Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

It is Jesus Christ’s Birthday again
To remind us that God is always with us
So let’s celebrate this Christmas
With hope in the heart
As our Messiah will be always to guide us

You can see better how God works in your life
By looking around you
And see the people
That are deprived of a decent life
Be thankful!
Be happy!
Be merry!
Merry Christmas!

Glory to God in the Highest,
And on Earth Peace to people of good will.
Glory to the Newborn King.
Pray for Peace.

Thank you for your support.
God Bless you all.


32 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, dear Anna! You know, I can see better now how God works in my life. Especially when I follow God’s prompts and nudges. It’s like a miraculous cycle! You’ve made that clearer. Wishing you wonderful blessings, now and in the year to come!

  2. Thank you for your post. Such great words written like a Psalm for the sharing and caring of Jesus in our lives! Merry Christmas! Every day!

  3. By looking around you
    And see the people
    That are deprived of a decent life
    Be thankful!

    I read this and wondered how many people felt superior that they were better off than others they knew. Yes these same high in the church christians keep count. They did give generously to the church food drives, but they also kept track of church members who used that food. They can tell you who is and who is not part of the “in” crowd.

    I am so tired of people like that. Hugs

  4. Hope you’re feeling better and Merry Christmas to you, Anna
    Keep up the great spirit of hope. God IS blessing you
    Kind regards

    thought you may like
    Best wishes from the First City to see the sun, the light each new day

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