Yes, this what I’m doing. I Am oxygenating. It means, that I’m supplying, treating or enriching my body with oxygen.
Because energy is life.
And the production of energy in the body depends upon oxygen.
Oxygen eliminates metabolic wast from the body.
Shortly, without oxygen there is no life. Biological death begins within three minuets… 😦 .
And all the nasty viruses, parasites, fungus and bacteria can’t survive in high concentration of oxygen.
So to be alive and healthy we have to oxygenate the blood.
Well, but HOW?
I did some research and I found some very interesting information about Himalayan Salt and Baking Soda:
… If you combine 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda and and 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt in 1/2 glass of good water you will have a glass of water full of minerals, oxygen, hydrogen for the cells, and which can balance the Ph levels and alkalize, oxygenate and hydrate the body.
Well, this sounds great!
And of course, I tried. It tasted bad, very salty! But I’m going to keep drinking and see how I feel…

If I feel better, I will continue to drink this nasty cocktail every morning, If not, I will quit and I will find something different to keep me going… Something better tasting hopefully…

Cheers!!! Yak!!!

Thank you for visiting,
God Bless you all.

45 thoughts on “Oxygenate!

  1. Please get your sodium levels checked. You could start heart failure or swelling in your fingers and feet. If untreated these fluids can get loose at night when your legs aren’t above your body and cause sudden and severe shortness of breath. I was a cardiac nurse and cared for many patients who awoke in early morning hours who had trouble breathing. Please talk with your doctor.

  2. It is my belief that oxygen can heal many diseases including cancer. I have taken Cell Food a lemony tasting trace mineral drops that are amazing. It is more expensive than salt and baking soda but much tastier. A scientist who helped with research on the atomic bomb in the 1950’s invented it to purify water for the military. All of his fellow scientists died of radiation poisoning but he did not because of Cell Food. Some health food stores carry it. I buy it from this website and check out the testimonials: http://www.balancedforhealth.com/cellfood_cancer.htm

    1. Oooh, yes! Cancer thrives in an acidic environment, and the baking soda component alkalizes. Cancer also likes sugar and hates oxygen, so do the opposite of these 3 things and you are on a good track that’s less likely to take you through cancer.

  3. Cancer is a curse. Continue your attempts and the best of luck. We recently lost our daughter-in – law to cancer. Fifty years old. Much to young. If you get a chance read my blog on cancer. Maybe somewhere in the rambling of my mind you will get a clue.

  4. I use the mixture as a very comforting rinse, but haven’t swallowed it. It is so soothing for my sore mouth.
    I do add Himalayan salt in small amounts to all my water, because I have difficulty retaining fluid.
    Being alkaline is very important. Disease grows in an acid (sugar) environment. Lemon water is a good alkalinizer, but due to mouth sores that is temporarily off my list.
    Looking forward to trying the other recipe shared.
    Himalayan Sea salt can be found in the supermarket as well as health food stores.

  5. HI. Have you tried Kombucha? I have a glass every morning and have read amongst it’s many healthy traits that it cleanses and revitalizes the body. It would definitely taste better than a salty solution. You can also make your own. Google it and find out what you think.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have heard good things about garlic and especially Kyolic made of garlic. God Bless you

  7. As soon as I saw the title, I realized I was breathing very shallow. i wonder how often I do that. I also wonder if they can put that mixture on potato chips.

  8. Drink a glass of lenon juice everyday. It is good for you..
    I buy lemons and squzze them into ice trays, let them freeze, then put them in a ziplock bag.
    I just plop one Into a glass of water everyday.
    It is very good for you.
    I read some info on it on http://www.naturalnews.com
    Search for lemon water.
    You can also use these for recipes. They are ready to go then. 🙂

  9. I did not know this about baking soda. I already use it around the house for so many purposes. However, I oxygenate through my water system. My husband’s aunt introduced us to the water filtration system. The system has a separate water oxygenator. I love it as I watch my sodium and sugar intake. The water tastes good, so we no longer need to add anything to improve it. This has helped us to maintain our weight loss. I, also, like that it is safe for my pets to drink.

  10. I read this and realized it’s been almost two months since you posted it. Does this mixture seem to be helping or have you noticed any side effects? Thanks and God bless! 😊

  11. Have you heard of or tried a product called Cellfood? I keep it on hand and it helps me with a couple of different types of headaches I suffer from. I have had to go to the ER many times over the years just to get access to 100% oxygen for about 20 minutes to stop headaches, yet I can not get a prescription for oxygen.
    Cellfood is a liquid oxygen and it stops many of my headaches and I do not need a prescription. I will provide a link. I have only tried the concentrated liquid product and have no experience with their other products. http://www.cellfood.com/

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