress reduction techniques and good nutrition and the results will speak for themself. Cancer will become a distant memory!

  6. A little off topic, but just wanted to say thanks for visiting my brand new worpress blog and leaving a “like.” Although I have not had to undergo the challenge of surviving cancer, I have considerable experience being a survivor of other serious health and life challenges. Interesting how there can be some very gratifying positives to come from such. Anyway… I fully expect to visit your blog again as I explore further and become more familiar with wordpress and the many users and readers here. Best wishes to all…

  7. A sign saying “NO GMO” and then a choice of GM or no GM – that’s weird. I’m still trying to make my mind up about GMO, but I certainly think everyone should have the right to refuse GM foods if they wish. At least your restaurant gave you a choice; so many of them don’t tell you whether your food’s GM or not.

    Congratulations on keeping your cancer at bay for five years. I’ve known quite a lot of long-term survivors, and I feel humbled by the positive attitude of so many of them. One even told me that cancer was the best thing that had ever happened to him, because it finally taught him to live each day at a time. Long may you continue!

  8. My grandmother (who was Scilly on my father’s side had fourteen children and they all lived to be in their late nineties or early hundreds. People in those days did not grow up on processed food and places like Mcdonalds.

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