T.G. I’m OK.

Yes, Thanks God I’m OK.
One more time I have survived…
Yesterday I almost got a heart attack or stroke.
It was a very close call.
I got an E-mail from my long lost BULLY.
I was very upset when I saw that name again in my Inbox.
My blood pressure jumped to 246/125.
My pulse was 98.
I did some deep breathing, I pray and I took some Valerian Root Extract.
One hour later my blood pressure come down to 194/91.
My pulse to 81.
Than I took two celery seed tablets.
Three hours later my blood pressure was back to my normal: 145/74.
My pulse 73.
Thank you Jesus!

So, of course I Google: “What is the highest blood pressure?”
They say: Stroke patients in ER have blood pressure as high as 260/130.
This how I realized how close I was to have a heart attack or stroke.
I have survived one more time.
Thank you Jesus again!

You see, what was so upsetting about that E-mail, that I pleaded with that BULLY to leave me alone.
I forgive.
I wished for that person all the best.
And I explained many times that I just want to be left alone.
And when that all didn’t worked I blocked the BULLY!!!
And I was very happy for some time because I was left alone.
So yesterday, when I saw that name on the screen, I lost it!
The BULLY unblocked itself!!!

Someone said: “The meaning of good would be lost without the existence of evil”.

And someone else said: “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day”.

So, what was good in my yesterday?
That I have survived and I’m able to brag about it today! 🙂 !!!

Thank you all for reading.
God Bless you all.

42 thoughts on “T.G. I’m OK.

  1. I’m so sorry someone is harassing you. People who have never had this happen don’t understand just how insidious it can be. It’s like a little ongoing nightmare. But you are safe and loved and strong. Keep blocking!

  2. you are such a breath of fresh air!! you inspire so many of us, and i thank you for that! as i read your post, i gasped, i spit out my tea at one point and i giggled out loud!! you are amazing and i’m thankful (along with so many others) that you are ok and you have power over that bully…being harassed is frustrating, but i found it also makes you stronger in the end…keep being strong and healthy!
    thanks again for the great post!!
    ps…i don’t get on WP as often as i like, it’s sooooo worth it when i read posts like yours ….blessings 🙂

  3. I am so glad you realized you needed to get your reaction under control and did so.I understand about people who trigger that intense reaction, had a couple in my life. I’ve had blocks unblock, too. Bless you, you are far more than OK, you are an inspiration.

  4. I’m so blessed to have found your blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post about my struggle coping with my mom’s cancer diagnosis. It means the world to me that you took the time out of your day to read it. Seriously. Thank you.

    – Christopher Michael

  5. That was an awful experience. Why would anyone be mean to you?? I can not comprehend this! Try not to let them get to you. Just don’t react or respond, maybe that will shut them down? Glad you are okay.

  6. I’m glad you’re okay, and so sorry someone is harassing you. I hope you can block them again, or at the very least, are very quick to hit “delete” (don’t open or read it) whenever they send you an email. Stay strong!!!

  7. Very glad you are ok. I was just wondering if you could do something towards protecting yourself against this person, as in not physically but energetically, there are all sort of techniques that can do this, I am no expert but you can check it out. I actually felt your distress when I read your stuff, a very strong power that person has.
    Take care.

  8. I hope this bully stops bothering you. I’ve read that if you tell someone, especially in writing, to leave you alone and they don’t, that is harassment. I hope it stops, but if it doesn’t, maybe you could take some legal action. But don’t think about it too much, because the bully does not deserve that much of your time. I am reminded of the end of the movie Labyrinth, where Sarah tells the Goblin King, played by David Bowie, “You have no power over me.” https://youtu.be/_MolWhOGhRc You have my prayers, Anna, and angels to watch over you and protect you.

  9. I am sorry for your stress. Mark the email as spam before even opening it. If just seeing the name bothers you that much, continue to send prayers, love and light his/her way and be thankful you are not that person.

  10. Gee, do I relate! A bit too many experiences in life, actually. I wrote a post about bullies in the April blog a day challenge. They have no power here, as the Good Witch said.

  11. It’s sad, the way amazing people like you have been fighting to live for the majority of their lives, when teenagers like me, who are struggling with adolescence, are living to die. It’s sad. But people like you, you make us feel more purposeful. You make us feel like life is worth fighting for, which is more special than almost anything anyone could give us…. so I’m gonna say thank you ♥

  12. You kept a cool head. Good for you, many people can’t do that, if you dwell on a situation like that you really going to have some ringing in your ears as the pressure gauge starts to blow. It sounds like you know Jesus, your body and have very good control over life. Best wishes, stay well, keep blogging.

  13. Now I understand why you read what you read, But as one as said, at the very least Name and shame, and if that does not work then I have dealt with bullies in several ways, and while not Christian, I understand the Power of the Divine.

    If you want to keep it simple with the Bully then open up your Bible, flick through the Psalms, and Ask ArchAngel Michael to help, and when you find the right one, which you will know, Offer Up a prayer to Your Father, and say the psalm as a prayer, with all of the feeling you had when you saw that name, but careful not to do yourself any harm, and let God or Michael have a word with them, see if that does not sort out the problem.

    Then you just let the name go, it is not worth your time, they can not harm you because they are a coward, and this goes to everyone who is bullied on line, They are nothing to you, nothing and no reason to think about them. It will take a little time to think like this, but you will get there.

  14. OK do not publish this one. If the other way does not work, or you do not want to try it, give me a name, area, and anything else you know, and I will try to deal with them my way, very old school. I was bullied at home and at both schools, so I do know what it is like. Ask no questions, you may not like the answer, as I am not of your Faith. God be with you either way.

  15. Glad you’re alright. As an anxiety attack survivor I know what happens when you get upset when least expected. I have come close twice more of having a major attack because of two different unpleasant circumstances and I am also glad it all worked out. I too believe my faith pulled me through. I have vowed to myself that I will never ever have another attack as they are so terrible. So far so good and as you say, Thank you Jesus! God bless you and I hope that Bully gets banished to the ends of the earth.

  16. Was reading your blog after you liked my post about daylilies and came across this post of yours. Sorry to hear about the bully but I’m glad you’re learning how to cope. Had a similar “troll” problem on my facebook page a year ago and my friends actually started posting in my defense (even the son of the “troll” who is still a good friend of mine was apologizing for his mother’s bully-posts). I finally just blocked the “Troll.” I’ve learned sometimes the best way to deal with them is just not respond to their baits. Never heard of “trolling” until that experience but it’s just another type of cyber-bullying and definitely not fun to be the focus of it. I feel your pain and glad you got it under control! 🙂 Keep on keepin’ on!

  17. If I get emails I don’t want to see I set up a separate folder for them. They go into that folder and when I’m feeling strong I can check the folder to see if there’s anything in there. Then I get someone else who I trust to read the email and I then decide if I want to respond. That way you avoid the blood-rush.
    I used to have a troll on my blog; not someone I knew personally but I experienced some of the same feelings. He would post really nasty comments on my poetry such as ‘why would anyone want to copyright such a lame and crass piece of work?’ In the end I silenced him by suggesting he send me some of his poetry as it was obviously far superior to mine. never heard from him since…
    You don’t have to take this on board.

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