18 thoughts on “Essential Oils Stop Cancer In Its Tracks

  1. Thank you for posting this article. I’m looking forward to reading it. I first heard about frankincense oil in the series “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”. A brain cancer patient placed a drop on her tongue and pressed it against the roof of her mouth every 2 hours to successfully treat her illness.

  2. I’d never heard of this, so did some research. Wikipedia said, “In study published in 2014, researchers found “the effects of frankincense and sandalwood essential oils on J82 cells and UROtsa cells involved different mechanisms leading to cancer cell death. While frankincense essential oil elicited selective cancer cell death via NRF-2-mediated oxidative stress, sandalwood essential oil induced non-selective cell death via DNA damage and cell cycle arrest.”
    Have you found any other information on a combination of frankincense & sandalwood oils as an effective cancer cure?

  3. I remember how I learned about the benefits of various plants and their oil derivatives from an herb class I took years back. I truly believe there are a lot of natural remedies on this wonderful planet of ours, without having to always rely on industrial-made medicines.

    1. Yes, I am sure you are right. Many of our medicines are already derived from the natural world anyway.

      That said, I would like to see empirical research into the use of essential oils – a few examples could be the placebo effect.

      Notwithstanding, I am happy to hear of these remissions. It must be a great relief to the people concerned.

  4. Thank you for posting this! I work as a volunteer for an anti-cancer foundation in Luxembourg and am gathering constantly advice, information and data about therapies that can diminish and prevent any type of cancer. Good luck with everything!

  5. Hi Anna, just stopping by to check on you. I hope you are doing good and now that Spring is already near, hope you are having some beautiful blooms around your home. Thinking of you. let us know what is happening. Take care and hoping to reading from you soon,. Have a nice weekend!

  6. I have heard from many people of how essential oils have helped them, including myself. Thank you for posting this. I hope that more people will look more into the natural remedies for their health.

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