Getting smart.

I’m back! I’m sorry. I didn’t write a post for very long time – 41 days!
I don’t count Nov.22 post, because I just rebloged those great vegetarian recipes to wish you happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

I could not write!
I developed something like a mental fog or writers block.
But not that usual writers block that you have nothing to say.
That kind,that you have a lot to say. but you can not find the right words to say it.

Somebody say: ” It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it that counts”.

Mark Twain explained it best: ” The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter – it’s difference between the lightning bug and the lightning “.

So, again, I did some research and I found a remedy – Gotu Kola.
They say that Gotu Kola can be used to treat bacterial, viral and parasistic infections.
It can be used for fatigue, anxiety, depression, Alzheimers Disease, improving memory and intelligence, Circulation problems and blood clods.

So I’m going to be smart!!! 🙂 !!!

You see, my blood circulation got messed up with to much Chemo and Radiation, which affected my brain performance too..
I have to do something about it…
Anyway, I don’t complain. It is what it is.
I’m lucky that I’m the way I’m now – and most of all, that I AM AT ALL… 🙂 !

So I’m taking this Gotu Kola for two days – one capsule 500mg/day.
And as you see it is working.
I’m writing again!!!

Thank you for visiting.
❤ .
God bless you all.


41 thoughts on “Getting smart.

  1. I’ve had similar problems. Three operations and three lots of anaesthetic over the summer = brain fog. I don’t know if I have made any sense these last few months. Same as you- I am happy Just still to “be.” When I very nearly wasn’t . all the best. x

  2. Hiya – thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m sorry to hear about your illness but I’m glad you’re feeling better 🙂

    I’ve never heard of gotu kola, I’ll need to have a Google. Happy it’s working for you though, how did you hear about it?

  3. I have a loved one that recently found out the reason a sore is not healing is because it has squamous cells in it, so they plan to surgically remove the sore. My son reminded me that a year or more ago he heard that eating the inside of an apricot seed is totally poisonous to cancer cells, yet it does not hurt a person except it can be hard on the digestion so it’s suggested a person starts out with a small amount and work their way up. So, I’m going to order some from a website a friend told me about and give it to them if they want it. If not, I plan on having some anyway for the health of my skin. God bless you and thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Thank you for reading my poetry and for that introducing yourself via your blog. I appreciate the recommendation and my husband suffers from depression so I’ve told him about this naturopathic remedy with a name from a Graham Greene novel. Good to meet another metter and looking forward to reading your blog posts.

  5. Sorry for asking..but I have the feeling that you are suffering from some health problems. If you can speak about it, it’s fine, if not, don’t worry. I read a lot about general health&co so I could give you some useful tips. Anyway, I hope you heal asap and manage to have a long&beautiful life to enjoy love, life on Earth & everything that makes you happy! I keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂

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