New Life.

Well, here I’m again. And I’m OK.

You know, that someone who said:”Change is painful…” – is very right.
I spend few weeks camping on my friends couch searching for room for rent.
And finally I founded.
The Landlady is nice.
Good neighborhood.
Rent is low.
House is clean.
I’m close to my old friends, Church and Shopping.

But Life is not perfect.
My room is on the second floor. OUCH!
And two little barking dogs I have to feed and let them out when the Lady goes to work.
Well, I’m going to deal with that. I will find the way.

And in the middle of chaos something great happen to me.
I become Entrepreneur!
Imagine! Old me!

And what a timing!
Just when I quit Last Job because I can not work anymore ( I’m not able…) – few days later I was introduced by my old friends to that new Business.
The greatest ever – I think.
It have something to do with technology, Health, saving lives and sharing the good news

I’m so very happy.
Finally I can make some easy money by doing something great…
Thank you God!

I will tell more about it in my next post.

Thank you all for your support.
God Bless you all.

51 thoughts on “New Life.

  1. That is so great, and it is my luck to be online and see your post! It has been a very challenging month/several months in fact, and today my life moved a step forward as well. Sometimes I think that Life gives us challenges to see how we’ve grown/evolved… You, our dear Queen, are evolving like the queen that you are!


  2. Sending you positivity and wishing you resilience on this crazy ride called life. Just when we think we have it all figured out, things get flipped all around. I’m glad you’ve been able to land on your feet and get a great opportunity through it all!

  3. Dear Anna,

    I tagged you for a little blogging game about Autumn, called “Autunno in… TAG!”. I thought, perhaps you enjoy participating while settling in into your new life.
    (If you are interested, you can find all the details, here: )

    Hope you can get used to climbing the second floor, every day and have made friends with the two doggies, by now.

    Much love β™₯

  4. Thanks for liking my blog post. Cancer Chapter 2. Cancer is never a good thing to have-not sure what you could say-like gee way better than getting run over by a truck and being instantly killed, or good thing your weren’t being eaten by a lion or something like that. Ok so you get some perspective, add a little humor, and you start this new life of you with Cancer. You hope you get to the next new you, the you without Cancer. You can then re-invent yourself with this new identifier. You can do more:love more, experience more, appreciate more, and show more compassion to others in distress than you every knew you could. Congratulations on yourself-reinvented, and best wishes with the new business venture.

  5. I’m glad to hear you found a nice, clean place. The two flights of stairs will build up your muscles. πŸ™‚ When I moved to a place without stairs and then moved to a place with stairs, I realized I lost muscle tone and had to build them back up. πŸ™‚ May God bless your business!

  6. Amen to that! I just went through this last year! So many transitions but with each place God has used me! I sort of feel as I’m a nomad not in a physical sense but spiritual sense, then I think about a nomad and realize spiritual that is exactly the way He wants it so we will be guided as the Holy Spirit speaks! It is so amazingly awesome how He works and designs, I pray I always see the wonder of God! Great Advice! I agree if you are wrestling with a choice odds are you aren’t where you are supposed to be. God bless! Enjoyed reading!!

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