I’m back.

I’m back where I was 6 Months ago.
After I recovered from JANUARY I spent FEBRUARY trying to figure out what to do next.
Sitting around where I was was not an option anymore.
I have this feeling again that I have to move on.
So I decided to go back to work if I can only find a job…
You know, I’m almost 70 years old, disabled and I want to be live in companion for elderly… (someone older than me – πŸ™‚ )
I’m able to do the job.
I’m strong, I have experience, determination and Gods help.
I have what it takes.

So I called my last employer, and I ask the Lady if she can give me references – and she asked me if I want to come back and work for her again.
I said YES.
She told me that after I quit 6 Months ago she can’t find any good help. Two caretakers quit and the last one doesn’t speak too much English.
So , here I Am, where I was 6 Months ago.
And I like it.
You see, the pain in my joints is constant.
Cancer symptoms are coming back if I work or not.
For 6 Months I was paying the rent, suffering and doing nothing very useful.
Now I’m felling much better.
I have free room, I’m doing something useful and somebody is paying me for my pain.
There is always a bright side…

Thank you for visiting.
God Bless you all.
Pray for Peace.


58 thoughts on “I’m back.

  1. I have heard that cannabis oil kills cancer also. Glad to hear that about essential oils. I hope and pray for you that you will find a cure and get to enjoy a long old age. You are a special and transformative person. Such people often have heavy loads to bear in life. Those around you benefit, as I am benefitting from just reading your page. Thank you.

  2. I am so impressed with your amazing attitude towards life. It’s refreshing. My motto (at age sixty-five, paralyzed, and confined to a bed and wheelchair) is “you’re never too old or damaged to make a difference.” It is in the last chapter of my memoir. Kudos to you! ❀

  3. Congratulations..God bless your beautiful heart. I had to smile as I read. You are correct. When you have to live with pain you might as well get paid with it πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡

  4. It’s good to be in a place that is familiar and feels secure.
    You were certainly needed by your former employer.
    Once again, you bring joy and service to others.
    Our world needs more people like you.
    Thank you for being a great you!

    Seek peace,


  5. Having a purpose to your day and a schedule are both so important for feeling good about yourself. Sounds like your new/old job also helps you keep things in persepective. You are able to help another person who needs and appreciates you. What a blessing. I wish you all the best! (Hannah)

  6. You are amazing. I have a good friend who is handicapped, in a wheel chair and depends on daily care givers to come and get her up each day and often, they just don’t show up or come hours late because they just don’t care. She has to call paramedics. I wish there was a source for live-in help that would exchange room and board for helping someone alone and disabled. Keep up the good work and good attitude. XO

  7. When I get behind on keeping up, here… when your posts dont show right up in my “latest news” feed, still, I think of you. Your longevity and determination in living with cancer is inspirational. πŸ™‚ Thanks for taking time to read my latest, past due, missive. πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you Anna for making time to read my blog (post 19 β€˜There Are No Words’) and for the like on it. You are definitely inspiring to many out there and this of course is always a great thing! We all should keep ourselves in check with constant gratitude, right?

    Blessings follow you and remember our Oneness with all that it.

  9. I feel so proud of you, Anna and how you don’t give up and want to help someone else. Be good to yourself. You are a beautiful soul. I’m praying for your healing and blessings.

  10. G’day Anna, thanks for liking my post on Facebook. I wish you well and success in whatever you do. If you like to join my party “Australia New Era Party”‘ send me an email with “I wish to join” subject line to ray.thyer@bigpond.com and I will send you an enrolment form, I hope you do. cheers Ray Thyer.

  11. I admire you for your courage. Being 70 doesn’t mean that you are not a great asset to this world. Never give up, press on, laugh and have fun. You are a special person a daughter of the King.

  12. Good morning Anna,

    I am also 70, and I hope to have many more years to help people and point them to our Lord, Jesus
    Christ. Life is in Jesus, whether we live to be 100 or not. Happy birthday, my friend.

  13. Yes, I find there is always JOY to be found in each day, no matter how difficult it is. Some days I have to look harder to find it, but it’s always there. Thank you for the great reminder to keep moving forward.

  14. Always remember…YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE THOUGHT AT TIME…Only YOU can decide if YOU want a good healthy one or a I’m sick. YES…it is very hard to HOLD ONTO A GOOD THOUGHT…but the good news is….the more you practice doing this, the easier it becomes….so be sure you CHOOSE ONLY HAPPY HEALTHY THOUGHTS….and I am proud of you…..

  15. A while back I’d I’d pop in to check on you now and again but you were on radio silence, nothing for quite a while. Happy to hear to banged out a seven-oh and still in da game, even without the Limo.

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