19 thoughts on “Today’s Quote

  1. Absolutely, but our brains are sponges and we take everything we see and hear in and store it. I believe that we also need to be watchful of what we expose ourselves to as this also has the potential to steal our happiness.

  2. Anna ( I call you Anna),

    We cancer survivors (me, 1995) get, so humanly better – caring and praying for others. THAT praying to God – can send cancer away.

    Today, I posted a poetry complaint, about the 55 million UK tea drinkers – they drink zillions of cups of tea – a “Fair Trade” product – harvested by the poor women villagers of India… who have no running water, no toilets, even NEAR to their homes!!

    Please ask your readers to read my WP post; they can send it to their UK friends, and relatives. AND send cancer away!

    Leo G Campbell http://www.leocamwrites.com


  3. Its not about happiness or just being. For me our true self if you know who that is is one that is complete. Completedness is the key. No past no future no wants and no needs

  4. Thank you
    Anna I
    Had Cancer Too
    The Left Side ‘O My Throat –
    Jus’ Below My Ear
    It Is Still Left There Because I
    Am a Cancer Survivor During…

    Early 2005, I Insisted, To The Ignorant
    Mildly Bemused
    “But, Leo” Surgeon Andy –
    (May Wee Call Youu UnHandy AnDie?

    “Cut It – U R Surgeon
    Cut It All Out, Look Search Fer It, Catch It

    “Leo, It’s Surgeon UnHandy Andy –
    Tumor Was Caught, Cut Out, Thrown
    It Was Cut Out At Stage One
    U R Th’ Lucky 1 !! ”

    BullShit Doctor Un & UnHandy Andy
    You Never Lernt – At Med School
    No Less,
    Than, By Me God & Mebbe U Dr –
    Bye Cancer, Canser,

  5. This is the first I’ve seen your blog but I have to say it is touching. You seem to have discovered a peace that we all might wish for if we find ourselves knowing that our time is short. Well, we are all on borrowed time but most of us have no clue about it. I hope you have many more peaceful, joyful days ahead.

      1. Thanks for reply. πŸ™‚
        It is quoted in Wisdom for the Soul : Five Millennia of Prescriptions for Spiritual Healing (2006) by Larry Chang, p. 352. But no sources are there to prove that it is by Tolstoy.

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